The ladies join Andy Cohen for the RHOA  Reunion.  As expected, there was some acting up going on!   Alot of eyes rolling and yelling, but overall the ladies kept their composure.   Andy is so messy. I love him.  He asks  the best questions!  His first question is directed towards Sheree and he would like to know if she is any closer to the Oscar that she is looking forward to winning.  Hilarious!

The Ladies Get Physical:  The first scene shows the ladies showing off their assets an what they have done over the season to keep in shape and what they have changed.  It may have been been laser treatments, new hair, working out or surgeries.  But the ladies are happy with how they look.   Andy points out that Nene got some negative feedback on the nose job.  Nene doesn’t care what people think, she is happy with her surgeries and truthfully that is all that matters!  She is the one who has to look in the mirror and be satisfied.  Kim switched out from saline to silicon and moved her nipples up and Kroy is happy with the changes (again, all that matters).  Andy thinks that they have hit the jackpot with the badonk a donk booties among the ladies (particularly Sheree and Phaedra).   This brings up the issue of the catty remarks that the ladies made about Cynthia’s modeling.  I was really proud of Cynthia!  She handled the ladies well and I agree with her, I would love to see these ladies do a Catwalk and look as good as she does.  

Cynthia and Kandi admit to Liposuction.  The ladies continue to struggle with working out to maintain.   Cynthia points out that she was joking when there she made the comment that she would throw up to get ready for a Modeling Shoot.  She does not want to give the wrong message to young girls.

Kim answers the question that everyone wants to know.  She is 32, but everyone thinks that she looks older, particulary when she wears alot of make up.  I think that all of the ladies look better more natural.

Kim’s Pregnancy:  Kim is almost 5 months pregnant and she is still with Kroy.  She went through alot of changes this season with her love life.  Kim is over Big Poppa, the lesbian affair with Tracie and now she is happy with Kroy.  I still want to know how their kid will feel when they find out that the opening line was ‘You have a great ass’.  Anyhoo, her Psychic  predicted at the end of season 2  that Kim would have a new baby.  Andy asks Kim is she has stopped smoking.  Kim says that she has totally stopped, but everyone rolls their eyes indicating that they seem to think otherwise.  I know that I saw pics of her smoking after it was announced that she was a Prego and it was disturbing.  Andy asks Phadra if she would like to ask Kim if when her due date is.  I can’t express how much I love Andy’s Messy behind!

The first flicker of mess happens when Andy ask Nene thinks are the chances of Kim and Kroy making it.  Nene says that she doesn’t care and there is some eye rolling going on from Nene and Kim.

Cynthia’s Wedding:  We take a look at Cynthia’s journey to get married and all of the drama that she went through.  Honestly, I would have been so sick of so many people being negative around my wedding date.  They discuss the issue of  Cynthia’s mother and sister’s conspiring  to withold the license and stop the wedding.  Cynthia says that it was hard to watch that scene and it was hurtful for Peter.   That is translation for ‘My family is crazy, but what can you do?’  Inspite of Cynthia’s love for Peter, but she has a pre-nup.  Phaedra is most vocal in giving her approval to the prenup and states that she has one too (all smart women should).

Nene’s Crush:  Nene squashes all rumors that she had a crush on Peter.  Most important is that Cynthia doesn’t think that there was anything to the rumors that Nene has a crush on Peter, because they don’t get along at all.  Hmm…for a few episodes, Nene was tripping off Peter a little too much for him to be her friend’s man, but I guess that it all over.

Phaedra’s Southern Belle charm is discussed.  I understand taking pride in being a Southern Belle, but she definitely took it to a higher level.    Phaedra is over the top with her SB status and I love it.  They discuss Phaedra’s comment about Apollo growing up in a white household and loving canned foods.  Phaedra defends that comment, because it appears that some people too offense to it and it was viewed as racial.  Phaedra provides some insight into the comment and that Apollo himself often says that he just wants some canned food (because that is what he is used to).  I didn’t think that it was a racially fueled comment, but it just sounded a little silly and ignorant.  But I guess if that is what he says about himself…..   They show pics of Phaedra in her Equestian days and it looks like she has won some competitions.   Alot of questions for her about different things that she has done during the season that may have been ill received..  Phaedra answers the questions and pretty much shuts down further discussion.  She is right, it was her (Boughetto)  Baby Shower or ‘Sip n See’ and she did it how she wanted. 

Phaedra and Nene’s relationship.  There seems to be some descrepency about how well Phaedra and Nene know one another.  Nene wants it to be known that they didn’t know each other in Athens (where they grew up).  It sounds like Phaedra is saying that because they grew up in a small town that they were always aware of each other and that Nene went to High School with her Brother.   Phaedra points out that they didn’t go to school together, but she is younger than Nene.  Hmmm…this doesn’t sound like a difficult concept.  In small towns, you know who other people are in your neighborhood, even if you didn’t hang out.    Phaedra tells her that she had a life before Housewife and that Nene should google her (lol).   This bit is funny, because Nene is adamant that she didn’t Phaedra, but when the Southern Belle represented Bobby Brown, Nene called a perfect stranger to try to meet Mr. Brown.  Something sounds fishy.

We see clips of all of the ladies making unflattering comments about Phaedra’s behavior this season.  Inspite of this, Phaedra doesn’t have a problem with anyone else on the show, but she isn’t feeling Nene at all.  She thinks that Nene is not ladylike and I also get the feeling that she kind of looks down on Nene.  I think that Nene gets that vibe too.

Nene’s Drama:  It appears that Nene was tweeting recently that one of her Housewives was a transvestite.  The other ladies feel that they are all Woman, so they are not threatened by Nene’s tweets.  Andy tries to get Kim to reveal who the Tranny is, but she won’t.   I can’t stand that kind of Catty stuff.  If you said it or wrote it, then woman up!  Take ownership.  We grown right?  Don’t hide behind Twitter.  Nene leaves it at, if the tweet applies to you, then you know it.

Nene had an emotional season with her Gay Husband Dwight, real husband Greg and her son Brice.    Again, I agree that Greg was so out of line for going on the radio and discussing their relationship.  Nene says that Greg is moving out and that she has forgiven him (I doubt that) for the radio interview.   Nene says that it was no one thing that led to the break up.  Nene won’t tell if Greg cheated, she just says that he has not been an angel.  Nene still hasn’t spoken with Dwight since the last show.  She thinks that he was being a Social Climber (she is right).  Phaedra has never had an issue with Dwight (because he is social climbing off her right now).

The Sweetie issue.  I can’t lie, Kim worked my nerves yelling Sweetie’s name over and over, but as discussed,  Sweetie has worked for Kim for 11 years and this is their relationship.   One reader wants to know what everyone else wants to know- Why does Kim have an assistant anyway?   Kim reveals that she is increasingly busy and now that she has a book coming out aobut her relationship with Big Poppa, she really needs support. 

Kim feels that things work between her and Sweetie.   Kim doesn’t see color and she wants us to know that Sweetie is bigger than what we see on the screen for 20 minutes.  Phaedra sums it up well about the tension in America regarding race and that we have to be conscious of it.  Nene says that she doesn’t think it is a black/white issue, it’s about respecting people.  Really?  She can’t be serious, when she yells and screams at everyone whenever she wants to.   I don’t think that Nene and everyone else has to understand that the bottom line is that Sweetie is willing to accept Kim’s treatment, so Let it go. 

Nene played the victim and she really seems to believe that Kim started the fight with her and that she repeatedly yelled and screamed with her and she refused to be treated that way.  I think that they both acted up, but I remember the argument starting with Nene ridiculing Kim’s performance.  It seems that Nene yells and screams at everyone and when they respond, she seems to feel that they attacked her.  I don’t get it.

This is only Part One of the Reunion.  Look for some serious drama next week with plenty of tears and yelling.