‘Black Swan’ star Mila Kunis graces the February 6th weekend edition of The Los Angeles Times.  The 27 yearold Actress looks gorgeous in these pics.  Check out these excerpts from her interview:

On working in comedy: “I love doing comedies. They’re just as hard, if not harder, to make work, compared with a drama. You work 17 hours a day, and you have to try to make things different and funny and relatable onscreen all at the same time.”

Friends with Benefits director Will Gluck on Mila: “She’s very smart about her movies. Her notes were very un-actorlike: Will this emotion work here; will this reaction work there—not typical minuscule notes about a line or something.”

On not having any projects lined up right now: “I know people say this all the time, but it’s true: I don’t ever want to work for the sake of working. I was very lucky to have a show for eight years. Now I can sit back and think about what I want.”

Even if Ms Mila doesn’t have anything lined up right now, I’m pretty sure that she will be busy soon enough!