Raven Symone is featured on the latest edition of Kontrol Magazine.  She looks so fabulous it is ridiculous!  I can’t get over how grown up she is and how much she looks like Lisa Raye (lol).    In this interview, Raven talks about her career, weight loss (she looks fabulous) and Oprah Comparisons.

Raven Symone first captured America’s heart almost two decades ago as little Olivia on “The Cosby Show”. Even though she was only three years old upon debuting into the world of acting and was in the shadows of giants such as Felicia Rashad and Bill Cosby, it seemed almost inevitable that Raven would be around for a long time. Her charming personality and spunky attitude were both evident long before she could be taught what will make or break a person’s success. Her untainted image has been well preserved throughout a span of time that most would have entered, exited, and become the “has-beens” or “have-nots” of the entertainment industry. Raven is beyond the average being. Her effervescence is so obvious that her presence literally electrifies those around her. As one of the few successful members of young Hollywood, she shares her journey and talks about her career, her personal life and how she is creating a path of becoming an unstoppable young mogul within the industry.