The show opens with the highlights from last night’s Auditions.  I’m hoping that in the Entertainment Capital there will be some great talent.  For the first time, American Idol teamed up with  My Space and Contestants were allowed to submit Auditions on line.  The one thing that I want to know is why does Randy have on Gold Shoes?  That is crazy. 

Victoria Garrett: is 21 from Long Beach, CA.   She sings ‘Now behold the Lamb’. Victoria is a little special I think.  She thinks that God brought American Idol to Los Angeles for her to Audition and to eventually win.   I think that the Devil actually wanted Victoria to audition, because only someone truly evil would want a girl with this bad of a voice to get on tv and embarrass herself in this mannter.   Steven says she is going to Syberia.  Randy says that she sounds like an animal that has been shot.  It’s a No.    Video

Tim Halperin is 23 from Ft. Worth, TX.  He sings ‘She Wil lbe loved’.     Tim is excited to meet JLo.    He is singing directly to Jlo.  Randy felt that he and Steven weren’t even there, it was all about Jlo.  Tim admits that he had a crush on her growing up.  Tim is fresh, because when Jlo ask him how old he is, he  turns it back on her and ask her how old is she?  Funny.  Steven says yes, Randy says no and of course Jlo says yes.        Video

Justin Carter is 27 from Hollywood, CA.  They just showed a small part of his performance.  Jennifer thinks that it lacked the power that the song needs. Something in her critique had to be bleeped, maybe a curse word?  Video

Daniel Gomez is 18 from Corcoran, CA.  Issac Rodriguez is 18 from Lemoore, CA     They are friends and they  want America to know that they believe in each other.  Issac shares that he dropped out of school to be on American Idol, but he hasn’t told his mother.   Daniel has a ok voice, but he seems incredibly sad.  Steven tells him this (singing) is not for you It seems like he is tone deaf.  Issac sings this song that really seems like he on a cruise ship lounge performing.  I’m shame for him, maybe he can get back into school.  JLo says that he has a nice smile. Randy says he burned the song down.  Issac is going to keep on trying.  Randy tells him that him and his friend seems like nice guys, and they shouldn’t sing anymore.    These two are funny, they are oblivious to the criticism, they will keep singing, because it brings them joy.      Video  Video

Karen Rodriguez is 21 from New York, NY.  She sings ‘You Give Good love’.     Karen is one of the My Space Contestants.  Karen kind of shut it down.  Steven thinks she has the spit, fire and passion.  Jlo thought that she had beautiful control.  Karen says that Jlo inspires her.  Karen says that she sung to Jlo before on TRL.  Jlo says she is pulling for her.  Its a big yes.        Video

Tynesha Roches is 25 from Hoboken, NJ.   Tynesha is the next American Idol according to her.  Wow….she should be auditioning to be on ‘Jersey Shore’, she would fit right in.  Tynesha does a tribute to Frank Sinatra.  Of course, she is horrible and why must she disrespect Frank in this way?  Oh wow… she’s got her own hat and microphone.  She says that she has 3 albums out already.  Randy stops her performance and say no more.    When she continues to sing, Randy tries to walk out on her, but she runs after him singing ‘And I am telling you, I’m not going’.  Randy calls security to escort her out.  Tynesha goes out proclaiming that she is a Star.   Video  Video

Heidi Khazam is 23 from Agoura Hills, CA   Okay, her audition starts off with her belly dancing.  She gets around to singing after she has wowed Randy and Steven with her moves and does a decent rendition of  ‘Superwoman’.  She is through to Hollywood.  Steven says she was incredible while Randy proclaims she is the best we have seen.    Video

Matt Frankel is 27 from West Hollywood, CA .  Okay, who would have thought that LA would have so many strange and unusual people?  I mean we expect some of the crazies, but Jesus, this is getting ridiculous.  Matt says he is a CEO of his own production company and he has a compilation CD that features Chaka Khan.  His alter ego is  ‘Big Stats’.   It should be Delutional Big Stats  I’m really embarrassed for the ‘formal introduction’ that he put together for the Judges.  Oh….he is rapping.  I’m so shame for him.    Before he sings, he says this is for you,’ JLo baby’.  The Judges refuse to vote, it’s a no.      Video  Video

Mark Guiterrez is 28 and his brother Aaron is 27 and they are from Redland, CA.  Cute.  They seem really close.  They sing ‘Lean on Me’ and they have great harmony.  Randy says very nice and they sing well together.  Jlo loved it and she thought it was very beautiful.  Steven thought it was Godlike.  All 3 say Yes!  Video

Cooper Robinson is  and he is from Arkansas.  I don’t know to say about Cooper and his rendition of ‘Ifeel Good’  Video

Who would have thought so little talent would come out of Los Angeles?