The show starts with the next installment of how to have the worst tour ever.  Kim is working Kandi’s nerves on this tour and the feeling is mutual.    I recognize that some of the show is definitely scripted,  so I don’t know how much Kim is doing on the show to get people talking, but she is over the top.   Are people really that self-involved?  I mean waking up everyone on the bus, so that she can smoke a cigarette.  I’m with Don Juan and Kandi on this one.  Really?  But I have to say that everything that Kim is doing on this tour, Kandi asked for it, because she asked her to be on the tour. 

Kim calls Nene to see about her coming to join them on the bus.  Really?  Kim hopes that Nene will help relieve tensions between her and Kandi? Why, because Nene always relieves tension.  I see that everyone is stuck on stupid.

Nene is feeling pretty proud of her interview with Jermaine.  And she should be!  Jermaine was not an easy interview.  She did some great editing and pulled it together to look like they had an interaction. Channel 11 airs Nene’s interview.  Kim and Kandi tune in to catch the interview    Kim gets pissed that Nene brought up her in terms of possibly being too old to pursue a career. 

Phaedra has a visit from Sheree and Cynthia to come visit the baby.  Phaedra has put out a Martha Stewart like spread of food out for the ladies.  All of the ladies are looking forward to going to Miami.   Cynthia is very ready for her Bachelorette party.  Aiden is such a Beautiful baby that Cynthia is drawn to him and as she tells him how one day, he will be fine enough to win a Supermodel, he throws up on her.  Great timing Aiden!  She quickly gives the baby back.

Kim and Kandi & crew stop at a BBQ place to get something to eat.   Kim is pissed that there is nothing for her to eat, since she doesn’t eat meat.  She decides to go outside and have a smoke.  Derek J is such a mess, what is he wearing?  He’s got on short shorts and heels.  How did SF get the reputation for flamboyant peeps?  We have nothing on Atlanta. Derek is pretty funny though, he tells Kim that she looks like a Slave-owner sitting outside having a smoke.  Hilarious.  Kim is like whatever!

Kim is really irritating me.   She is just complaining about everything!  It would just seem that there would be something that she could eat.

Peter announces to Cynthia says that he closed ‘Uptown’.  Understandably, Cynthia is particularly bothered by this.  I know that Peter is kind of stuck on a ‘I’m the man’, but I’m really wondering how they will they get married and I don’t mean because of the finances.  That is a huge decision for him to make and he didn’t consult her at all.  Cynthia is stuck on how will they be able to afford their wedding now and just at important; how will he pay her back her money?  Peter doesn’t want her to panic.  With what he just told her, is that possible?   Peter gets really bothered that she doesn’t trust that he will take care of it and he vows ‘that he will not to tell her anything anymore’ (I guess things will stay the same).  Cynthia holds her ground and voices her feelings, but then she breaks down and cries.  Peter is moved by her tears. 

Kim is really unreasonable.  She orders Sweetie around all day and Kandi wonders how much money Kim is paying her to put up with that.  I’m wondering that too.  Since Kim is bored, she wants Derek to style her wig for the show even though the show is tomorrow.  While she is getting her hair done, Kim’s daughter calls and she is crying because she misses her Mother.   Kim wonders if she should be away from her kids and she takes to the bed in tears as she thinks about being away from her kids.  But in the end, She knows this is the sacrifice that she must make to provide for her kids.

Don Juan tries to talk about the schedule and Kim is unhappy about the tour obligation.  They have to stop.  Sweetie gets miffed because someone told her that she hangs out with white people too much.  Sweetie gets angry about the comment and tells Kim about it (who is outside having a smoke).  Kim tries to debate this, but Kandi decides to shut it down.  She is tired of the bullshit!  Kandi makes it clear that this is her tour and she is not really willing to go through too much more with Kim.  She is trying to be professional, but Kim is making it hard.  Why is Kim there? 

Cynthia has lunch with Nene and her sister Mallory.  She  tells them that Peter closed their business and now she is really worried about how things will turn out.  Nene feels this is a bad indicatior for their marriage.  Mallory and Nene think that they should postpone the wedding. Cynthia is not on board with that.  Although Cynthia took a long time to commit, she wants her day.  Nene encourages her to get married next year.   Cynthia’s sister may be giving her advice from the heart, but I wouldn’t trust it from Nene.  I’m just saying.   I think that Cynthia is going to follow her heart.

Sheree is packing to leave and her kids are preparing to spend some time with their Dad.  She makes her kids tell her that they will miss her.  Why don’t the Kids miss their parents on this show?

Apollo is really trying to help Phaedra with the responsibility of their little Aiden and he looks forward to proving himself while Phaedra is away in Miami, so he can prove himself.   He’s pretty adamant about if he had breasts, he would be a one man show.  That kind of sounds like is he could breat feed, he would take the Kid and leave.   Phaedra secretly calls her mother and tells her to check on her baby while she is away.

Kim is still pissed about Nene throwing her under the bus about her being 32 and trying to get into the business.  I don’t think that Nene’s remark was that offensive.  I think that Kim is pissed, because she has to be insecure about her ‘talent’.   So when Nene texts her and says that she is coming to join them on the tour bus, we know it will be all bad.  Kim seems to really be into Football Player Kroy and she is so into talking to him on the phone that she can’t get up and answer the door for Derek J.  As she is yelling for Sweetie, I wonder again, how much money is this girl getting paid.  Derek is there to work on Kim’s hair (how much work can you put into a wig in 24 hours) and they discuss Black and white relations.  Kim doesn’t understand why there are race relations; Derek sums it up…that’s just the way it is.  You don’t have to understand it.

Uh oh….Nene is there.  Kim gets ready for the show and she is practicing in front of Nene.  I think that Nene’s face tells it all.  Funny!  They discuss the tour and how difficult it has been for everyone on the bus.  Is it me or is Kim yelling ‘Sweetie’ every 5 seconds?  How much is this girl getting paid?

On the bus, Nene tries to give Kim some pointers on how to take away attention from her voice.  She encourages her to shake her breasts as much as she can. 

Kandi and Kim are performing in a strip mall.  Nene compares her performance to singing done at her son’s school for a talent show.  Nene is not impressed, but because she is such a good friend, she tells her that she did a good job. 

Nene feels that Kim and Kandi are not even in the same arena and that everyone came to see Kandi.  Well that is true.

After the performance, Nene gives them a little taste of why they bought her there and she starts making fun at Kim.  She is so out of control, Sweetie asks her if she is drunk.  I was just wondering that too.  Nene lies and says that the show was good. 

Riley is going with her Dad for the first time in a long time.  Kandi calls her and gives her some encouragement to have a good time. 

Nene gets on the bus and tells them that Kim is stressed by the way that they are treating her.  She gets them talking about Kim to create a hostile environment and the setting for the clown show.  Kandi and Nene are uncomfortable with how she talks to sweetie.  They don’t like how much she calls her a ‘Bitch’.  Hmm…. Is there a limit for how much that you can call your friend a ‘Bitch’?  I mean if you call your friend a Bitch 5 times as opposed to 10 times, if  there really a difference?  I don’t really ‘get’ the ‘you are my friend, so I call you a ‘Bitch’ thing’…..

The tour bus prepares to arrive in Miami.  Kim is looking forward to getting off the bus and begins to make plans for everyone to be accommodated including Sweetie and Don Juan.  Nene takes offense to this, because they will be celebrating Cynthia’s Bachelorette party, she feels that it is inappropriate for random employees to be included.  Nene and Kim get into a full verbal fight that almost turns physical.  They trade some stinging insults.  Nene calls Kim a ‘Immature Stupid Blonde’ and Kim calls her a ‘Dumb Bitch.   There are so many insults flying here!  From Nene telling Kim that she treats Sweetie like a Slave to Kim telling Nene that she is jealous of her success.  The funny thing is that there is truth in all of the insults!!!    Nene and Kim wonder how they will make it during their trip.  Me too!

Meanwhile, the other unsuspecting ladies travel to meet them in Miami.   I’m sure that Sheree, Cynthia and Phaedra don’t even understand what a peaceful ride they had.