The show starts off with a hopeful crying her eyes out, because she farted while singing and the Judges didn’t allow her to finish her song.  You know….. what you learned in Kindergarten goes a really long way.  That’s all I am going to say.  Video

San Francisco is the last stop before Hollywood.  2 years ago, American Idol found  Adam Lambert in San Francisco and the Judges hope to find another impressive talent .  This time around, over 9 thousand people made the journey to SF in hopes of being the next Idol.  The Judges seem kind of hyped to be in SF.  Ican’t blame them, my city is the bomb!

Inessa Lee is 22 from Los Angeles.  She is originally from the Ukraine and is hoping to be a Star.  Inessa shows off some of her videos that are on the web….with shower scenes. (really?)    She is somewhat delusional as she compares herself to Madonna for God’s sake.  Inessa is right in her belief that she is ‘unique’.   She tells the Judges that they are glad to see her.  Inessa does a little  belly-dancing and  after she breaks it down to the ground, she starts singing.  Steven thinks she is so cute and precious and he had hoped that she  would have the voice to go with it, but alas….no go.  Inessa is a strange one…. she goes into Betty Boop mode.  Jlo feels that she is ‘cute as a button’, but it is a no.  At this point, Inessa can’t even hear the Judges, she is reenacting a scene from an old Russian Movie.   She exits saying, ‘how could you tell me no?’  She truly seems to believe that she is the most beautiful thing that the Judges have ever seen.  Interesting….  Even more interesting, is her little Husband supporting her and her pink purse as she exits.   Video  Video

Oh no, the birds in the SF Bay are pooping on the Idol Hopefuls as they wait to audition.

Brittany Mazur is 21 from Tucson, AZ.   Lara Johnston is 20 from Novato, CA.  stevie song Matthew Nuss is 25 from Huntington, CA. Good Performances from all three and they are through!  Video

Stefano Langone is 21 from Kent, WA.  She sang ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine’.  Stefano shares that he had an accident in May 2009 and he almost didn’t survive.  The Doctors told him that he would never be the same, but he definitely beat the odds and was walking in 4 months.  After what he has been through, he knows that the wants this chance with all his heart.  I really hope he can sing. Thank Goodness!  He can sing and I like his vibe.  Stefano is feeling it.  Steven says it was very nice.  Jlo thinks he looks like a Star.  A yes from all of the Judges.   Video  Video

Clint Jun Gamboa is 26 from Long Beach, CA.  He sang ‘Billionaire’.   He is a Karaoke Host for four years.  Ha, Clint has been waiting for Simon to leave for a while, so he could addition.  Can you imagine the jokes that Simon would have had.  It’s pretty funny that Clint calls himself ‘Junebug’.   I like Clint and he has a serious ‘down home’ voice .  Randy ask where he learned to sing like that.  Aww… Clint grew up singing in Gospel churches.  That explains it.  The Judges love his tone.  Randy says one of the best that he has seen in SF.  Nice.  Video

A wave of really bad auditions.  One guy is so bad, he apologizes to the Judges.  

Drew Beaumier is 24 from Fountain Valley, CA.  He sings ‘Born To Be Wild’.   Hilarious!  Damn…..this guy is dressed like a Transformer.  Seriously? Jlo is thoroughly entertained and I think that she is going to hire him to be the entertainment at her Twin’s next birthday party.  He is totally not in at American Idol, but he may have a new gig in  Kiddie entertainment.  Video

A group of Girl Contestants who have got some serious pipes.   Video

Julia Zorrilla is 20 from Los Angeles, CA.  She sang ‘Summertime.  Today is Julia’s bday and she has her party dress on with great shoes that even JLo takes note of when she enters the room.   She is from Columbia and  her family fled Brazil to escape the violence of War.  Her parents are her inspiration as they left their home and came to the US for a brand new start.  Julia has a lovely voice and she is quite animated when she sings. Steven says she was fabulous with great range and star quality and he liked her shoes too.  Jlo agrees with him, she liked her presentation and that she seems to know that she is a real performer with star quality.  Jlo is excited about her performance.  Randy loved it and he has not heard this song song so well since Fantasia blew this song  it and he loved the changes that she made.  Julia is through to Hollywood.  This is her  best birthday ever.  Jlo thinks she could be a Winner.  Wow…big predictions being made.  Video  Video

Dave Combs is 25 from San Francisco, CA.  He sang ‘Oh Darling’.  Dave comes across like he is full of confidence and could he have the voice to back it up?  Steven admires his long hair and Dave points out that ‘Real Men have long hair’.  Hmm..real men may have long hair, but they don’t always have the vocals to go with it apparently.  Steven seems really angry that Dave can’t sing and  stops him and tells him that he was so far off the beat and the melody.  Dave pleads for a second chance, but Steven says no.  Video

Interesting, Steven is being Simon tonight.  Was he too nice before and the Producers told him to lose his joy?  Video

Emily Ann Reed is 26 from Arlington, VA.  She came to SF after her Dad have her the advice to spread her wings.  Wow….last week, her house burned down.  She is choosing to rebuild a better life.  She sings, ‘Getting to be a habit with me’.  Hmm….Emily, has got one of those Macy Gray little voices that are completely lost on me most of the time.  Jlo says that she is interesting.  Randy thinks that she is  specific and unique.  Steven loved her old timey voice, but it is a no.  Randy disagrees. He likes her unique voice. It is left to  Jlo and she puts her through.  As she prepares to exit,  Steven ask her to play her guitar.  Interesting….she brought a guitar, but didn’t plan to play it.  She sells Steven with her guitar performance.  Video  Video

James Durbin is 21 from Santa Cruz.   James’ Dad was a Musician and he overdosed when he was 9.  James is traumatized by his Dad’s death.  He also has been diagnosed with Asberger’s and Tourette Syndrome and he had a sleep disorder.  James has had a hard life, but he found a great girl and now he has a son with her.  The little family has alot of love, but very little money.  James is the type of hardluck case that American Idol dreams of promoting.     He has had a very difficult life.  He sings ‘You shook Me all night’.  Luckily, James has got some incredible piples.  He gets such a warm reception from the Judges, He ask for permission from Steven  to sing ‘Dream on’.  You can tell that  Steven is pleased.  Jlo thinks that he goes away when he sings.    Randy likes him and is tripping on how over the top crazy, his voice is.  He is through to Hollywood.  The Judges think that he is pure when he performs.  Video  Video