61 hopefuls are still in the competition hoping that they will make it to the top 24 tonight!

The Idols will perform a Beatles song tonight and they need to nail it to advance.  Can we say ‘pressure’?

The show starts with the Contestants on buses on their way to Vegas.  1/3 of the contestants will be cut tonight.  Last night, they formed into duos or trios.

A lot of stress and tears as they prepare for their performance!  Lauren Alaina is really tearful and worried about going home.  yeah right, Alaina would have to forget all of the words and tell Jlo that she can outsing her for her to get sent home tonight.  That’s just my thoughts.

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The vocal Coach Peggy Blu could be the Poster Child for the ‘Do you take your job too seriously campaign’.  I guess she is reaching for no-nonsense, but she is scaring the contestants (and me) and telling them that they are going to bomb when they perform.  Wow…..this is some scary tough love that would make me wonder exactly what kind of bonus Peggy gets if the Contestants nail the song.

Interscope’s Jimmy Lovine really overwhelms the Contestants; he worked with John Lennon before, so they kinow that he is the one to impress.  Jimmy listends to Lauren, Scotty and Denise and encourages them to get a new song (since the one they are performing is all wrong).

They went to see the Beatles’ Circus du Soleil  performance to inspire them.  I hope that it works.

 Steven is freaking out because Beatle Land is where he lives.

Stefano Langone and James Durham perform ‘Get Back’.  They were pretty good and  this is a great way to start the show.  Steven loved the blend of their two high voices.  Randy thought it started out a little timid and then they got it together.  Video

Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez performed (they went to high school together and they are used to singing together)  ‘Can’t buy me love’.  Now, they sound really good!  You can tell that they are used to singing together and their voices are truly kindred spirits.   Jlo feels that they get it and they know how to be professional and give a show.  Steven thought they started off wrong, but they took off and it was perfect. Video

Jacob Lusk, Naima Adedapo  and Haley Reinhart sing a Beatles classic The Long and Winding Road.  I love all of their voices.  Period!  3 for 3!  Jennifer says it was very nice!  She thought that they made it their own and it was really good.  Steven thought it was stupendous and he tells Jacob that is was beautiful and so well done.  Randy encourages Jacob to not hold back and to go for it and when in doubt do youVideo

Rachel Zevita’s group,  did okay on ‘Eleanor Rigby’  Video

Lauren turner ‘s  group did ‘Let it be’  Beautiful!  Video

Tim Halperin and Julie Zorilla sang ‘Something’ while playing the keyboards.  This was something beautiful.  They really worked well together!  Video

Tatynisa Lewis, Jerome bell, Lakeisha lewis perform “I Saw her Standing there’. Great performance, although the harmony got pitchy at times.  Lakeisha is the standout voice of the 3.  Randy thought it was crazy and all three can sing.  Jerome was ok.  Lakeish was  great.  Tatynesa got better at the end of her performance.  Jlo feels that lakeshia is holding back.  Tatynisa didn’t bring it.  Steven disagreed and he thought that she nailed it.  Video

Kendra  Chantelle and Paul MacdonaldBlackbirds.  Steven loves Paul’s voice.  I like both of their vocals and their style.  Nice.  Jlo thought it was beautiful and she loves Paul’s soft tone.  Steven feels that  his voice is so different and good.  Randy loved the choices of the tones and they showed the uniqueness  of voices.  Voices

Clint gamboa’s group performs  Help Me, Another group performs  He’s got a ticket to ride and John Wayne’s group performs  A little help from my friends.  Video

Ashley has decided to marry her boyfriend during the competition.  Wow…..talk about Multi tasking…..  Ashley Sullivan is now Mrs Cabrera.  Idk, if Idol doesn’t work out for her, she might get hew own Reality show.

Melinda Ademi and Thia Megia perform Here Comes the Sun.  I guess the vocal coach from hell worked her magic, because these ladies sounded good.  Randy thought it was interesting.  Thia was consistent, but Melinda struggled.  Jlo thought their performance would be stronger.  Steven thought it was just alright for themVideo

Ryan chats with Ashley and Sofia Shorai before their performance.  She got married where Britney Spears got married, so she is happy.  They performed We can work it out.  I think that Sofia definitely outsang Ashley, but this performance wasn’t exciting.  Steven thought it wasn’t the strongest performance from either.  Randy didn’t think it was hot.  Jlo felt sorry for them.  Ouch.  Video

Lauren Alaina,  Scott McCreery and Denise Jackson are worried after their disastrous rehearsal, so they are hoping the best.  They perform  Hello Goodbye.  I really liked the arrangement, but they were maybe a little too animated.  Cute idea for the skit.   They have redeemed themselves.  Jlo thought they sounded good, but Denise wasn’t strong as usual.    Steven didn’t think it fit their voices and compared it to a Marx Brothers’ routine (ouch).  Randy thought it was funny.  Video

Carson Higgins’ duo ‘Please Help Me’  Randy wondered who came up with the arrangement.  (Me too)  Video

Chris Medina and  Casey Abrams performs ‘Hard Days Night’.  Hmmm…… they put a lot of antics into their performance.  I like that they had fun with it, but I’m not sure if it showed off their strengths.  Steven called them freaks (is that a good thing), although he clapped for them.  Video

Robbie Rosen, Aaron Sanders and Jordan Dorsey performed  Got to get you into my life’.  I enjoyed this trio.  All decent performances, but I would definitely say that Robbie was my favorite.  Nice.  Randy was impressed that they were so good, but  Jordan has been better.  Jlo forgets how good Aaron is at times and she has high expectations for Jordan.  Steven thought that Robbie nailed it.  Good jobVideo

The Judges encourage them to be proud of themselves and prepare to deliver the news.

Thia, Scotty, Jordan Dorsey, Denise Ashton, Robbie and Lauren are among those who make it through!

Aww…. Molly Dewain (White House Intern), Carson Higgins and Caleb Hawley, Denise Jackson, Ashley Sullivan (she is just happy that she got married in Vegas) are among those who say goodbye.

The top 40 travel to Los Angeles to sing for their life and become a top 24 contestant.

Final Round

Naima Adedapo:  Performs ‘Put your Records On’.  Naima is very emotional and she truly jammed on Corrine Bailey Rae’s anthem.  She is really scared about going home.  Girl, stop second guessing yourself!  She is through!  Yes!  Lol, she wanted to be a fly girl when she was little!  Naima is rocking a beautiful African gown.   The Judges agree that she deserves a shot.  Video

Holly Cavanaugh:  Performs Alicia Keys’ ‘No One’.  She is really hoping to progress in the competition and she is glad to be this far.  She is thankful for this opportunity and she has grown.  She is not going on though.  This is the end of the line for her.  Jlo tells her that she was outvoted and that she belongs in the top 24.  She encourages her to grown and comeback.  She can see her winning.  Nice words to encourage her.  It’s a No!  Video

Lakeisha Lewis:  is not going on.  She plans on continuing her dream.   It’s a No!

Alex Ryan:  No!

Clint Jun Gamboa:  The Karaoke Artist will go through.   He sings Lionel Ritchie’s Hello’.  He got emotional and cried when he saw Lakeisha go home and now he is feeling vulnerable.  Clint regrets his decision to kick Jacee out (more so now, because the Judges keep bringing it up)   It’s a Yes! Randy fakes him out (more payback for the Jaycee fallout) and acts like it is a not, but it is a Yes!  Video

Haley Reinhart:  She is hoping for the best.  This is her second time trying out.  She performed ‘I know I need your loving’.  Awesome performance.  I love this girl’s voice.  She is through!  Yes!  Video

DeAndre Brackensick:  One of the 16 year olds who rocked the house with the Kiddies.  He sang Bob Marley’s classic Is This Love.  Randy doesn’t think that he was consistent enough.  Jlo thinks he has a great chance of making it.  But it’s a No.   Seriously?  This boy sounded great to me….and I love his golden locks….. Video

Paul McDonald: He sings ‘American Dreams’.   The Judges think that he is really unique with unbelievable talent.     He knows that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he has been pretty consistent, so……He is in!  Yes!  Video

Aston Jones: She performed ‘I wanna dance with someone who loves me’.  Jlo feels that she has been very consistent in the competition.  She is in!  Yes! Video

Chris Medina:  He is scared, but proud of what he has done in the competition. He  performed ‘I will try to fix you’.  Hmmm….this was just okay.  It would have been nice to see him sing something besides a ballad and it was pitchy.   He says that Julianna is more popular than him.  hmmm…Idk, it seems like he is playing up his girlfriend more than his singing.  I don’t think that the hard luck stories should be included in the competitions.  Jlo says that he has had some good moments and bad moments, but he didn’t make it into the tp 24.  They will miss him.  Chris feels that he has found his voice.   Video

Jlo becomes really emotional and she kind of has a meltdown about how difficult it was to tell him no.  American Idol needs to stop.  Steven is talking to Jlo in his best therapeutic voice that she told him no in the best way possible.  Really?  Come on!  You are ‘Jenny from the Block’!  You know these are some crocadile tears!  She cries that she doesn’t want to do this anymore.  Really Jlo?  You know that you are making some serious moolah on this show, I’m pretty sure tha she will pull it together.