Radaronline is reporting that Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak is Getting married to NFL Player Kroy Bierman:

A source told RadarOnline.com: “Kim and Kroy are engaged, and only a few people know about it.    “They wanted to announce it in a national magazine, but Kim was so excited that she told a couple of close friends about it.   “Obviously, they are both really happy about both the baby and their engagement and cannot wait to start their new lifes together.

“Kroy proposed to her and bought her a substantial ring which she has shown to a few friends, although she is not wearing it in public yet.  “Kim is actually in her second trimester with her pregnancy now, and the couple are still in talks about getting their own spin-off reality show.

“And if this does not happen then she will want to re-negotiate her terms on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta if her wedding and new baby were to be featured on the show.“The other cast members are publicly backing Kim and Kroy but privately there are some jealousies because Kim is very much in the spotlight right now and not everyone is happy about that.”

Zolciak, 32, has two daughters (ages 13 and 9) from a previous marriage, and has been dating Biermann, 25, a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, since this past May.

 Wow! Kim is just full of surprises isn’t she?  This girl has got a bag of tricks that she is whipping on the men that she encounters.  I was caught off guard with the pregnancy and also in her last interview with Life & Style when she said that they were looking  for a bigger home for the growing family.  But now that I’m hearing that she has gotten engaged to Biermann, I would say that anything is possible.  Next announcement?  I’m predicting that she is expecting Twins.

Oh and as for the other  RHOATL, I know that they are pissed off at the attention that Kim is getting from her baby and marriage news.  I can’t even imagine how pissed off Phaedra was that she found an immaculately clean man who is making bank!

Kim had this all figured out!  After all, her new slogan is……if Bethany Frankel can make it happen……..