The ladies come out to be guests on Kandi’s Koated Nights Webcast.  Kandi (smart girl) is moving the production of the show to her store ‘Tags’.  Kandi is so gracious, she gives Nene some recognition for getting her new job, but then she throws her under the bus,  by pointing out that Nene is a non-sexual Woman who is a Receiver in the Bedroom and not a Giver.  Cynthia is looking forward to learning some sexual secrets tonight.  Kandi tries to get the girls to rate their sexuality.  How do they see themselves sexually on a scale of 1-10.  She is really asking what is their  freak number?  She starts with Sheree.  Kani asked if she has peed on anyone.  Sheree is shocked by the question and admits that she is a 9 or 9.5.  (I’m not surprised)   Kim is a little take aback by the graphic talk.  She thinks that Kandi is too focused on sex and that she needs to get laid in real life.  Kim admits that she has does Anal, but she considers herself is a 7.  I would think that Kim would be a 9.    Nene is really being the southern belle in Phaedra’s absence.  I’m with Peter, No wonder divorce is a brewing.  Nene admits she gives oral, but it appears that she definitely doesn’t like it.  Kandi rates Nene a 3.   Judging on what she has shared thus far, I would say that is accurate.  Kim thinks she is more like a 43.  Cynthia rates herself a 6, but she is open to things.  Hmmm….She was with Leon?  Probably closer to a 9, even if she is curious.  I really want to know what Kandi and Phaedra’s numbers are.  Kandi has a Stripper come in…… Mr. Luscious.  I swear this man was at a Bachelorette party that I went to years ago.  Sheree was really embarrassed when he snatched her up.   Wow…..Mr. Luscious is something else.  He got butt naked on tv and the girls need therapy after that!  Kandi is off the hook for planning this.

Cynthia and Peter  go to Atlanta Celebrity Wedding Planner Tony Conway ( He did Toni Braxton’s wedding and Tyler Perry’s Studio opening)   to help her design her dream wedding.  Cynthia’s Stylist Kithe Brewster also attended the meeting.   Cynthia really trust Kithe’s opinion.  I’m sure she knows what he is talking about, but he came across as kind of pompous.  I think Tony feels the same way and he is probably wondering what exactly what he will be doing if Kithe is on board.  Peter is texting in the meeting and Cynthia takes note that he is texting.  He was probably texting someone and asking them  someone to call him and rescue  him.   The budget will be less than a million dollars.  Whatever Cynthia wants……    They sample and decide on the  food for the Dinner menu.

Nene and her friend Diane go to Divorce Lawyer Randy Kressler for advice on what her options will be if she stars preceedings.  Nene is not telling the other Housewives about this, as she has not made up her mind yet what she will do.  She wants to be private.  She hopes that this will be a wake up call for Gregg to get his act together.

Kim takes her 13 year Daughter Brielle to get an abstinence ring and she makes an agreement that she will wait until she is 18 until she has sex.   Really?  Brielle picks out a pretty fabulous 3,000 ring.  Kim is really proud of her.  Brielle feels confident that she can say no to sex. I love the idea of it and I hope that there is something to it for Brielle, besides getting a new ring.  But I guess it worked pretty well for the Jonas Brothers.

Kandi talks with her Production crew about Kim’s reluctance on the new song.  I’m kind of not mad at Kim for not liking the song.  I don’t like the song.  The crew thinks that Kim is just scared of the song.  Now that may be true, but it still is not a catchy tune.  The crew plans to drop the key to make it do-able for Kim where she will have to strain.  I think that it will take more than that to make that song work.  I mean, it sounds more like a filler song than the hit song off the CD.  I’m just sayin…

Phaedra and Apollo arrive home after the baby’s birth.  Things aren’t off to the best start for the baby.  Phaedra is not too thrilled as she thinks about how this baby will impact her being able to fabulous and concentrate on herself.  Apollo brings Phaedra in first and has to carry  her up the stairs because of her C-Section.  Then he gets the baby out of the car.  I think that the baby should get used to that.  Phaedra will also be first.    The baby has on some designer knitted wear that have him hot as can be, but since Oprah uses this brand for her dog…. He has to suffer.  Their little luvcub’s name is Ayden Adonis.   He sure is a cute baby.

Nene comes over to visit Kim.  Brielle tells Nene about her abstinence ring and she is very happy for her to want a commitment.  Nene is concerned about the girls, since Kim is the one to lead by example.  They discuss their appearance on ‘Kandi Koated Nights’.  They both are uncomfortable about how candid the show is.  Nene discusses her relationship with Gregg.  She told Gregg that she filed for a divorce and she confesses to Kim that she can imagine herself with someone else.  Kim can’t talk about someone else for longer than 5 minutes, so the conversation shift to her and Big Poppa and how she is ready to progress in her life, but there was no future with him.   Kim is feeling maternal and she would like to have more children.  Since we know that she is pregnant now, I’m sure that young Football player was playing a factor in these words she is speaking.  Kim doesn’t want to call anyone ‘Big Poppa’ anymore.  She also tries to explain her relationship with DJ  Tracey Young.  Nene tries to coax the truth out of  Kim and to give her more details on her lesbian affair.  Kim insist it was a one time deal.

Kim and her girls arrive at her parents’ home for Dinner and they show off the Abstinence ring.   Kandi, her Mom Joyce,  Aunt Bertha and Daughter Riley arrive.  Kim tells Kandi that Gregg was on the radio  mouthing off about his divorce situation with Nene.  At the same time, we see that Lawrence is telling Sheree  the same story while they work out at the gym.  Gregg is speaking candidly and tells the Radio DJ Corey that his marital  problems started after he invested $300,000 in Nene’s Social Life.  He continues to say that once things started to take off, things soured between them.    Gregg wants his money back.  Kandi doesn’t think that the he knew he was being recorded.  The girls try to figure out what could have led to this?  Sheree feels bad for this situaltion.   Gregg probably decided to do an interview after Nene was smacking him in the face on live tv.  And I’m with Sheree, what did Gregg do for Nene that cost $300,000?  Really?  The scene ends with Sheree finishing her boxing workout.  That girl has her yoke on!  Lawrence ask about Dr. Tiy-E and how defensive he was at the dinner party.  Sheree doens’t think that he  is someone that she wants to date.  It is over and done with as far as she is concerned.

 Over dinner, Mr. Zolciak brings up music.  Kim gets juiced as she talks about the importance of ‘The Ring didn’t mean a thing’ being a big hit.  Kandi feels that the song is now  ‘Kim Friendly’ and shares the updated version with her.   Kim doesn’t know it, but this may be her last chance to get this song from Kandi.  Kim is smiling and she likes this better.  She loves it.  Kandi is laughing at Kim’s new love for the song and she is a bit bothered by Kim’s lack of trust in her abilities and she calls her on not being committed to what it takes to become more than a one hit wonder. Kandi not bringing up the money issue and the royalties for this new song is really starting to irk me.  How can she set this up for Kim again and not bring up the issue of money?   If she is waiting for Kim to offer up some money, I think everyone knows that that is not going to happen.  So, if she sets up that same arrangement again, she must like giving money away.

Sheree has lunch with Dr. (and I use the word loosely) Tiy-e.  They discuss the card party and how he got called on his credentials and the fact that she cannot trust him now.  Dr. Tiy-e is a Master Communicator.  He is turning this stuff around and putting her on the spot for things that she did.    He feels that Sheree has made it all about her and what he can do for her.  Dr. Tiy-e feels that a woman should shut up sometimes and let a man talk.  When she asks for his credential for being a Doctor, he calls her on proving that she is a woman.  He says that he has his papers in his back pocket that prove who and what he is, but since she can’t produce the evidence that she is a Woman, he won’t share the documents with her.   Wow…….This is some old time Pimp Mack Daddy stuff that I thought went out with’ Super Fly’.  But what was he trying to say?  Does he think she looks like a Drag Queen?  What does that say about him?  Does he like Drag Queens?

Nene shows up to work excited about work and what her possibilities may be.  She meets more of the team that she will be working with.  She learns about Gregg’s Gregg’s Audio interview as she browses through Celebrity Gossip at work.  (ouch)  Her Producer looks as pleased as punch to tell her that this is something that can get terminated, because apparently, she can be fired if she is put in a negative light.  Nene is pissed (as she should be).  She goes home to confront Gregg about his interview.  By this time, Nene has a transcript of the interview.  Gregg tries to explain that it was not meant to be an interview and he thought that he was venting to his friend Corey; he didn’t know that he was being recorded.  Nene ask him to explain what the $300,00 he gave her.  He admits that he exaggerated it.   Nene feels that she has put on a United Front and she has had his back.  She feels that Gregg has treated her badly through most of their marriage.  Gregg knows that Nene is close to being done with her and there are some ‘immaculate fibers’ holding her there.  So Gregg thinks that she has a plan and will leave only when it is most convenient for her.   Gregg tries to walk out, but Nene follows him.  She says that he became a different person after they said their vows.  Really?  They seemed pretty peachy in the first couple of Seasons.  So, it can’t be that after the vows, he changed.  I’m more inclined to believe that a large of their problems may stem from how Nene changed when she became the Breadwinner of the family.