Kim calls her ex lover DJ Tracy Young and ask her to come see her because she has alot of anxiety about facing the music coach Jan who was really hard on her the last time that she met with her.  Tracy agrees to come out on a days notice and support Kim.

Sheree goes to check- in with Kristen who is an Acting Coach.   Kristen believes that Sheree has a future in acting.  She suggest that Sheree get her feet wet by acting in a local play without any compensation, since alot of stars get their start this way.   The Play will run for 2 weeks.  Sheree isn’t feeling doing anything for free for two weeks.  She is a Grown Ass woman who has real bills.  Sheree is really low key and she is not excited about anything that the Coach is telling her at this point. Kristen is looking at her like ‘do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?   Most actresses starting out would be overjoyed that they have an interview lined up.  Sheree is probably thinking that she is so fabulous that she should be able to just star opposite Denzel Washington for her first film.

Peter is bothered that Cynthia is talking on the phone to Nene so much.  He’s feeling needyand not appreciated.  Peter has alot more layers to him than I saw in the beginning.  Initially, I thought that Peter was really easy going and so happy to have Cynthia that she was running the show.  Not so.  Peter is dead serious when he says that when he is home, he wants Cynthia’s undivided attention and if he is home cooking for her, she would want to be there looking at him do it.  Hmmm….Cynthia is not feeling Peter’s attitude.  I’m not either.  Delivery is everything and his wasn’t too cool.

Kandi  goes to an interview with Ryan Cameron and  Shauna at V103 Radio Station.   Kandi’s Manager Michael Mauldin is there as well and he speaks on the fast life drag race event which is allows anyone to come  out in their own car and race.  Kandi is planning on driving her Mercedes in the race.  Kandi has invited all of the girls to partiicpate.    She looks forward to racing against Sheree’s Aston Martin.

Kim takes Tracy with her to see Jan Smith for her vocal lesson.  Kim feels comfortable with Tracy there for support, but she is still nervous.  Probably because she can’t sing.  When Kim sings on the show…..I wonder if she is trying to sound bad, because I don’t know if this is real, if she can really see herself as a Recording Artist.  What I do notice is that Jan kind of talks down to Kim….like she makes jokes about her being able to  think and she ask if  she knows what the word pretentious means.  Otherwise, she is pretty helpful with her advice about her singing.
Nene’s friend Diane comes to visit her.  Nene is home feeling depressed after Greg’s very public interview about their imminent divorce.  She is embarrassed, disappointed and depressed.  Can you blame her?  Diane decides that they should go to Kandi’s race car event.  With all that she is dealing with, Nene doesn’t know if she can deal  with seeing Cynthia and Peter; she doesn’t appreciate that Cynthia cannot seem to talk when Peter is around, because he doesn’t want her on the phone.  Nene can’t stand when a woman loses herself in the relationship and has to do whatever the man says.
Phaedra gives Apollo a very cute picture of him sleeping and holding their son.  She also gives him a limited edition (I’m assuming) a Rolex.  A photograher arrives to take pics of the baby, but Phaedra insist on being incluced in the pics since she has on her special outfit.  The baby goes poop on her and she is pissed off.   LOl.  Apollo cleans him up and I’m truly believing that he is the primary caregiver.  They decided to have Apollo take off his shirt (nice move) and take some natural pics.  Aiden is a beautiful baby.
Kim is Kandi’s opening act on her promo tour.  Kandi gives Kim some advice on how to plan her part of the show.  Kim is feeling more confident after her practice with Jan.  But Kandi isn’t seeing the growth.  Kim would like to see Kandi’s face when she practices (is she going to need a support person everytime that she performs).  Jan shows up and gives Kim some pointers and we see instant improval.
Sheree went to take some head shots.  Cynthia arrives and demonstrates her Catwalk and model skills to inspire her.  Sheree doesn’t really appreciate the Modeling lessons, since she is working on being an actress.  Somehow,  The pics come out well.
Sheree goes for an Audition and she is super nervous.  Kristen gives her some feedback.  In this little session, Sheree had difficulty.  There were about 5 agents for her to read for.  I didn’t expect there to be a panel.  In the interview, Sheree is unable to answer some pretty basic questions about herself (not good).  Sheree is too over the top when she first starts out.  Too animated and one of the Agents hits it on the nail when he says that she is a little too artificial.  Sheree leaves the inteview and she thinks that she did a good job.  Maybe there was more to the interview than was televised.
All of the girls attend the Drag Race.  Kim brings Tracy, but she doesn’t want anyone to talk to her or ask her questions about their relationship.  Kandi is confused that she brought her to the event, when she always acts so hush hush about how they are involved.  Sheree doesn’t waste anytime and point blank ask Tracy about the relationship.  Kim sends Sweetie (I guess now we see why Kim has an assistant) to stop Sheree from talking to Tracy.   Kim could not have thought that no one would talk to her.  Anyway, it is decided that Kandi will ride with Kim and Sheree will ride with Tracy.  But they won’t talk….right?  Nene arrives with Diane and she goes out of her way to speak to Peter who kind of ignores her.  Nene is confused as to why Peter has turned on her. 
Sheree’s team loses to Kandi’s team.  Kandi is always stating how competitive she is, but we really get to see her in action tonight.  She wants to race again and it really looks like she will lose some sleep over this one tonight.
Peter and Cynthia drive home and are discussing the evening when Nene calls to ask if Cynthia would like to join her and Diane for a late night get together.  Really?  Cynthia has a Man that she is going home with.  Nene knew that she wasn’t going or she could have asked her before she left the event.  Nene ask to speak to Peter.  Personally, I wouldn’t have given the phone to Peter, but that’s just me.   Nene ask Peter if he has a problem with her.  Peter says that he does not have a problem with Nene.  From this point, Nene kind of goes off on Peter and he puts her in her place and reiterates that he is a ‘Grown ass man and if he has a problem, he will say so’.
Cynthia is angry that Peter reacted to Nene in this way and feels that he is insensitive to what she is going through.  What?  Peter was minding his own business and Nene called him.  How did he come after Nene?  In a sidebar,  Nene is correct in assuming that Cynthia is upset with the way that Peter  spoke to her.  Hmmm….I rewinded this scene a few times and the only thing that I could see that Peter did wrong is in his lying that he doesn’t have a problem with Nene.  Of course, he has a problem with Nene.  He is rude or stand-offish to her everytime that he sees her.  I think that Peter is worried that Nene’s relationship problems will affect his and Cynthia’s relationship in a negative way.
I think that because Nene is going through such an ordeal that she is (probably unintentionally) fixating on Peter and hoping that he can be a positive Male in her life right now.  I’m also thinking that she is having more feelings than she is letting on about Peter and Cynthia upcoming Nuptials as she is facing a divorce.