My, My My……Ginuwine…..can make any delivery that he wants…whenever he wants!  Ginuwine is the the Spokesman for a New Adult Chocolate Milk that is 40 proof strong.  The New Product is set to stock the shelves of Costco.  NY Daily News has the 411 on the details of the new Adult Chocolate Milk drink:

Adult Chocolate Milk is the latest in a string of high-proof twists on kid-inspired sweets.  First came the infamous – and now banned – Four Loko, the boozy energy soda known as”blackout in a can” and later the alcoholic whipped topping CREAM.


Adult Chocolate Milk was created by California mom Tracy Reinhardt, who mixed up the first batch one night and later posted the Facebook status, “Tracy is enjoying some Adult Chocolate Milk.”

Reinhardt’s recipe combines chocolate milk with 40-proof vodka.

Friends flooded her profile page with inquires about the alcohol-infused milk, among them old high school pal Nikki Halbur who became her partner in creating the stuff for the masses. 

The pair formed the Adult Beverage Co., which in addition to Adult Chocolate Milk will soon produce Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade. 

The chocolate milk, which carries the slogan”Re-Taste Your Youth at 40 Proof,” hit the shelves of a California Costco this week, reports O.C. Weekly, and has a cadre of celebrity fans, including R&B artist and product spokesman Ginuwine.

The drink’s Facebook page has 1,751 fans and its wall is splattered with inquiries on where to purchase the cocoa drink.

An employee at the Harlem Costco on E. 117th St. said there were no plans to stock the beverage in New York City area Costco locations. 

But New Yorkers can sample the stuff, which comes in a 250ml retro glass bottle with a swing top, by ordering the drink online.

Warning: it doesn’t come cheap.  A one-liter bottle costs $23.99.

Wow…..This drink is pretty pricey!  I think that I am going to have to try it at least once.  It is brilliant to have Ginuwine as a Spokesperson….so very nice to look at, he makes you want to try it.   I think that this is a very nice comeback vehicle for Ginuwine as he returns to the Musicworld.   As I look at him, my mind goes back to the first time that I saw him singing ‘Pony’ and I quickly became his Number 1 fan!

Got Milk?