The RHOA Part 2 Reunion picks up where last week left off.  Alot of drama and eye rolling.

Sex Talk:  Out of all of the ladies, I agree with Andy that Kandi is definitely the most freakiest of all of the ladies.  The sugar thing in the va jay jay sounds messy, although Phaedra says it is delicious.  And although, I am all for a Woman having a close relationship with her Mother;  I’m with Nene, I don’t want to think about my Mother with a Dildo.   Phaedra, Kandi and Sheree admit that their freak number is around a 8 or 9.  I am also surprised that Nene is more reserved than most of the ladies in the sex department.  Kandi revealed that she is not celibate anymore, but she will not give up the info on who she gave her goodies to. 

Sheree’s Drama:  Sheree was  really into trying to get her acting career started.  Whatever happened to ‘She by Sheree’ anyway?  Sheree still hasn’t shot the movie that she got the part for. 

We got to see a different side of Sheree this season and how she  interacts with the opposite sex.  First, Lawrence is her only true ‘girlfriend’ on the show!  She genuinely cares for him and they are super close.  Sheree’s love interest Dr. Tiye was a hot mess.  He was so  full of it!  This man brought new meaning to the  talk about a ‘Smooth Operator’.  Dr. Tiye definitely wasn’t a ‘love Doctor’.  Sheree is still trying to find someone to clean her pipes.  Kim is open to introducing her to one of Kroy’s football buddies, since they love them some Sheree.  Who knows maybe they can help Sheree with getting her pipes cleaned.

A caller ask about Sheree’s finances.  Good question!  I’m sure that everyone has heard that most of the ladies of RHOA have had financial difficulties.  Sheree lost possession of her Ascot after showing it off on this season.  She claims that her car was taken as part of a judgment for money that she owed in a legal issue….. Okay…  The bottom line is that as long as financial institutions continue to issue Sheree credit, she will continue to make big purchases.

Charity event:  Why did Nene stop the other ladies from donating more at the Dancing Charity event that Sheree participated in?  Nene reports that she wasn’t clear that they were at a Charity event and that Sheree had to pay for their table, since her ‘friends’ didn’t make large donations.  Sheree should have been clear with her friends about her expectations of them at this event.  However, once the ladies learned it was a charity event, they could have made a proper donation (since their pockets are so fat).  No matter what Nene said, the ladies were free to donate what they wanted and  they agreed to go the cheaper route.

RHOA Motherhood:  We got a look at The ladies style of parenting over the last season and how they interact with their kids.  Nene believes that she puts down the ‘Black Parenting’ and she she is doing a good job, because she is clear on her role as a parent and she doesn’t want to be friends with her kids (dig at Kim).  Inspite of that, Nene’s oldest son has let her down  this season and it looks like  Bryce is going to be a father?  Nene refuses to verify this information when pressed on the issue.  Oh wow, I hope that he has a job now, because Bryce is going to have to grow up quickly in the next few months.  I’m sure that Nene was not expecting to be a Grandmother this year.   

Kandi is still struggling with Riley developing a relationship with her Father.  She gets teary eyed when discussing Riley’s absent father.  Kim and Kandi have bonded over being parents of kids whose Fathers are not present.   Cynthia’s daughter Noelle  has a great relationship with her Father Leon and it was difficult for her to move to Atlanta and limit his time with his daughter.   Sheree enjoyed watching how close Leon was with Noelle  at the wedding.   Sheree’s kids do have a relationship with their father, but it is strained.    Sheree’s ex must be something else.  He didn’t even tell his kids that he moved from Atlanta in person?  He sent a text with the news?  Fatherhood really doesn’t come naturally to some men.

Phaedra’s drama:  I agree, Phaedra’s due date was a strange topic on the show.  We will never truly know why Phaedra looked everyone in the eye and told that bold faced lie to everyone.  I understand that she felt it necessary to keep up that lie with her Mom, but why extend it to these women.  Oh wait, now  Phaedra is  reporting  tonight that she had some medical issues and she didn’t feel comfortable  telling the ladies because she knew that they were gossiping behind her back.  She must be a great Lawyer, it is now the other ladies’ fault that she lied about her due date.  Phaedra admits that she was about a month pregnant when she got married, since he got out of jail in May 09, she was engaged in July and married on November 1st 2009.  They were definitely on the fast track for a relationship.

Apollo was a hot issue on the show this season.  All of the ladies were talking about his being in jail.  No one is clear as to why Apollo was arrested.    Phaedra still thinks that everyone is jealous of her and Apollo.  After we watch clips of all of the ladies voicing their concern about Apollo’s jail time,  Phaedra singles Nene out for what she says, because she believes that she kept it going.  Hmm….I don’t know about that.  Nene definitely put her 2 cents in (well 25 cents), but so did the other ladies.  Nene is confused about this confrontation, because she actually likes Apollo (it’s Phaedra that she doesn’t like).  Phaedra gives the lawyer’s explanation of why he was arrested.   Let’s see…Apollo was arrested for racqueteering/ Organized crime and since that is a white-collar crime, Phaedra doesn’t understand why everyone is trippping.  Hmm…..when I hear the words ‘organized crime’, I think of ‘The Godfather’.    Phaedra addresses the down low rumors about Apollo.  For the last time,  Lawrence met Apollo through their mutual  friend who is a woman.  He’s not gay or on the down low. 

Phaedra’s pregnancy photos.  The pictures were not sexual, they were done in fun.

Kim and Kandi:  Kim kind of lost her mind with the success of ‘Tardy for the Party’.  I can understand why.  If you can’t sing and you get a hit, you might lose your mind.  Phaedra admits that Kim is not a vocalist, but she does have Curve appeal.  The song did well, but she doesn’t have talent. 

Kim and Kandi’s issues over the royalties over the song ‘The ring didn’t mean a thing’ continues.  Kandi is being a business woman and hasn’t released the song to Kim until a price is agreed on.   For ‘Tardy for the Party’, Kandi received 3 or 4 thousand dollars out of $80,000-100,000?  Long story short, Kim got over in a very big way.  I like Kandi alot, but she handled Kim all wrong.   Kandi can cry and be hurt, but business is business.  She should have set the terms with Kim, before any studio work was done.  Kim did nothing and she reeaped all of the rewards.  She also didn’t take any responsiblity for ripping her friend off over of the season.  Andy wants to know how Kim will make it right.  Kim says that Kandi can have the money in the account for the song.  Kim seems to think that she was more important than Kandi for the success of the song.  Kim’s avoidance of the question says that she thinks  she is more important.  Cynthia offers the suggestion that they do a friend contract.  Andy suggest phaedra do the contract.  Ha!

Kim and Nene:  These two have had a horrible love- hate relationship this season.  The main reason being that both of them are delusional.  They don’t seem to take responsibliity for anything that they do and they both play the victim.  Kim feels that Nene is jealous of her success and I agree that it is affecting the way that they interact.  They have sworn off being friends ( I really hope that they keep this promise).    Both of them are confused as to why they don’t get along.  Nene hates that she had to stoop to a trash level during the season (in relation to Kim) and apologizes to her friends and family for her behavior.  Kim wishes Nene well, but the friend ship is over. 

I predict that If they both come back next season, Nene will be the Godmother for the baby.

What the ladies are doing now:

Sheree says that ‘She by Sheree’  is making a comeback!

Phaedra is purchasing a funeral home?  Because those clients don’t complain.

Kandi’s CD got rave reviews.  She might get her own line of sex toys.

Cynthia is thinking of opening a modeling school.

Kim is due in 4 months and her wig line is finally here!

Nene is on the next season of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’.  (I will be doing a recap on this one, because it is sure to be a hot mess when Nene meets Star Jones)