I am so excited that  Season 10  of American Idol is here.  I missed blogging on it last night, but I am ready tonight.  I was thoroughly impressed with ou Judges last night and it put my fears to rest about how the show can survive without Simon’s brutal honesty.  I absolutely loved hearing Steven Tyler’s input.  He’s an Icon for God’s Sake, so you have to respect the talent!  And I thought that  there was a great chemistry and balance between Steven, Jennifer and Randy. 

Tonight  American Idol takes it to The Big Easy.  The last time, AI came to NO was Season 4.

Jordan Dorsey, 21 is a Music Teacher  from La Place, Louisiana.  He sings Somewhere over the Rainbow’.  Jordan has a beautiful voice and he changes the  arrangement up several times.  He may have switched it up one time too many though.  The Judges don’t even discuss it, they just put him through.  He goes out and break down the Running Man to show his appreciation.  I’m glad that he made it through, it would have been horrible for him to have to face his students if he didn’t make it through to the first cut, especially when he is there to motivate them to show that hard work pays off.  Video

Sarah Sellers, 28 is a Marketing Analyst  from Texas.  She sings Bob Dylan’s ‘Make you feel my love’.   Before she sings, Steven ask the question of the night, ‘Where did you get those lips?‘  Randy jokes that maybe Steven is kin to Sarah.  Lol, She could be his daughter, if her Mom was an Aerosmith Fan.  (lol)  Sarah gives a beautiful performance with her great voice.   All of the Judges love her.   Steven is really a card.  I was wrong, the lips comment has some competition.  He follows up with, ‘You had me sold the second you laid your eyes on me’.   Really getting some insight on some of his  Jennifer and Randy like her as well.  She is through!  Video

Jovany Barreto-  23, He is a Shipbuilder from  Louisiana.   He is a Serious Fan of Jennifer Lopez  and her Husband Mark Anthony.  He sings a Spanish song and everyone is in love with his voice.  Steven and Randy try to tell Jovany how good he was, but  he takes this moment to tell Jennifer that she is a Goddess in his eyes.  Jenifer says that he has a very powerful voice that is beautiful when he sings in a low tone or  when he sings out with all of his might. .  Steven really liked it and he thought it was delicious.    All 3 Judges give it a Big Yes.   At this moment, Jovany makes good on a dare from the guys at his job who thinks that he will not have the guts to take his shirt off in front of Jennifer Lopez.  I don’t think his Co-workers understand how much Jovany is feeling JLO.   Randy and Steven join him and lift up their shirts.   Very Nice!  Jovany is packing a mean 6 pack!  Video

Jacquelyn Dupree, 24 from Summit Mississippi.  She sings  Ill Stand by You’.    Jacquelyn has a surprise for Randy.  Her Uncle Jerry Wilkinson was Randy’s HS Football  Coach.   She brings in some old pics of Randy from High School and in walks Uncle Jerry.  Randy hugs his old Coach.    Jacquelin’s performance is another winner!  Randy says that she has a powerful voice.  Jennifer loved her control of her voice.  Steven likes her two!  All Judges say yes!  Video

Brett Loewenstern:  16 and  he is from Boca Raton,  Florida.  Brett appears to have come a long way and he is pretty comfortable in his skin.  Apparently, he was bullied when he was younger.  But now He likes to stand out.   Brett is a card.  He comes out and ask Steven if he remembers him from when  he waved at him early by the elevator.  Brett is really funny, he says  ‘Hola’ to Jennifer. (JLO almost came out on that note).   He sings Bohemian Rhapsody’ song.  Okay, Brett is a little strange, but who cares!  This boy can sing.  Jennifer cannot believe his voice.  Steven says he was fabulous.  Randy  feels that he nailed it.  Going to Hollywood.   Video

Gabriel Franks:  is 24 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’.  Gabriel shares that he once  won a competition for being a look-a- like for Steven Tyler (Steven thinks that has a mouth more  like Mick Jagger)  Ok….This was one of the strangest performancesthat I have ever seen.   Gabriel is yelling at the top of his lungs and he is making the strangest faces.   All things considered, I think that he has a pretty good voice.  But he is so very Odd.  The Judges are all having a great laugh and it is unanimous!  3 Nos.  Video

Alex Attardo:  is 18 from New Orleans, Louisiana.  He sings ‘Proud Mary’.  I’m worried about Alex’s performance before he even opens his mouth and when he does…. all of my worst fears are confirmed.  Horrible.  He says that he went to American Idol camp when he was 15 (guess things didn’t go so well).    Steven feels that Alex was just so far off the melody of the song.  Randy doesn’t beat around the bush andy feels that it was really terrible.  It’s a no dude. Video

Jaycee Baddeaux: is  15 from Lafayette, Louisiana.  He looks more like 1!  He sings ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’.  This is a Personal favorite of mine and this little guy does it justice.  I like that all of the judges are smiling and encouraging this young talent.   They see the big picture, because when this kid looses his Baby Fat, he could be a Teen Sensation.    Jennifer loves his beautiful voice. Steven says that (the performance) ‘was a thing of beauty.’ It’s a Yes from all 3 Judges.  Video

Paris Tassin:  is 23 from New Orleans, Louisiana.  She sings ‘Temporary Home’.  Paris has the kind of story that makes you root for her.  She was pregnant at age 18 and her baby was born with hydrocephalus.  The Doctors told her to abort, but she decided to carry her baby.  Her Daughter was born with hearing loss.  When Paris sings, she sings to her baby girl.  Paris has a beautiful voice and she sings with alot of emotion.  Hmmm…..did Jennifer see the clip about her Daughter?  She is …..crying…..really?  She says that she really felt it and was moved to tears.  It was beautiful and all, but is Jennifer having an Oscar worthy moment?  It’s a Yes from all 3 Judges!  Video

37 Hopefuls are through!  Jennifer goes over to meet Paris’ daughter and give her an encouraging hug.  Acting or not, that was a nice touch.