The show starts off with Lawrence getting all made up for his first performance of ‘Closet Freak’.  His make- up is off the hook.  Kandi likes that she doesn’t know what to expect tonight, since Lawrence is really in charge of the show and that since she wrote the song, he has been working on making his career happen.

Sheree is really happy for Lawrence.  I hope that they don’t ruin it for him.  I like Lawrence and he is talented.  Sheree knew that he would really do his thing and he did kind of put it down.

Kandi introduces ‘Ms Lawrence’.  Oh wow……  Phaedra is right when she says ‘it is stran-gay’!  Lawrence nails his performance.   Nene is such a hater; she can’t congratulate Lawrence’s performance without putting down Kim.  Ladies!  It’s all about Lawrence tonight.

Sheree and Kandi go back-stage to congratulate Lawrence.  I’m glad that only these two go back, because I know that they are the only two that are genuinely happy for him.  Kandi sees Lawrence as an upcoming Artist that is ready to make a full album and a career.

Cynthia is trying to figure out the last details of the wedding and her sister and Mother come and check on her and give some support.  They try to figure out the rest of the finances and the bar cost. Cynthia can’t believe that she is broke and trying to plan a wedding.  Cynthia is really resentful how bad the finances are, but she knows that she can make more money later.  Mallory feels that Cynthia is taking on the entire burden of the finances.  Cynthia reasons that if things don’t work out they can get a divorce.  Wow…that is pretty sad that she is thinking of how to get out of the marriage before she says ‘I Do’.  Cynthia’s Dad calls and she decides to ask him for the rest of the money to pay for the cost of the bar.  She needs $3,000.  Her Daddy says that this was not a good month for him and he has he’s been spending money left and right.

Phaedra prepares to go back to work, since Aiden is now 8 weeks old.  He is sooo cute!  She feels that she is ready to go back to work, but she breaks down in tears when she has to say good bye to little Aiden.  Phaedra is confident that her son will be in good hands since her friend Melanie will be babysitting Aiden in her home.  

Kim goes to check in with Kandi.    Kandi is feeling good since she will be going on a new tour with Fantasia.  Kandi lets her know that she was irritated that Kim’s people talked to Focus about getting ‘The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing’.  Kandi didn’t feel that it was cool for her to have a conversation with someone else about the song when she hadn’t talked to her first.  It is so difficult to work with friends.  Kim is delusional.  She thinks that the Artist should get paid more than the producer and writer.  Kandi and Kim agree that they should let her manager handle the business part.  Kim doesn’t seem to understand that the song will never be released, if Kandi doesn’t release it. 

Sheree goes for a movie audition for a new film ‘If these hips could talk’.   She is surprised again when she has a panel to judge her performance.   Sheree is overacting and when the panel stops her and redirects her performance, she is offended.  Actress Terri n doesn’t own what she did.  She thought that Terri was a little too over excited with her critique and maybe she wants the role herself.    Sheree doesn’t feel she got the part, but she thinks she auditioned well.

Nene appears to be trying to gives Brice more responsibility and each day he gets a list of what he needs to do for the day.  Brice and Nene both agree that he has good days and bad days.  In all of the areas that I see Nene in, she does best in her Mother role.   She is very clear and when she does yell at her children, it is usually necessary.   Brice is spoiled and he feels that his Mother should fund him, while he is looking for a job.  She is hoping that while she supports him, he will start learning to be more independent.  Does he still have that Escalade? 

Cynthia’s wedding should start in 10 hours and it looks like her Mother has given her the money for the bar.  Everyone keeps asking her if she is going to go through with it.  What is that?    Cynthia’s dress isn’t finished yet and it will not be done until she walks down.  Mallory gives another talk to her sister about making sure that she is sure.  Oh wait… Mallory is crying.  She is really taking this to heart.  This is too much for Cynthia and she has to take a walk to think things through.    Cynthia’s Mother joins her and they walk and talk through the part.  Cynthia is consoled by her Mother or vice versa; since Mother is crying now too.  Her Mother doesn’t have a good feeling about Peter and how he handles his finances.  Mother doesn’t want her daughter to go through what she went through.  Mother encrourages her to be the beautiful black strong woman that she raised her to be.

Greg (haven’t seen him in a while) calls Nene out to speak with him about their marriage.  Greg has been thinking and has reflected on their last brutal conversation (after his radio interview).  He acknowledges that he has not given her the support that he is supposed to and he apologizes to her.  Nene isn’t moved, since he has apologized before.  She doesn’t want to reconcile and she would like to see a change in his behavior.  Greg wants to make sure that they will continue to be good parents to their children.  Nene is in agreement that will be their first prioprity.   She also acknowledges that their marriage is not in a good place and they have a lot of issues that have brought them to this place.  They both would like to be friends no matter what.  Nene is going to take care of herself and she would like to be happy.

Cynthia continues to prepare and Mallory informs her that there is no live band for the wedding.  Peter was supposed to get the band, but it looks like this is one more thing that he didn’t do right.  In the middle of all of the preparation, Cynthia checks in with Noelle to make sure that she is okay with the wedding and not feeling neglected.  Good Mommy!

Cynthia sees her dress for the first time when she gets to the church.   This is such a Gorgeous dress.   It is obvious that she really trust her Stylist, I don’t know if I have ever heard of a Bride not seeing her own wedding dress before the big day.

Kim is really unbelievable at times, she is yelling, ‘Sweetie’ into a microphone.  Oh, she got her boobs done again and she is in pain, so we’ll give her a pass for the high level of obnoxiousness.  She has Sweetie touch them to verify that they feel real.   They both agree that Nene’s boob job looks pretty bad in comparison to Kim’s.  When Kim is ready,  her date Kroy the Football Player.  Kim has been keeping her relationship with Kroy on the down low.  She is so into Kroy that she has stopped wearing Big Poppa’s ring.  That’s good news.  Kroy has a great relationship with Kim’s daughters and he seems to be a really nice guy.  Okay on a side note, I never noticed the naked picture of Kim in the hallway before.

Peter arrives and he says that he is ‘fu**ed up’.   I guess that Peter started celebrating with a little Hennessey before the festivities.   Kithe tells Cynthia that her Man is there and he looks stunning. 

Cynthia is confused if she forgot to bring the wedding license or if someone brought it from her house.  Either way, they need to locate the license, so she can get married.  Okay…..things are getting out of hand.  Cynthia’s sister Mallory has the license and she is hiding it from the bride; she reveals her secret to her Mother.  For a lack of better words, this is stupid.  They have a discussion about if they should give Cynthia the license.  The conversation is really strange, Cynthia’s Mom’s eyes are closed during it.  In the end, Mallory decides to tell Cynthia that she has the license.

The guests arrive for the Cocktail hour and all of the ladies are there. 

Kim arrives with her boyfriend and introduces the ladies to him.  One of them calls him a ‘corn fed white boy’.  Sheree thinks he is a marked improvement from Big Poppa.

The girls discuss the wedding décor.  Phaedra isn’t surprised that Cynthis pulled off this million dollar wedding on 50 cents.  Sheree can see where they cut money although the wedding is nice.   Nene is happy that everything came together for Cynthia after all that she went through.    When Peter enters, Nene is looking very happy and Kandi takes notes that she looks like she wants to join him at the altar.   Phaedra approves of the fashion.  The girls note that Mallory looks nervous when she enters and reason that she isn’t on board with the Wedding.

Cynthia is feeling nervous and everyone wonders if she will run away.    When she emerges at the top of the stairs, she is breathtaking.  Peter says ‘Wow’ and he is moved to tears.  Cynthia is escorted by her Dad and Brother.  Cynthia and Peter share their vows that they prepared for each other.  Thank God!  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thomas are finally joined in Holy Matrimony!    Nene says that she is very supportive of this marriage.  She wishes them the best.

Kim puts money on the fact that they won’t be together in a year.  Why are these Women always saying something negative? 

Cute, at the reception, Noelle shares a dance with her Dad Leon.

Dwight comes over with his Man and Nene tries to ignore him.  He asks Nene to go outside with him and have a talk.  Dwight and Nene Kiss and make up after he tells her that he missed her and gives her flowers.    They take to the dance floor. 

Nene is determined to get her happy back and she may move to LA.  She is still in divorce proceedings with Greg.

Kandi hopes to find her Prince Charming and have another baby.  If not, she will continue to work on her career.  ‘The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing’ financial issue has not been resolved with Kim.

Phaedra feels complete.  She has everything that she always wanted. 

Sheree is also in a good place and she is having the best time of her life.  Sheree got the part and I guess that her movie career is doing pretty well.

Kim and Nene have not spoken since their blow up.  Kim’s baby is due in June.

Cynthia doesn’t know if this is forever, but she is happy.  Peter is opening a small lounge.  Cyntia is not investing in it.