Taylor Momsen of ‘The Pretty Wreckless’ Band was seen exiting her BBC interview looking uncharacteristically happy.   The Pretty Wreckless has been traveling and touring through Europe. 

 Momsen also recently chatted with The Guardian about her favorite topic – sexual gratification.

The 17-year-old dished, “I’m a promoter of masturbation. Don’t sleep around – learn yourself first! Guys do, but girls don’t. And that’s why girls have so many bad experiences.”

Taylor added that “you can know your body, know yourself, know what feels good. You don’t have to give yourself away just to have sexual relevance. Because I don’t think sex is something people should be afraid of. It’s part of human nature, so I don’t think it should be so shameful – particularly for girls and young girls.”

Taylor is very interesting to me.  I know that she has just revealed how she never had a childhood and she is bitter with her parents for putting her into show business when she was a toddler, so I am hoping that she the path that she is on is giving her some peace.  Nice to see her smiling and looking like life is somewhat good.