The Top 100 are going to bring their solos tonight with hopes of  progressing on to the next round.  Today the contestants will sing their solos with the American Idol  band, play an  instrument or sing Acapella.

Haley Reinhart:  She sang ‘God Bless the Child’.   Haley barely made it through yesterday, so she definitely has to bring her ‘A’ game.  Haley gives a soulful and bluesy feeling.  The Judges are pleased. Jennifer Lopez says this is redemption.       Video

Ashton Jones:  She sang ‘And I’m Not Telling you, I’m not going’.  Ashton did her thing with this performance.  This is a very big song, but I liked her spin on it.  She did really well.    Video

Thia Megia:  She sang ‘Wonderful World’  This girl is only 15, but her talent is ridiculous and beyond her years.       Video

Adrian Michael:  He sang ‘Wonderful World’, but he had to start over and blamed the band.  Video

Caleb Johnson: She sang ‘Living for the City’  Video  He also stopped during his performance  and had to start over.  Video

Frances Coontz:  She sang ‘Hey Soul Sister’.  Ouch.  Frances didn’t have a good day.  Steven stopped her and let  her start over.

Clint Jun Gamboa:  He sang ‘Georgia on my Mind’.  It was obvious that Clint was feeling performing with  the band.  I admit that he is a little over the top, but this boy can sing.  Karoake experts are in awe of him and they should be.  The Judges thought it was very nice.    Video 

Kendra Chantelle:  She sang  ‘Georgia on my Mind’  A soft and subdued performance in comparison to Clint’s, but oh so classy and beautiful!   Video

Sophia Shorai:  She sang ‘Georgia on my Mind’.  Very nice!  The Judges seemed to appreciate her and (I think that she has a little Fantasia in her, because  she has her shoes off).   Video

Chris Media: He sang ‘My Perogative’.  Chris switched up the beat and played his guitar.   Chris didn’t think it went as well as he wanted it to go.    Video

Carlson Higgins:  He sang ‘My Perogative’,  This guys has so much personality, you can’t help but like him.   Carlson says if this it, he is going out with a bang.  The vocals were just okay.  Video

Julie Zorrilla:  She sang ‘Love Song’  Excellent vocals and I loved her on the Keyboard.  This girl has some serious potential.    Video

Caleb Hawley:  Played the guitar and sang ‘Feel it all Over’.  The Judges liked him and so did I.  Video

Colton Dixon:  Played the piano and sang ‘What About Today’.  Great performance.  He’s pretty intense  Video

Brett Lowenstern:   He sang, played the guitar and he was good. Video

Robbie Rosen:  He sang Gravity and played  the keyboard.  Great performance.  Jlo really likes him.  Steven says nice jobVideo

Casey Abrams:  He is the first contestant to ever  play the Stand up  Bass on American Idol and he did a stand up job  singing ‘Georgia’.  I have to say that I really liked his take on this classic.  Very nice!  The Judges are delighted with him as well.  I predict that next season there will be several stand up basses on AI.  Randy thought it was great.  Video

Jacqueline Dunford: She quits because she is ill. 

Chelsea Oaks:  She feels alone, because her best friend (Jacqueline) in the whole world just left.  Really? You just met her.   Chelsea sings ‘Because of you’.  The Judges look like they really enjoyed her, but it was pitchy to me.  Video

Lauren Alaina:  She sings ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’.   She sang this in Nashville with Steven, so I guess she feels it is time for a follow upwith Steven.  Another good performance, but she is awful flirty to be 15.  Randy feels the performance was well done.  Jlo cannot believe that she is only 15 years old.   Video

Jacob Lusk:  He sang ‘God Bless the Child’.  This guy has incredible range and  lots of showmanship.  He is ridiculously talented.  The Judges are hooping with delight.  Whatever room he is in tonight  is advancing to the next round.  Jacob gets a standing O.  I agree with the Judges, he is a hard act to follow.  After his performance, Jacob runs out and collapses into tears.  Hmm… He says he isn’t a crier…..really?  I’m with Ryan…he could have fooled me.  Video

John Wayne Schultz:  He sang ‘Landslide’.  John is pretty likeable and he has a comforting voice.  Jlo is into him  and she  starts singing with him.    Video

Ashley Sullivan:  She sings ‘Everything’.  Ashley requires too much and she is an emotional wreck.  I think that this competition could push her over the edge.  She dedicates  her performance  to her boyfriend who is there cheering her on.  She freaks out and all but collapses when she leaves the stage.  Too intense and way to much drama.   Video

Stefano Langone:  He sings ‘Sir Duke’  Decent performance, but kind of light on the vocals.  Video

Jovanny Barreto:  He sings  and the Judges are feeling him.  Video

Jacee Badeaux:  He sings ‘The time of my life’  Such a pure and clear little voice this boy has.  Jlo says it is her pleasure to listen to him.  Video

Scott McCreery:  He is forced to finally sing another instead of his signature song and he forgets the words of his new song   Video

Tatynisa Wilson sings ‘Hope You Dance’.  She fumbled through the words, but she does have a good voice and her nerves got the best of her.  Rough one!  Video

Finally, it is time for the Judges to deliberate.  The contestants are separated into 4 rooms.

Room 1 includes Ashley Sullivan, Brett Lowenstein, Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, Jacee Badeaux, Jacob Lusk, Caleb Hawley, Clint Gamboa, Robbie Rosen, Lauren Alaina, James Durham, Casey Abrams.  This is a no brainer, Everyone is through!  Video

Room 2 includes Chris Lavoy and  Brielle Von Hugel.  Steven delivers the bad news and Jlo provides some support.  They are eliminated.  Video

Room 3 includes Mark Gutierrez and Chelsea Oaks.  The are eliminated  Video

Room 4 includes Scott McCreery, Jovanny Baretto, Naimia Adedapo, Carson Higgins, Julie Zorilla, Tatynisa Wilson, Rachel Zevita.   They are all through.  Video

The remaining contestants will take on the Beatles next week in Vegas.  Next week they will get down to the top 24!