Group Round is always the most challenging on American Idol, because most of these contestants have never sang with a group of people and if they have, they have never sung with a perfect stranger.  The contestants are going to be tested to prove how resilient they are. 

American Idol always has a trick up their sleeve.  The contestants  who won on Day one decided to get a jump on the group round and they started forming groups and practicing right away.  The got a shock when they learned that their groups had to be a mixture of day one and day two people, so they had to regroup.  This development was probably Ryan’s idea.  This is when things get  cutthroat.  

Various contestants are trying to get accepted into any group, but it is pretty difficult to get in.  They actually have to audition their way in and there is no mercy from the group members.  Tiffany Rios (who is the obnoxious girl from last week) cannot buy her way into a group.  She is finally able to find a nice girl named Jessica to have mercy on her and form a duo.  Duh!  You don’t insult everyone in the competition and then think that someone will want to have you in their group!  She says that she is a choreographer and she is amazed that no one wants her.  16 year old Scotty McCreery and 15 year old Jaycee also cannot find  groups .  Finally, everyone finds a group and now they can concentrate on trying to blend their styles in. 

One thing that is different this year is that we have alot of Stage Moms on the scene, since there are so many 15 year olds needing to be monitored.

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There are 39 groups fighting to stay in the competition!  With the amount of drama that they go through to get ready to see the Judges, I wish that they all could make it.

The Judges give the Idol Hopefuls some words of encouragement and amazingly, they actually don’t terrify the Kiddies.

Pia Toscano, Alessandro Guercio and Brielle Von Hugel perform ‘Grenade’.  They sound pretty good and look  comfortable.  The Judges like them and they are through.  They even said that they were amazing.   Video

4+1 includes Jordan Dorsey and Robbie Rosen.  They perform ‘I Want You back’.  Jordan abadoned his original group and left them hanging.  This group  accepted him, I guess that he is pretty popular in the competition, because he just got in with no problem.    There is a part of me that wishes they wouldn’t have accepted his fickle behind.  In spite of my mean thoughts, they sounded good.  Jlo thought that everyone came up!  She liked the choreography and harmony.  Everyone is through.  Video

440 includes Adrian Michael and Lauren Turner, Erica and Shane.  They perform ‘Forget you’.  This is the group that Jordan abandoned.  They sound just as good and I am really happy for them.  Yay!  They are all through.   Video

‘Rebel Star’ is Tiffany Rios and Jessica Yantz perform ‘Irreplaceable‘.  I still don’t know what possessed Jessica  to join forces with Tiffany.  No one obnoxious ever wins Idol, so why lower your chances?  Damn….Randy is laughing….and he should be.  Their harmony is horrible.  Thank God, Randy stopped it early.  He says that ‘it was really bad and it is the end of the line’.  Tiffany starts begging for another shot.  Jessica is very gracious and accepts it for what it is.  I think that Jessica wanted to go home, because why would she pick Tiffany?  Video

Spanglish includes Johnny Barreto, Kevin Campos, Jorge Gabriele and Karen Rodriguez. Kevin was late showing up for the audition, because he overslept.  Really?  I guess because he didnt have anything important going on.  Steven gets on the drums and starts jamming to passs the time.   When they finally take the stage, the group perform ‘Just the way you are’.  I think that Kevin should go home, just for being late.   Jorge’s performance was the weakest link of the group.  Karen sounded really good.  Steven delivers the decision.  Jorge is going home.  Karen was good.  Johnny did okay.  Steven keeps them waiting with his decision, but it is  Jovany and Karen going through.  Video

Centerstage includes  Lauren Alaina. They perform ‘Some kind of wonderful’.   During rehearsal, one of the girls Angela put a noodle up her nose hence her nickname ‘Noodle nose’.  How do you find out you can do that?  For their performance, they have Steven sit on the stage and they sing to him and of course he joins in.  Lauren Alaina is the only one who goes through, but all of the girls were really good to me.  I don’t agree with this decision at all.  All of the girls, even Noodle nose should have got the ok.   Video

Nashville Stars includes Colton Dixon and Matt Dillard.  They perform ‘Just the way you are’.  Sadly, Matt’s group could not pull it together.  They really long and hard, but it never worked.  Colton was the only one that did well and he is the only one  through.  I don’t think they could be too surprised with this decision.  Pity, I liked Colton.  Video

A series of favorites  including  Emily Ann Reed, Adrienne Beasley, Courtney, Aaron Gutierrez, Janelle Arthur, Alyson Jados and Caitlin Koch, Paris Tassan bomb in a major way.  Jennifer really wanted Paris to do well, because she felt a connection to her in her first audition.  Alot of tears as they make their exits.

The Hits includes Keeira Lyn Ford, Ashley Sullivan, Ashton Jones perform ‘Hit em up style’.  Ashley had alot of drama and last night she quit the group, but she made her way back to the group and was able to perform.  Out of all of these girls, Keeira and Ashton really put it down.  Ashley had good showmanship, but she was pitchy.  Randy thought they had the best harmony group that they have seen and they are through.  Video

Deep V’s includes  James Durbin, Emma Henry, Danny Pate, Caleb Johnson and John Jordan.  They perform ‘Somebody to love’.  Hmmm…..there were alot of missed moments there in the harmony.  James will probably make it through, but I don’t know about the others.  Jlo says the harmony was ‘almost painfu’l and she thought that  ‘it was like a bad ‘Glee’ Audition’. (ouch)  Caleb and James are going through.  This group was interesting, they were worried about the stage Mothers giving guidance to their 15 year olds and giving them an edge.  Really?  That sounds kind of pitiful, if you are worried about some 15 year old kids and their Moms that much.  Video

The Kiddies includes Keona Evans, Jalen Harris, Sarni-Joi Crowe, DeAndre Brackenstick and Felix Ramsey   The Stage Moms have their moment on the camera where they criticize the Deep V’s for their poor harmony.  This is obviously payback for the group’s irritation that the Mom’s were helping their kids.  Hilarious!   As for their performance, I have a better understanding why the Deep V’s were sweating.  These kids rocked the house!  The Judges give them a Standing O while We are the Champions plays in the background.  Steven thought it was as good as it gets and It was delicious’.    Video

The next group includes Steve Clawson, Hollie Cavanaugh and Corey Levoy.  They perform ‘Grenade’.    Holly and Corey are through.  The other 3 are sent home.  One of the members are cheating?  They have the words written on their arm?  Shameful!  Video

Night Owls includes Dan Noguchi, Lara Johnston, Julie Zorrilla, Melissa Lucas and Casey Abrams.  They sing ‘Get Ready’.  The Judges really like Julie’s sense of style and they comment on her pretty performance dress.  Julie and Casey make it through, rightfully so.  It’s bye bye for the others.  Video

Ebony Ivory and Ebony: Naima Adedapo, Deqela payne, matthew nuss,  and Jacob Lusk.  Steven thought ‘that every bit of it was beautiful’.  The whole group is through.  They were excellent!  Video

4 non blondes and that guyCaleb Hawley, Devyn Rush, Chris Medina, Carson Higgins and Erin perform ‘Forget You’.  I loved the vocals and their personality really showed through. The Judges thought that  Devyn ‘was wild and screaming’ while  Carson was ‘wild and entertaining’.  Devyn is the only one who didn’t make it and she had a really hard time accepting it.  She doesn’t feel that she deserves to go.  No one feels that they should go Boo.  Video

A series of bad performances that Steve has  some fun with.  Video

Suga Mama and the Babies includes Denise Jackson, Steve Cain, Natalie Hanson, Brett Lowenstein and Jaycee Badeaux and they perform ‘Mercy’.  Jaycee didn’t have alot of time to prepare, because he got kicked out of his original group (Clint was the aggressor in putting him out) and he had to regroup.  He didn’t have time to learn all of the words to this song and he fumbles during the audition.   Everyone is through!  Jayce is crying.  This is emotional, I feel bad when they are so young and they start crying.  Jeez!  Am I ready for the 15 year olds?  Video

Clint Jun Gamboa, Scott McCreery, Monique de la Santos, Frances Coonz.  Randy puts them on the spot for kicking out Jaycee.  Scott apologizes for not sticking up for Jaycee .  They perform ‘Get Ready’.  I wanted to hate on Clint for being mean to Jaycee, but this Karoake singer can really sing.  Everyone did well.  Steven acts like he isn’t putting Clint throught, but in the end, everyone is through  Scotty is crying, because he didn’t stick up for Jaycee.  Jeez…..more tears.   Video

Three’s Company includes Chelsea Oaks, Jacqueline Dunford and Rob Bolin.  Cute name, but Rob is no ‘Jack Tripper’.   They perform ‘Forget You’.  Oopsy!  Rob slips up and he really doesn’t know the words.  There is no way that he is through.   Chelsea and Jacqueline are through, but I wasn’t in love with Jacqueline’s vocals either.   It maybe good that Rob is going home.  The way that Jacqueline and Chelsea had bonded and making fun of him, it was just going to get uglier.   Chelsea makes an Academy Award speech that includes statements like, ‘He will always be a part of my life’.  I’m rolling my eyes with Rob.  Actually, Rob might have gotten sent home on purpose….  Video

Tomorrow, 100 Contestants will sing their solos for the chance to remain in the competition.  Get ready for a gang of tears, since only 60 will advance