The  show stars off with American Idol doing a little skit where they apologize for  Steven Tyler’s outrageous  Behavior over the last couple of weeks.  Yeah, sure right.  The people I talk to are tuning in to see how he will interact with the contestants.   Cute..Mark Anthony drops by to say hi to his honey.  Video

Alot of Texas talent is in the house hoping t=for their shot at going to Hollywood. 

Corey Levy:  is 20 from Longview, TX.  He sings ‘I can’t Make You Love Me’ by Nancy Wilson.  Corey is here with his sister Brook who he didn’t get to meet until he was 15.  They clicked right away and they are super close….Super close.  She is his best friend.  Interesting.    She has encouraged him to pursue his dreams.  The Judges invite Brooke in to Judge him as well.  His sister thinks he was amazing (duh).  Randy liked him, he was surprised and impressed with his singing voice, since he talks in such a high pitch.    All the Judges give him a ‘heck yeah’.  Hmmm….Corey feels obligated to let America know that he has always been told that he has a ‘JLo’ booty.   Corey, as a Man…you should never ever point out that you have a ‘JLo Booty’.  Ever!     Video  Video  Video

Hollie Cavanagh: is 17 from Mckinney, TX.  She sings “At Last’ by Etta James.  I think that Hollie has a good voice, I don’t know if this song showcases it.  Randy thinks she was all over the place.  Jennifer would like to see her get more comfortable and let it out.  The Judges don’t think she is quite ready yet.    Video  JLo ask her to sing another song ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus.  Hmmm….I think that she sounded the same on both songs, she does get overwhelmed and has to gather herself.  This girl has promise.  The Judges say yes this time though!    Video

There is a long round of ‘Nos’ from the Judges and they are waiting for someone to turn it around.

Rodolfo Ochoa is 17 from Los Fresnos, TX.  He sings ‘The Circle of Life’.  I definitely like Rodolfo’s voice, but not on this song.  Randy doesn’t think it is good. He thinks that it was terrible.  I think that they should have given him a second song.   Video

John Wayne Schultz is 23 from Kansas City, TX.  John Wayne’s Father named his son to ensure that he would be rugged and tough.  Ryan jokes and says that you wouldn’t have wanted a son like me.  The Father doesn’t miss a lick and replies, ‘You wouldn’t be the way you are now, if you were my son’.  Lol.  Take it how you will.  Johne’s Mother is a survivor os Cancer and when she was fighting for her life, John promised that he would audition for  American Idol.  John would like to fulfill his promise to his Mother.  I love John’s voice. He is such a Big Cowboy with some serious pipes.   His dad would be happy, because his Rugged  son gives a fabulous performance.  Steven thought it was beautiful.  Randy feels him and thinks he can do well.  They call the parents in and tell him that he is through to Hollywood.  His Mother is overwhelmed.   As they leave, Ryan tries to prove that he is rugged and he tries to pick John’s  Dad up.  You know that he hurt himself.  Come on Ryan, you are the King of ‘Metro’, you don’t lift heavy things.  Ever!  Video Video

The Judges do an impromptu interview.  They cannot contol STeven.

Courtney Penry is 17 from Missouri, TX.  She Sings   ‘Stay’ by Sugarland’.   Courtney believes that Ryan Seacrest is the Sexiest Man alive.  Seriously….she wants to marry him.  She hopes that she wont make a fool out of herself.  Too late Boo.  Now she comes in and tells Jlo that she is beautiful and Randy (as always, tries to take  props for the comp).  She is just a strange girl, she is on live tv imitating a chicken.  JLo loves her, but she has some weaknesses.  Steven liked her.  Randy did too, but he feels that she has some bad habits.  Randy says no, but the  JLo and Steven put her through.  Video  Video

Shauntel Campos is 24 from Albequerque, NM.  Alex Carr is 26 from Fayetteville, AK.  Caleb Johnson is 19 from Ashville, NC.   Shauntel, Alex and  all have beautiful voices and they are through!  Video

Jacqueline  Dunford 21,  and Nick Fink 19 are from Scotsville, AZ .  Uh oh they are auditioning together, you know what will happen if one of them doesn’t make it, they might break up.  She sings ‘Mercy’ by Duffy.  A personal favorite and she has a great voice with wonderful range.   Nick sings ‘Sunday Morning’.  They are the cutest singing couple.  Jennifer liked their choices of songs.  Steven thinks that they are both beautiful and Randy agrees they are a breath of fresh air.  Cute.  Video  Video

Janelle Arthur is 20 from Oliver Springs, TX.  Janelle wants people to know the truth about Country People.   They aren’t all Hicks and she has her own teeth.   Her family has been encouraging her to do this for a while.  She sings ‘Syrup and Honey’ by Duffy.  Love it.  Stephen ask her to sing something more upbeat.  Steven thinks it is so good and Jlo and Randy concur!   Video 

Casey Abrahms is 19 from Idyllwild, CA.  He sings ‘I don’t need no Doctor’.  He claims that he doesn’t see his resemblance to Actor Seth Rogen.  He is last Performer of the day, so he is a little worried that the Judges will be tired and not take him seriously.  He has a Melodica’.  He opens scatting and he proceeds to break into a seriously soulful rendition of Ray Charles’ Classic.  Nice.  All together the Judges yell out ‘Yes’.    Steven request that he plays his instrument.  Nice.    Video

50 Contestants make it through to Hollywood!  Again, I am enjoying the new Judges chemistry.  Randy can tone it down a little.  We get it, Simon  is gone, but sometimes he is doing way too much!