The show starts with where the show ended last week with the scene where Nene and Kim were getting in to it on the tour bus.  I feel bad for Kandi.  I can’t believe that these two have ruined her tour (even if she invited the trouble) and they just have no regard for her at all.   Kim keeps striking these horrified faces like she is truly shocked that Nene is saying things like ‘she will toss her out the window’.  I’m striking a ‘Kim face’ when I hear Nene say that people need to speak to her with respect (like she gives it out).  I understand why Kandi  is praying.

Sheree, Cynthia and Phaedra are truly shocked about all of the confusion that is going on when the bus arrives and Nene and Kim are still fighting when they are exiting.  They both try to explain their sides, but the girls are confused.  I feel that Nene is really out of line discussing the ‘Kim treats Sweetie like a slave’ issue  like she isn’t even there.  I agree, I couldn’t stand Kim calling my name every five minutes.  BUT, if it doesn’t bother Sweetie, why does it bother Nene?  It’s not like Sweetie is passing secret letters to Nene asking her to save her from Kim.

Cynthia is stunned by the amount of anger that Kim and Nene are displaying.  While Nene is going on and on about how only the girls should be present,  Sheree is thinking that this may not be the time to tell her that she invited Lawrence. 

The girls looks to Kandi to be the sane one to explain what happened.  Kandi cannot explain.  She tries, but when it comes down to it, this sh*t doesn’t make any sense!  Sheree agrees with me, Sweetie is a grown woman who doesn’t mind Kim, so why should Nene.  The woman can speak for herself.

Nene is trying to explain how she wanted to keep the girls outing a girls outing.  The girls arrive at Kim’s friend Thomas’  home (where they are staying) and she introduces the girls to him.  When it is Nene’s turn,  Nene  makes a comment that she can’t believe that he is Kim’s friend.  At this point, I’m thinking that Nene should leave, because the reality of it is, this is Kim’s friend’s house, she can’t be disrespecting her in his home.   When Nene says that she is not staying here, I’m thinking ‘Get to stepping’.  All of the sane girls just want Calgon to take them away.

The girls survey the Thomas’ estate and I agree that they need to get some holy oil to stay There.  It is a very eccentric mansion that looks like the displays come alive at night.  Thomas is no joke, he has a hard time saying goodby to loved ones.  He shows the girls his dog (from his childhood)  that he had stuffed when he was a child  (Eww) As they explore Thomas’ estate,  Sheree tries to feel out the connection between Thomas and Kim.  Is he another Big Poppa? 

Kim checks in with Sweetie about how she is feeling about the Nene situation.  Does she feel like a slave?  It appears that Sweetie is okay with Kim and she reasons that ‘Slaves don’t get paid’.  Good come back Sweetie!  She should probably never come up against Nene!  She would eat her alive, if that is her best come back!   Okay, we get it, Sweetie is okay with the check.  Kim is aware that the other girls are congregating together, but she is okay with whatever conversation that the girls are having, because she is sure that Kandi has her back. 

The other girls check in with Nene.  Kandi agrees with Nene about Kim’s treatment of Sweetie.  Why is everyone so concerned?  Since when does Nene want to save people?  I’m confused.  Nene is going on about how where she is from other people don’t talk to others in that way.  Well where I’m from, People don’t yell and scream to make their point and when they do, I never hang out with them anymore.

One thing is sure, both Kim and Nene seem to be  through with each other.  Nene would like to go to a hotel.  I think that would be best.  I cannot stress enought that if  Thomas were my friend, she never would have been there. 

I guess that there is something between Kim and Thomas.  He states that he will go to bed with her anytime.  Hmmm….Kim has some serious tricks that she keeps hooking up with Men who have alot of money.

The girls sit down at the dinner table, observe the scenery and make small talk amid the tension. 

Cynthia is feeling overwhelmed and a little resentful that the girl’s weekend has been such a downer so far.  She was really hoping to get her mind off of her stressors this weekend.  Cynthia is also ancious about a Runway Show in Miami.  The night takes a turn for the better when Lawrence arrives.  Sheree is just as elated as Nene is pissed.  Lawrence talks about his growing music career and Kandi is sure that Lawrence is the kind of Artist that she enjoys working with.  He does things for himself and is a self starter.  The scene ends with  Lawrence asking about the tour.  Thank Heavens that we didn’t have to hear that again.

The next day, the girls prepare for the day.  Cynthia is optimistic that the weekend can get better.  Nene decides to invite her friend Diana since everyone else has someone there.

Kim takes some time to spend with Thomas when she is supposed to be preparing to go to her show.  Thomas is pretty flirty and he encourages her to swim without a bathing suit.  If they had time, Kim would be doing the backstroke naked by now.

Kandi  really gets a cute look together for the show.  Kim has on a romper? Oh well, her shoes are really cute.   Kim would like to really nail it since she believes that Nene is really jealous of her accomplishment.  I agree with this.  Kim has zero talent, but Nene is really angry that she is not on that stage with her.  For the show, Kim’s time has been cut and she can only perform one song.  It’s a ‘No brainer that she sings ‘Don’t be Tardy for the party’.  Surprisingly, Phaedra seems to be enjoing her performance the most.  Sheree also gives Kim some respect for her performance.

Nene is the only person really unhappy at the show.  Everyone else is happy and cheering.  Kandi is super happy with the show and how well she has been received.  Kim is also happy and she is able to thank Don Juan for his work. Kim thanking Don Juan?   They really are happy that the tour is over.  

This is Phaedra’s first trip away from her baby, so she is also irritated that the time has been so full of drama.  To add to the drama, Diana walks in with Nene as the girls eat, just before Sweetie comes in with her suitcase to leaves.  Kim  had asked Sweetie to leave after the big blow up, but now that Diana is here, she tries to convince her that she can stay.  This is just funky.  Diana starts yelling at Kim and advises her ‘not to say her name”.  Seriously?  You are in Kim’s friend’s house.  All of the girls are annoyed with Nene since this weekend is supposed to be about Cynthia.  I don’t get it.  Kim advises Nene  that maybe she should leave since she is at her friends house. Nene is feeling confident now with Diana at her side and laughs about how they are staying at her friend’s house.  Then she makes some comment about getting the party started and get it crunked…..Really?  Isn’t she a little old to be trying to get things ‘crunked’.  I’m just embarrassed for the whole scene.  This is just bad.  Really bad.  No wonder she apologized to her kids on Andy’s show for her behavior.

The girls have a work out with Sheree as their Team Leader.  Kim is laying back smoking a cigarette and claiming to be on her period.  This girl does not exercise.   She does take the time to ask Sheree how she manages to look the way she does (with the working out) and not looking like Diana the Hulk’.  Hahaha.  And she is right, Sheree looks great.

Cynthia arrives at her Swim Show.  As she gets made up by her Make-up crew, she reminisces on her old Modeling days and although she is older than the other Models, she is thankful for the experience that she has.  Cynthia  is hoping to nail it and she is looking forward to working more to meet her financial obligations.  Nene is happy for Cynthia and she says that she is turning out to be a really cool friend, not like these other Bitches.  I’m confused.  Why is she calling anyone a ‘Bitch’.  I though that was a no no.

At first, the girls give Cynthia compliments.  Then the ladies turn Catty!  They are such Backstabbers!  Sheree doesn’t know if Cynthia could have worked as a model for ‘She by Sheree’, since her Models were a size 2 or 4 and Cynthia’s  bootie is a 12.  Phaedra says that she is a model, but looks like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese’.  Ouch!   Nene makes comments about her being older than the other models.    Poor Cynthia!  At the end of the show, she is really happy that the girls got to see her do her thing and has no ideal that they have been saying such mean things!

Kim ask if everyone wants to stay another Day.  Everyone is surprised that Cynthia gives out a loud ‘No’.  She claims that she just has to get ready for the wedding.  Cynthia tries to talk about what she is going through, but it is too much.  When Kandi ask her about her Honeymoon, she breaks down in tears.  Everyone claims to feel bad about Cynthia crying, but (predictably) by the next scene they will be talking sh*t about her breakdown.

Nene goes out to comfort Cynthia and gives her the best advice of the show.  Maybe they should leave.  Yes girl!  Run for Atlanta!  Things can only get worse.

All of the girls reason that it seems that Cynthia and Peter’s finances are so bad that they should postpone the wedding.

Cynthia and Nene return and the girls are (surprisingly) comforting.  Cynthia tells the girls that they closed the restaurant and that they really needed the money to live off and pay for their wedding.   Nene tells the girls that they are leaving.  The other girls are shocked by this news.  Phaedra and Sheree wish that Cynthia would woman up and stop following behind Nene.  The other girls are pissed that they came down here for her and she is being pretty ungrateful by wanting to leave.   They are resolved to have their night no matter what Cynthia decides to do.

Nene, Diane, and Cynthia exit to have a discussion on  the matter.  Nene has just hemmed things up and gotten Cynthia to say that she is leaving when Sheree comes up to check on the matter.   Sheree tells her  the truth, they came here for Cynthia and she doesn’t seem to care that they have given their time to be here for her and (most importantly) she doesn’t have any reason to leave (other than Nene wants to leave).  Cynthia realizes that she wants to stay.  This girl is too wishy washy sometimes!  She really needs to realize that  Nene wants to control her friends and that she is going to have to woman up and make her won decisions!

Finally, At  the party, the girls start to have fun.  It is a good thing that Lawrence came!  He is the life of the party with his impersonations!   He can do all of the girls and everyone is laughing!

The party gets intimate and they discuss their tricks in the bedroom.  Lawrence ask Cynthia if she gives good head?  No beating around the bush!   Cynthia doesn’t like giving head.  Kandi and Phaedra high five over the joys of liking to give head and being good at it. 

I’m convinced that Phaedra is a freak.  She arranged the entertainment  for the night and the 3 strippers are her clients.  Lawrence’s mouth is hanging open as he looks at the strippers’ bodies.  Nene isn’t happy with the strippers (she really isn’t sexual at all).  Kim tries to figure out how these strippers are connected to Phaedra’s practice. 

The show ends with  Cynthia thanking everyone for her party.