Sheree goes in for a hair appt with Lawrence and request some ‘Diana Ross’ hair.  Lawrence serenades Sheree with a sneak peak of his ‘Closet Freak’ Song.  As she listens to Lawrence speak, Sheree seems genuinely happy for him, but she really wants him to be focused on the important things in life…. like doing her hair.  Lawrence definitely hooks up her hair.   They briefly discuss Kim’s lesbian affairs.  Sheree gets a call that she apparently did well in her interview and the People’s Agency would like to represent her and send her out for jobs.  It is confirmed that Sheree is going to be staring in the Play ‘Child Support Man’.  Kim meets with Choreographer Mitchell Kelly to help prepare her for her upcoming Bus Tour with Kandi.  Kim has no vision and she is unable to add anything on her own.  I would have some caution about Mitchell since he said that he loves her hair.  Although Kim says she studied various forms of dance for 16 years and considers her self a better dancer than singer, she isn’t comfortable in the rehearsal.  Truthfully, I am surprised that she doesn’t have her Sweetie doing the rehersal for her.  When Mitchell does a run through of the routine, kIm is looking at her toes.

Cynthia and her sister talk as they sort through the Wedding Invitations that have finally arrived.  Peter enters and checks in on their progress and requests to have his own invitation that he can keep for his personal memorabilia.  Cynthia wants to discuss the situation with Nene and his abrupt treatment of her friend.  Peter claims that he has a whole lot of things going on and finally admits that he does have some feeling that Nene is always on the phone with his woman.  Cynthia would like for them to try to work it out, because it is stressing to her that they don’t get along.

Phaedra gets a visit from Dwight who is seriously looking like the Mad Hatter, with his Top Hat and all.  Is it me or does Dwight look  seriously concerned when the baby cries, like the sound is really bothering him.  When Phaedras Mother takes the baby  out of the room, Dwight is happy that He is finally able to catch Phaedra up on the gossip.  Dwight is so incredibly messy!  I don’t know if it is possible for him to tell a story straight.  When He shares the conversation that he had with Kim and Cynthia about the timeline of Phaedra’s pregnancy, he makes it seem like they were just talking mess about Phaedra’s baby.  He twists the statements so much and leaves Phaedra pissed.  Dwight expresses surprise about Kim ever being a Nurse, Phaedra wonders if Kim’s position was a ‘Head’ Nurse with a $59  Mail Order Degree. (Ouch)   She also thinks she needs a hobby besides hoe-ing.  Phaedra sums up the concern about her is that Kim is  just jealous because she (Phaedra) possesses everything that she (Kim) wants .

Kandi visits Sheree to help her rehearse for her upcoming play.  Kandi is too nice; she just can’t say no, she needs to focus on getting ready for her tour and should be working out.  I think it will be alright, since I think that Kandi looks pretty fab although she says that she has gained weight.  They go over lines from the ‘Child Support Man’.  Sheree can totally relate to the characters in the play, since it is a part of her life.  She says that her ex-husband has not paid any child support.  Wow…..That’s hard to believe.  Kandi also does not receive child support either, so both of them are easily in character.  Kandi is unable to come to the Play, since she has to take that time to prepare for her tour.  Kandi is probably practicing some stress reduction techniques, sincer her and Kandi will be together for a couple of weeks on the tour bus.  That sounds like the recipe for trouble.

Kim has invited all of the girls to her home to work out with a new workout treatment that cost $3,000 for 6 sessions.  Sheree  arrives first and they discuss the Nene, Peter and Cynthia triangle.  They both agree that Cynthia is hooked on Nene like a little tick who needs to be picked off.   Nene and Cynthia arrive separately  It is their first time seeing each other since the blowout.  Nene is apprehensive about the treaments and worries about the laser beams and how it will affect her body.  Kim wonders why she is worried, since she has had so much cosmetic work done.  Kim comes out in a bikin for the work out.  She is so twisted… can you eat Pizza and Fried Chicken while you do a workout treatment?

Cynthia pulls Nene out of the room to ltalk about the blow up.  Cynthia doesn’t want Nene to think she is a lunatic, but she really looks like one when she presents Nene with a Friend Contract that cannot be broken…..Really?  They cannot go to bed mad at each other…..They must talk it out……WTH.  Nene thinks that she is a Single Black Female.  ‘They can only not be friends if one of them dies’….WTF?  I agree with Nene….This is awkward.  Nene is freaked out. 

Sheree updates the girls on her part in the play.  Kim can’t come since she is getting her hair done.  She is flying to LA to get her real hair done.  Apparently, Kim is wearing her real hair out in the very front of her head.  So, she has to fly to LA to get that patch of hair done.    Really?  What is wrong with Kim’s hair?  I mean, this girl never ever, ever wears her own hair! I remember it being said that she had Cancer before, but I thought that wasn’t true, so it seems like it should have grown back by now.

Phaedra is pleased with a loadful of food delivered is to her home.  She thinks that Dwight sent it to her.  I suggest that Phaedra Check her sources, before she thanks him, cause even if he didn’t send it, he will take credit, if he thinks he can get away with it.

All of the Crew (sans Kim) attend Sheree’s Opening Night performance of ‘Child Support Man’.   Cynthia hopes that Nene and Peter will smooth things through.  Lawrence thinks that maybe Nene and Peter have the hots for each other   The girls were having difficulty focusing on the play and are a little suprised that Sheree has such a small cameo that occurs towards the end of the play.  Cynthia likens the play to being in a Chitlin Circuit play.   Sheree is completely undaunted by the smallness of her role and she feels that it went really well. 

When Phaedra and Cynthia bump into each other.   Cynthia brings up the miscalculations of Phaedra’s Pregnancy timeline.  I’m actually feeling Phaedra when she tells her that whatever is  going on with her Uterus is her business and to worry aobut her own vagina.   Yes, Phaedra lied about it, but the baby is here now, so she really doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

Phaedra is offended that comments were made about her baby looking like an Alien and she confronts Cynthia about it.    Surprise, Surprise (I’m not being sarcastic), Cynthia does not throw Kim under the bus and keeps Mum that Kim made the Alien Statement about the baby (It still wasn’t said in the context that Dwight made it seem) and she keeps quiet although she is bothered. 

Peter apologized to Nene and she just falls apart and she is the happiest that I think that I have ever seen her.    Why is she so giddy about Peter?   The whole Peter thing is really weird.  Nene says that she loves him and they are back in love.  Am I the only one that thinks this is way weird?

Later, Nene and Kim discuss Cynthia’s ‘Friend’ contract.  Kim (rightly so) thinks that Cynthis is crazy.  Kim also thinks that she is in love with Nene and thinks that she wants to spread her legs for her.  They continue to laugh about Cynthia.  I kind of feel bad for Cynthia; I really think she was trying to apologize for her man’s behavior, but she went too far and the contract was Strange! 

Nene says that  Gregg is still at the house, but Nene is waiting for the Judge to tell him to leave.  Nene is already ready for the next guy.  She says that she could date a white boy, it sounds like she must already be getting some attention from someone.  Kim mentions that she has dated the Football player a couple of times, but she is torn about him being younger.  Since we all know that she is pregnant, I’m assuming she got over that hurdle.