I’m almost sorry to see the Auditions end, since all of the outrageous acts occur during the early stages.  But, I am super juiced that the competition has progressed to Hollywood. 

320 Hopefuls arrive in Hollywood to try to make their dreams come true!  Randy gives them some words to make their anxiety grow to the 10th power, but he thought that he was encouraging them to bring it.

The Contestants are separated into rows of 10.  The first line sends home 8 contestants!  Only Brett– 16 and Symphony are through to the next round.  Video.

The next line sings for their chance.   In this row, it will be Rachel Zavita– 23, Thia Megia– 15 and Casey Abrams who advance.  Young Victoria is one of the hopefuls cut and she is and her 11 bags are sent home.   Video

James Durbin-21 is here for his family and Paris Tassen -23 is here for her daughter.  Paris sings ‘My Heart Goes On’.  She does an okay job, but as a rule, no one but Celine should sing this.  James sings ‘Oh Darlin’ and he seems to have pleased the Judges.  I know that he has that Adam Lambert quality with the scream/singing, but he might have to tone it down (just a little).  Stormy Henley-20: the Beauty Queen sings the wrong song for the competition and it doesn’t look good.  Lauren Alaina sings ‘Unchained Melody’.  Nice job Lauren.  James, Paris and Lauren are through.  The journey ends for Stormy Video

Chris Medina-27 is singing for his fiance who has brain trauma.  I think focusing on the competition is crucial, not on their experiences.  Chris is through along with two others.  Video

It is the end of the first day and everyone seems to be incredibly nervous.  Steven decides to give the kids a pep talk to pull it together.  Holly Cavanaugh-17 scores this round.  I’m sure that she is through after that performance .  Jayce  Badee-15 sings ‘Broken Road’.   This boy has such a beautiful clear voice that I am looking forward to hearing him more.     Robbie Rosen sings classic ‘Moody’s mood for love’.  All three are through.  Video

Stevee Beghun says that he is excited to be here, but unfortunately, he sang like the accountant that he is.  This was kind of a boring performance and he is sent home.  Video

Sarah Sellars, Jacqueline Dupree and Heidi Kazam are sent home.  Oh my, some of these kids are so broken down.  One of them, is just sobbing away and says that he has nothing.

167 auditioned on the first day.   163 on the 2nd day.

I can’t even imagine the pressure that these kids are under.  I’m wondering if Steven needs to give  another peptalk.  At this point, forgetting the words is the least of their worries.  Some of them are pitchy as hell!

Rob Bolin-23 and Chelsea Oaks-23 are the ex-couple who are on this journey together (for reasons that are unknown to me).  Always the instigator,  Ryan checks in with Rob and he is clearly not over Chelsea.  Rob and Chelsea are rooming with lovebirds Nick Fink-19  and Jacqueline Dunford– 21.  Don’t you hate being around really happy people when your arent at all happy? Welcome to Rob’s life.  In the Audition, Rob sounds good, but he really sad.  Chelsea also wows the Judges and they are both through.   Video

Nick and Jacqueline’s performances don’t go over as well.  I don’t think Nick will make it, he wasn’t  impressive at all.  Jacqueline is going through with a Sam Cooke classic ‘Bring it on home to me’.  This will be their first big test of their love.  No shocker here, I was right, Nick is going bye bye, but not without a fight, he begs to sing a little bit more.  Oh Nick….it’s a no.  Video  Oh no…..He is singing as he walks out.  Unless you have a Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Dreamgirls’  moment when you are leaving, that never goes over well.  Video

Scotty Mcdreary is 17 and he has that deep voice.  He decides to sing the same song, because it is his best song.  Hmm….The Judges usually want to see something new.  But he did do well with it.  Jackie Wilson also sticks with what works and sings till you come back again.  Jerome Bell sings ‘lets get it own.  if it ain’t broke dont fix it, I guess.  Scotty, Jerome and Jackie are through!   Video

Tiffany Rios-21   you remember her…she  is the girl who auditioned with the huge stars on her breast.  Wow….this girl is incredibly cocky.  She starts her performance off by saying, I’m gonna be honest, I’m tired of seeing people try to do what I know I can’.  Can we say obnoxious?  But she can sing.  Thank goodness.  Jlo says that she likes her, (cause) she’s crazy.  Travis Orlando is the 17 year old male from the Bronx whose family has struggled through some very hard times.  Oh no….he is really off or hoarse.  What happened?  I feel bad for him.  Travis does not make it and it really hurts him.  Tiffany makes it through.  Video

Clint Gamboa and Julie zorrila, Naimah Adedapo, The Gutierrez Brothers, Paul McDonald, Emily Ann Reed, Stefano Langone and Ashley Sullivan are also through.  Video

168 are through to the next round!  Next week is group week!