The show opens with Steven and Randy doing an acapella of ‘Sweet Emotions“.  American Idol is so much fun with Steven.

This is American Idol’s first trip to Milwaukee.  This is Season 8′s Danny Gokey’s hometown and he is  on the scene encouraging the crowd to represent their hometown.

Scotty McDreary:  is 16 and from Garner, North Carolina.   He sings Your Man by Josh Turner.  Scotty is really likeable and he appears to be a great Baseball player and he has that overall well rounded feel to him.  Surprisingly, (at such a young age) he has  a deep Barry White type voice.  Jennifer really hopes he can sing with his ‘ManMan voice’.  Scotty has a very mature voice.  Jenifer says that he makes her smile. Steven ask him to sing something else.  He sings Travis Tripps’ Put some drive in your County’.  I like this guy.  Steven gives a great line that I couldn’t repeat to save my life!  but it sure was funny.  All agree that Scotty  is through to Hollywood.   They are  sll so impressed with his talent and at his age, they know that this kid could go far.  Steven likes that he came without his hat (cause you know he has a serious Cowboy hat that he wears when he belts out songs for his family and friends).  Video

Joe Repka:  is 19 and from  Swanton, Ohio.  He sang ‘The Longest Time’ by Billy Joel.  Joe says he is’ going to kick this straight to the moon’.  Uh-oh is my first thought when I lay eyes on him.  Joe is very chipper and optimistic and  Ryan is drawn to him.  Joe is a Radio personality in the making  majoring in communications in school.  He is most looking forward to seeing JLo.   He demonstrates his Radio voice for the Judges and he confesses that he has never really heard Seacrest’s radio show.   Outside the auditions,  Joe’s Mama says that she is tone deaf, uh….that appears to be a family trait.  Joe sings in some crazy high acapella tone that doesn’t work.  Steven tells him, ‘not to quit his day job’ and advises him, ‘don’t sing into the mic, talk into it’  Steven thinks his radio voice is much better than his singing voice.  While Randy is agreeing with the other Judges, Joe breaks into another song “I can’t help falling in love with you”.  Steven joins in.  But, it is still 3 nos!     Video

Emma Henry is 15 and  from Littleton, Colorado.  She sang ‘True Colors by Cyndi Lauper.  Her family drove 16 hours for her to be here and they let this 15 year old drive them most of the way.   That is such a higher level of trust and love than I have with my son at this time.   She just got her permit and she drove most of the way.   Lol….different strokes.   Emma has wanted to audition for Idol ever since she was 5 and Kelly Clarkson won.   Hmmmm….she is such a cute girl and her voice could mature into something.  But this song is all wrong for her!  You don’t pick Cyndi Lauper, when you are still wet behind the ears.  Steven loved it, he can’t put his finger on what she has yet, but it is something.  Jennifer thinks that she has something to work on.  Randy doesn’t think she is ready yet.   STeven says yes.  Emma breaks down crying and Randy is moved by it.  He thinks that she will get swallowed up, but he allows her through.  Simon really is gone.  Steven advises her to belt it out more.  Randy would like to see more energy from her the next time that she performs.  Video

Strangest moment of the night……A bad Audition ends with the Contestant wanting to hug Randy and then he asks if he can have a sip of  his Coke……Seriously?

Naima Adedapo is 25 and from Milwaukee.  She sang “For All We Know” by Donny Hathaway.  Naima is our first hard luck story of the night.  So, of course, you want her to advance.  She  works a 9 to 5 cleaning up after Music Festivals and she looks at the stage and dreams of performing.  Naima is hoping to do well, so that can support her family. Oh yes!  She has a beautiful and powerful voice.  JLo likes her alot and her whole package.  Is it me or does Randy and  Steven seems to be flirting with her?  Jennifer likes her too.  She is through!  Video

Jerome Bell is 27 and  from New York.   He sang “Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye.  He performs at Bar Mitzvah’s and weddings.  Jerome  has a good voice and at times,  he can be a little over the top, But- this guy can sing!   I’m sure that he does really well at weddings.  He has an incredible range.   Randy loved him.  Jennifer liked that he has range and she thinks he  is cute.  Steven thought it was so good.  All of the Judges give him a yes!  Video

We learn that the age reduction (from 16 to 15) was inspired by the success of Justin Bieber at such a young age.  Every 15 year old who auditioned from this point got through.  Wow!

Thia Megia is 15 from Mountain House, CA.  She sang “Chasing Pavements’ by Adele.  I love this song and Thia delivers a wonderful rendition that Adele would be proud of.  Jennifer thinks she is the total package.  Steven loved her voice and her character.  It had smoke and heat.  He liked her alot.  Yes, Yes, Yes!  Video

Okay, actually, I was wrong.  There are too many crazy moments to say that one is the best.  I just saw a series of Singers who were pissed off or crying leaving the Auditions.  One of the crying young ladies is comforted by her mother who lovingly says ‘Shut up Brianna’.  So maternal.

Nathaniel Jones is 22 and from Mt. Zion, Wisconson  He is a Civil War Re-enactor.  He recreates Battles that took place.  So he comes in character to the Auditions.  He sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.  Nathaniel is  there with his Dad and he  wants everyone to know that his Dad is not a Hippy!  His Dad doesn’t even  like Sex.  Why is this being told on tv?  Nathaniel explains to the Judges what he does, but that still doesn’t explain why he wore  his Uniform to this Audition.  Well, this wasn’t expected.  Nathaniel sings in a falsetto voice.  Stop…..No…..Stop…….Is Nathaniel serious?  I don’t think so.  Steven says that he is not sure if it is for American Idol, but it was Outstanding and he liked it alot.  It’s a no for Jennifer.  Randy can’t stop laughing, but he salutes Nathaniel as he leaves.  Video

Mason Wilkinson is 23 and she is  from  West Allis,  WI.   Mason  is a funny one!  He is so overwhelmed when he meets the Judges that he has to  turn away from them to compose himself.  He kind of takes a long time to start, but when he turns around, I’m shame for him.  He sings in one of the most out of key voices that I have ever heard.  It’s a no.  Video

Molly Dewolf Stevenson is 22 from Seatlle Washington.  She just graduated from Harvard and she is working as a Intern at the White House and she loves our President.  I think she will be okay, no matter what happens.  They show a clip from this morning where Randy was hi-fiving the crowd and he hit her on the side of the face.  Hard.  Oh, he has to put her through.  She sang “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”.  I like Molly’s take on this classic.  She changes it up and makes it her own.  Nice.  Randy says Who know?  (Not I, said the cat)  Steven thought her performance ’was beautiful’. He liked that she, ‘started so low,  He knew she would go somewhere with that.  JLo was impressed at how low she started and how she performed.  Randy is confused and he wants to know where she has been.  Everyone is confused by this.  I guess, he is still tripping off the ‘Harvard Grad working at the White House auditioning.  Video

Hayley Reinheart is 18 and from Chicago, IL  She sang ‘Oh Darlin’.  She auditioned last year in Chicago and they told her to come back.    Steven loves her look and he wants her to know that he wasn’t there it will be different with him there.  He is always getting his Mack Daddy on.  Hayley much have really practiced from last year, because she was really good.  All of the Judges put her through.  Randy says that she always had the potential, but now she has control.  Video

Tiwan Strong is 29 and  from Chicago, IL.   He sang ‘Twistin’ the Night Away’.    I think that even Sam Cooke would have liked that he sung his song.  Steven sees the sparkle in his eyes and  He likes him.  Jennifer and Randy think that he did a really good job.   He’s through.  Tiwan’s supporters are really happy, but one of his people gets a ‘Charley Horse’ that is apparently terrible, but she kind of steals his thunder and everyone is looking at her instead of him.    I don’t think that Tiwan appreciated that, he kind of gave her the side eye when he left out.  Video

Steve Beghu is 27 from Bloomington, MN. He is a CPA who moonlights singing at weddings and funerals.   He has a nice voice, it is pretty melodic, but it is just okay to me.    Steven is surprised by his range.  He thought that he was disturbingly great.  Each Judge gives him a hearty yes.  Hmmm…   Video

Vernika Patterson is 20 and from Milwaukee, WI.    She sang ‘Loving You’ by Minnie Ripperton.  Wow… this is a really big song.  Unfortunately, too big.  Vernika cracks me up,  she is singing with hella attitude with her hand on her hip, like she is jamming!.  She needs to start over, because the lady is looking at her.    Lady meaning Jennifer.   When the Jennifer says ’that’s a Beautiful song’ to Vernika, the poor girl thinks she is being complimented for her vocals and she replies ‘Thank You’.  Oh no Boo.  Not you, she meant the song.  Jennifer tells her that it is not going to work.  Steven tells her that she doesn’t appear to be ready.  Vernika doesn’t know what constructive criticism is and she believes that she can sing better than 1/2 of the people there.  She thinks that she wasn’t picked because she  isn’t skinny.  No Boo, you didn’t get picked because you bombed!  Video

Albert Rogers III i. 24 (really, he looks older) and he is from Orgelthorpe, GA.   Albert spends alot of time impersonating Obama and he entertains the crowds.  I hope he sings as well.   He sang ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E. King.  He says that people think he sings like Ruben Studdard, Luther Vandross and Usher.  Okay, who has been telling Albert these things?  He sounds like someone, but not the men that he mentioned.  Steven thinks he squeezed the juice out the song.  Randy thought it was terrible and his performance was  a joke.  Its not serious.  Randyasks if it is necessary for them to vote.  Steven is nice.  He insist on the vote, so they can officially send him home Video

Scott Dangerfield is  is 22 and he is a Student Teacher from Milwaukee, WI.  He sang “Dreaming’ by Amos Lee.  Steven  asks if he.  I think that Scott is my biggest surprise of the night.  JLo says that he might be her favorite that she has seen and she wants to vote him in right away.  Randy says never judge a book by it’s cover.  That’s true, because I never thought this boy would belt it out like this.  Talk about blue eyed soul!  Jennifer encourages him to keep the hair and the glasses.  Video

Megan Fraser is 20 from Green Bay, WI.  She sings ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber.  Megan has alot of energy.  She is an avid Green Bay Packers Fan.  Okay….I don’t even know what to say.  She is singing in some off operatic voice.  Randy says that he has been looking for this self imposed opera version of a Justin Bieber song.  Uh…’s a no.  She wasn’t serious right?  This was a joke, I think  Video

Alyson Jaydos is  26 from Chicago, IL  She sings Come together’ by the Beatles.  Steven Tyler is her Idol and she cried when she saw him.  Alyson would like to bring more Rock and Roll to American Idol and she will freak out if Steven Tyler says that she is going through to Hollywood.  She is overwhelmed by Steven’s presence.  She loves Steven and he gives her a hug.  This is surreal for her.  I’m so glad that she nailed her song.  They ask her to sing  Aerosmith song ‘Dream On’.  Steven chimes in and sings with her, but after they finish; Steven comes out of no where and says that she was ‘all over the  place’ and ‘pitchy’.  (WTH)  Randy says that he doesn’t think she is ready and gives her a No.  Jennifer says ‘we haven’t seen anyboy like her’ and it’s a yes.  Oh….I get it now, this is a skit that they set up for when a big Steven fan comes in.  So, of course, he says yes.  I was wondering.  Video

Chris Medina is 26   from Chicago, IL .   He sings ‘Break Even’  by The Script .  This is truly the Heartbreak hard luck story of  the night.   Chris is engaged to his longtime girlfriend who suffered brain trauma and she  is wheel chair bound after a car accident.    He is staying with her because she needs him most now.  Thank God that he has a beautiful voice.  The Judges would like to meet his girlfriend.   So, they bring the girlfriend in to meet the Judges.   Hmmmm…..I’m kind of mixed on what information should be shared…   Video

53 are through to Hollywood from Milwaukee!