Kandi is under a lot of pressure preparing for her tour and album release.  I still cannot figure out why she has Kim opening for her, if it is that important to her.  When Mitchell the Choreographer shows up, he and Kim show off some of their latest steps.  Kim is irritating to Kandi, mainly because she is being Kim.  Are we surprised that she cares more about her outfit and  a bedazzled mic.  Oh wow….Kim is really trying to sing.  She is for real tone deaf.  No way should she be on a tour singing.  Kim thinks that Kandi is really critical and the stress of the tour is getting to her.  No Kim, you aren’t flowing with your vocals or choreography and that is stressful.  But can you really be mad at Kim?  Kandi knew who she was when she  put her on the tour.

Sheree takes her Daughter Tierra to go to look at furniture, since she has moved in with her boyfriend and they have no furniture.  Tierra seems to want Sheree  to furnish her whole apartment and  it is apparent that she is her Mother’s child with champagne taste and beer money.  Actually not even beer, more like Kool-aid.  Sheree doesn’t buy everything that her daughter requested, but she purchases several necessary items.   I think that Sheree  is motivated by the need to make sure that she is  comfortable when she comes by.   Sheree secretly plans to throw Tierra  a nice housewarming in the near future.

Nene accompanies Cynthia to a Museum that she would like to have her wedding in.  Cynthia wants to be different and non traditional.   I would say that if she is getting married under a dinosaur, she  has achieved that.   Nene ask about the friendship contract and what were her intentions with it.  Cynthia brushes it off and says that the contract was just a joke to make light of the matter.   Nene wants Cynthia to know that she thinks that she was really weird to give her the contract and she tells her that she showed it to Kim.  Cynthia is irritated that they are  joking about her and her contract.   Nene uses the Friendship contract to her advantage and questions that she can’t that she cannot go to her ‘friend’ and tell her that she made a mistake.  Where is the love?

Kandi gets a call from Phaedra who vents about all of the pressure that she is under as a new Mother.  Kandi invites her to attend a spa day with all of the girls to relax.  Kandi seems so sincere, but  it is hard for me to believe that it is possible for that Phaedra will relax with all of the ladies present.

Kandi is  emotional about her new music as it is reminding her of her late fiance AJ.  She is really having a difficult time getting her session together.  She has to take a break for a breather. 

Nene is a little stressed because part of her job requirement is to book her own talent.  She would like to book someone like Jay Z (who wouldn’t) but it looks like the pickings are slim.  Her son and his friend comes in and she starts asking them if they know any numbers of any celebrities.  Her son gives a reality check to her….does she really think that these kids have the number of some Big Celebrities.  The scene ends with Nene deciding to pursue Jermaine Dupri.  Hmmmm….Didn’t Jermaine used to date Kandi?

Kandi drops by to see Phaedra and baby Aiden (such a Cutie Pie!)   Phaedra seems to be more in touch with being a mommy and she seems to really be enjoying her baby (Thank God).  Phaedra brings up the odd conversation that she had with Cynthia last week where she asked about her due date.  Kandi takes responsibility for her part in the baby reporting mess (she did pass the information on to the other girls like she was a Spy on a mission).  I like that about Kandi, she will step up and say that this is what I did, even if it is foul.  Kandi tells Phaedra that Kim felt the strongest about her due date.  Phaedra  suggest that Kim worry about herself since she is the one dating a married man.  I think that Phaedra really feels that Kim must just be a hater, because she said several times that she has a Husband and her baby was born in Wedlock.  Phaedra says that she  isn’t tripping off a crazy slut from the Cheetah Club (ouch) and she plans to put her in check.   This is not going to be pretty!

Kim meets her Stylist Dean at her home and they discuss the upcoming tour.  Kim is really tired of all of the preparation for the tour and she wants to focus on more important things like her wardrobe.  I am really starting to feel Kandi’s frustration.  I don’t think that Kim is ready.

Sheree  arrives at her daughter’s apartment to bring in the furniture that she bought for the home.  She has a whole team there to prepare for the surprise Housewarming.  It’s Nice to see this side of Sheree.  Tierra is really appreciative.

There are 3 weeks until Cynthia’s wedding and she is stressing.  In the middle of it all, Cynthia gets that call that she has been  booked for a modeling job and she is happy that she will have some more money to put towards the wedding.   Cynthia calls to seal the deal and she is pretty happy that she got requested to participate in Miami Swim week.

Kandi practices in a Red flowing wig for her concert.  She forgets that she is working a wig and she is swinging her head all about and it comes off.  Kandi wonders how Kim is able to always keep her hair on.  She needs to have a pow wow with Kim about it, because that girl knows how to keep her hair.

Nene continues to get her hustle on.  Jermaine Dupri’s Publicist confirms that he can meet with her for an interview tomorrow.  Wow, that is really short notice and he agreed to it.  Nene is thrilled to tell her Supervisor that she landed Jermaine Dupri.  Nene knows that she is the only one who could make this interview happen at channel 11.

Spa Day!  All the girls arrive for their relaxation day.  It’s off to a bad start.  Phaedra and Kim don’t even speak when they see each other.   Sheree ask about Kim’s baby Daddy Kroy.  At this point, Kim is claiming that they haven’t slept together and she is concerned that he may have a small wee-wee.  They decide to have more Girl time and travel to Miami to see Kandi and Kim to perform and then throw a Bachelorette party for Cynthia   Kim (clueless) starts talking about how her relationship with  Big Poppa progressed and how they worked out the kinks with their sexual chemistry.  Girl, no one wants to hear that!   Phaedra offers  to get the stripper for the Party and claims that she knows a man who can give himself head.  I understand the point that she was trying to make, but that is just nasty. 

Sheree decides to clown Cynthia.  She brings up that since they are all  having fun,  maybe they should draw up a contract.  Kim wants to pursue  the details of the contract and wants Cynthia to explain what she meant by the contract.  Kim is feeling protective of Nene.  Really?  Since when does Nene need to be protected?    Cynthia is furious and she shuts it down by telling them that they need to move on, since it wasn’t meant for them to see anyway.  It cracks me up that people on Reality Shows feel entitled to an explanation.  I was kind of glad that Cynthia was like Whatever…get a life.    Did anyone notice Phaedra ask for some water, because she is parched?  That’s code for I need to hydrate my throat, so I can get my clown on and rip someone a new one.

Phaedra shows off a picture of Aiden and she brings up that she is aware that everyone has been talking sh*t  about her due date  and she doesn’t appreciate it.  Phaedra is talking to the group, but she  focuses on Kim mainly and calls her two faced.  Kim feels that she is being attacked, because she is an easy target.  Kim holds her own against Phaedra  and feels that she has the right to ask questions when someone questions her intelligence and since she is a Nurse, she knows a thing or two.  Phaedra wants to see the documentation that she is a Registered Nurse.    Phaedra feels that Kim is confused about being a real Nurse and when she strips when dressed as a Nurse (ouch).  Phaedra is looking for common curtesy and since she is not running around talking about Kim being Big Poppa’s Mistress…  Kim fires back that she is not talking about Phaedra’s Husband being a Convict and she doens’t care if he steals cars (ouch).

The show ends with Phaedra telling  them to cut it with the bullshit and Kim fixes her Wig with much attitude.  Damn……