The show starts off with Darius Thomas who lets out a scream that leaves even Steven speechless!  All he can say is wow.  If  Darius is any indication of what is going on in Nashville, I’m a little nervous. Video

This is the 2nd time that AI has come to Nashville.  17, 000 people Auditioned in the auditioned today.  This is Carrie Underwood’s home town, so there is that hope that another Country sensation will be discovered here.   Tonight’s auditions took place in the Bridgestone Arena.

Christine McCaffery is 27  and she is from West Beach Palm, FL  She is a Dental Assistant and she claims that she has the gift to make everyone smile.  They are probably smiling at her very different voice and her Stepford Wife vibe.  She enters singing and it is just odd and ridiculous.  The Judges tell her that she should do voice overs.  Then they ask her to sing her song (I thought she just didd)  She sings ‘ I hope you dance”.  This is just awful, I don’t know how the people around her let her come on, if they love her.   Video

Chelsea Oaks is 23 from Nashville, TN and Rob Bolin is 23 also from Nashville.  They are Exes who still live together.  They have been singing together since their first date, so they still sing even though things have soured between the two.   The Judges really hope that they will get back together, but since Chelsea’s new boyfriend is there, so probably not.   The Judge put both of them through to Hollywood.  It’s kind of interesting that they are singing together.  Hmmm…..I’m intrigued that the Judges are so taken by their ‘love’ and genuinely seem to want them to get back together.  Rob is still in love with Chelsea who doesn’t want him.  This reads like the next chapter on ‘The Young and the Restless’.   Video

 Allen Lewis is 26 and he is from Franklin Furnace, Ohio.  Wow….he is a tattoo Artist and (self reports) many other things. He is actually a little scary with the crazy intense thing that he is doing with his eyes.  He sings ‘Simple Man’.  When Allen starts singing and making all of these intese faces, Jennifer looks horrified.  Randy is signaling for him to stop, but he is too into it.    Randy feels that heis really more of a band guy.  Allen  rambles about  going home and practice harder because of the Judges’ point of view and that everything happens for a reason.  The Judges feel that they took an untamed tiger and turned him into a baby.

 Stormi Henley is  19.  She is from Crossville, Tennessee.  She sings Father can you hear me?  She was Miss Teen USA, so Steven and Randy are smiling the moment that she enters.  Steven feels that Stormi has a beautiful little squeaky voice and he would like to see her let go.  Stormi doesn’t think she can.  They vote.  Steven says yes.   JLo says no.  Randy isn’t sure, but he gives in.  A pretty face goes a long way.  All Jennifer can say is ‘Really?  She had the smallest voice that we have heard’.  Video

 Adrienne Bosley is 22 from Wickliffe, KY.   Adrienne is African American and she was adopted by white parents when she was two.  Her parents raised her on a farm.  Adrienne would like to win American Idol to repay her parents for their love and guidance.  I like her, so I am happy that she has got a powerful voice.  Loved it!  Steven says that he hears something so special in her voice.  She nailed it and she almost made him cry (she is crying).  Jennifer loved that she really felt it.  Randy thought it sounded so good.  No surprise here.  She is going to Hollywood.  Afterward,she calls her Dad and after he laughs happily, he asks the number one question:  Who is gonna pay your way to Hollywood?  That is real talk!.        Video 

Kameela Leeks is 28 and she is from Oak Grove, KY. She sang ‘Sweet Thang’ by Chaka Khan.  Kameela has been singing since she was very small and people are surprised when she sings and reveals her big voice.  Oh Kameela…you sing loud, but not so good.  Jennifer says the acoustics work no matter what (that’s not a compliment).  Steven tells her to go back home and practice.  Randy says no, don’t do it (practice)  It was horrible.  (ouch)   It’s a no for Kameela.  She is very pleasant as she leaves.  Steven chastise Randy for being mean.   Video

 Jackie Wilson is 28 from Nashville, Tennessee. He sang  Until You come back to me  by Aretha Franklin.  Jackie has a strong and soulful voice.  Randy thought she had crazy vocals.  Steven feels she blew it out.  Jennifer says yes too!  Outside, Jackie is greeted by her Mother and Father  oh….that’s her boyfriend?  Video

 Latoya ‘Younique’ Moore is 26 from Nashville, Tennessee. She sang ‘When I close my eyes’   She is a recording Artist who is dressed in a prom dress..  Younique feels that People see her glow when she is around them. (really?)   She Thanks God that she is here.  Ryan gives her the sideye.  Younique is something, she brought in her own CD and gives the judges one to share between the three of them.  Oh wow, she is a little delusional.  And of course, she is awful.  I’m embarrassed for her.  She says this is Tamia’s song.  I’ve never heard that rendition, but I have heard the original by  Shanice.  This is wrong in so many ways.  It’s a no, but Younique is determined to show them why she should be there.  She leaves out singing ‘If this world were mine’ and pauses for the Judges to give her a break.  Randy tells her that it is still a no. Video

 Paul McDonald is 25 from Nashville, TN.   He sings ‘Wake up Maggie’   Hmmm… the Judges were feeling him, but I didn’t get it like that.  He is through.     Jimmie Allen is 25 and he is  from Franklin, TN.    I thought that Jimmie kind of jammed.  I really liked this guy’s voice.  Steven was juiced listening to him.  Jennifer thinks he has a really great voice.   Danny Pate is 23 and  from Auburndale, FL.    He sings Papa was a Rolling Stone.  The Judges join in singing the chorus with him.  All of the guys are through Video

 Matt Dillard is 27 from Cheatham, TN.  Matt shares that his family has had 700 foster kids (mostly special needs) that they helped raise during his life.  He would like to help alot of people if he makes it.  I love Matt’s voice.  Beautiful.  Randy likes that he is a Country Boy singing Josh Groban.  Matt says he can ‘pretty up’ if they want him to.  Randy gives him a very small yes.  JLo says no, his audition should have been better.  Steven says yes.  Okay….What is going on with the Judges? This guy had a great voice and they don’t know if he should go through?  WTH?    Video

 Lauren Alaina is 15 from Rossville, GA  She comes from a super supportive family.  Lauren’s biggest fan is her Cousin Holly who was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 years ago.  Holly was the first one to encourage her to sing and Lauren sang a fund raiser for her Cousin.  Lauren looks and sings older than her years.  She has a very strong voice.  Randy says this is the best that they have seen today.  Randy gives props to Holly for encouraging Lauren to sing.   Lauren gets a hearty yes from the Judges.  Her family enters and the Judges ask her to sing in front of her Parents.  Lauren sings her Parent’s favorite song (which just happens to be a Aerosmith classic) I don’t want to Miss a Thing.  Steven joins in.  I’m waiting for when one of Jennifer’s fans come in and try to sing an impromptu duet with her.   Video