Lady Gaga graces the March cover of  ‘Vogue’ where they explore the ‘Lady of Pop’.   I love the high fashion looks that they put on Ms Gaga and that you can tell that the Interviewer is a true Fan and the time is taken to give a more complete view of the Pop Star’s life and who she really is. 

How appropriate—how accurate!—her name is. It is more of a title, really, one she bestowed upon herself mere moments before she became so insanely famous. The Gaga half makes immediate, intuitive sense, an utterance that sounds like an infant’s first word but is, in fact, French and means, essentially, to be utterly enthralled by something—excited to the point of being touched by madness. (That it describes both the pop star and her uniquely obsessed fans makes it even more perfect.) But it is the Lady part of her name that has gone underexplored.