The top 40 started the elimination process last night and tonight, we will finish the journey to revealing the top 24.  So far, we have 5 Contestants whose dreams came true and 5 whose hearts were broken.  American Idol shows a recap of last night and I was reminded of the Academy Award performance  that JLo gave last night.  I really do admire her acting skills (true statement, she had me at Selena).  JLo was crying last night  like someone just told her that her twins are in danger.  Come on now, she just met these kids!  JLo is able to pull it together and continue with the cuts.

Karen Rodriguez: She is very excited and I honestly hope that she makes it through, because I like her energy and her voice.   She sang  a song from Selena that would speak to Jennifer’s tender heart .  JLo is loving it, but she points out that during the course of the competition, she has lost her way, she says that this  was a tough one for us….You’re inYes!  Jlo says that Karen had her when she sang her song ‘If you had my love’.   JLo laughs at the reasoning of Karen singing her song and says ‘It was a number one song, she ain’t no dummy’.  Hahaha!  Video

Robbie Rosen:  He sang ‘Sorry seems to be the Hardest word’.  Robbie has been a favorite with the Judges through most of the competition.  He definitely has talent beyond his 17 years.    I love his voice!  Steven says that he has been so good right out of the box.  (true that)   He is in!   Yes!  Video

Tatynisa Wilson:  She has been inconsistent in the competition although she does have a good voice, but she sure can get pitchy at times.  She sang ‘Unbreak My Heart.  This performance was enough for the Judges.   It’s a Yes!  Video

I just realized that the Judges really like making the Contestants cry.  There is some kind of  perverse pleasure that they get.  When they don’t get the tears initially from the Contestants, they dig deeper.   I think they are really sad when the Contestants are calm.  Jlo knows that we might figure it out, so she throws in some tears here and there.   lol.

Britney Mazur and Jimmie Allen:  It’s a No!

Tim Halperin:  Tim has some great vocals and he he shown growth in the competition.  I really like that he performed an original Song for his final.  Showcasing his talent is smart.  Tim feels that he is now showing the kind of Artist that he is.   It’s a YesVideo

Julie Zorilla:   The Judges have really liked her from the time that she stepped out on the Audition stage.  They might like her fashion sense even more.  Julie has had solid performances from the beginning.  It’s a no brainer!  The Judges say that some of her performances have lacked emotion or a connection to the music (Julie is kind of  looking like….really?)  It’s a Yes!  Video

Scott McCreery:  Our 16 year old Cowboy has struggled in the competition!  He sang Long Black Train.  He sure does have a mature manner and voice.  It’s a yes!  Video

John Wayne Schultz:  There isn’t enough room for 2 Cowboys.  He’s not going to advance!  It’s a No!

Jovany Baretto:  He sang Angel.   He is in!  It’s a Yes!  Video

Lauren Turner:  Lauren is hoping to change her destiny (since she is currently a Housekeeper) on American Idol, but she has been inconsistent in the competition.   She won the Judges over with her final song Steal Away.  She’s in!  Yes!  Video

Tiwan Strong and Erin Kelly are out of the Contest!  It’s a No!

Rachel Zevita:  She has tried several seasons to advance on American Idol.  Rachel’s Mother and Grandmother are here to support their girl.  Jlo says that she has been a fan of hers for many years.   The Judges would like to see her sing and not worry about what the person in the 3rd row wants from her.  She sang her heart out on her final song  I’ll Never Love again.  You can tell how much Rachel wants it.  The Judges are feeling her too and It’s a Yes! The Judges really fooled her with their delivery and set her up  to think that she wasn’t advancing, she didn’t even hear that she was in and was ready to start crying when it dawned on her that she was in!  Video

Kendra Chantelle:  She sang Falling.  Kendra feels that she has gotten better with each performance.  The Judges are a little concerned if she is the whole package.  But she is…. It’s a Yes!  Video

Jordan Dorsey:   Jordan is very focused on winning and in the competition, he has made calculated moves to advance and they have paid off.   He sang So High and blew the Judges away.  He’s in! Yes!  Video

16 of the 24 have been named this far!

Lauren Alaina:  15 year old wonder (I’d like to see her birth certificate, lol) is dressed like a Cowgirl Barbie.  Lauren says that she is really nervous and maybe she is, but I’m sure that she knows that she is going to advance.   She sang Unchained Melody.  She is in! The Judges heart her, even though they faked her out like it was a no, when of course, it’s a Yes!  JLo compares her to Dolly Parton (wow).  Video

Stefano Langone:  He sang an original song Come Home.  He is in!  JLo tells him that they would love to have him in their top 24.   Yes!  Video

Jackie Wilson:  The Judges were wowed by Jackie early in the competition.  I never quite ‘got’ her voice.  She sang Because of You and it was pitchy as all get out to me.   Oh no…..She forgot the words and the Judges feel that she just was not consistent enough to advance.  Jackie doesn’t agree with their decision and believes that she deserves to be in the top 24.    She is out!  It’s a No!

Jacob Lusk:  Jacob has continuously impressed the Judges throughout the competition.  He sang  Song for you.  There is definitely a Broadway stage looking for him right at this moment.   One of my favorites!  Randy says it has been a tough journey, but he feels that Jacob’s performance of ‘God Bless the Child’ was the single best performance ever on Idol (wow).  They were blown away and cut to the chase and they are happy that he is in the top 24.  As Jacob yells out in happpiness,  Steven says ‘Shut the front door! It’s a Yes!  This guy is forever running when he gets good news.  Video

Pia Toscano:  She has  sang well and she has impressed the Judges for the most of the Idol Journey this far.  She sang Doesn’t Mean Anything.  It’s a YesVideo

The 11th spot for the girls has just been taken!

James Durbin:  James gave a rocked out performance of A Change is gonna Come.   I (the hardcore Sam Cooke fan) actually liked this very different rendition of this classic.  Nice.  He definitely proved that he has got some diversity in him.   Steven says that he is so good, he doesn’t think that he will ever have to sell pizza!  He’s in!  It’s a YesVideo

The 10th spot for the guys has just been taken!

Casey Abrams:   I love this guy and that he brought the tall bass to American Idol.  He is in as he should be!  Casey has done well with all of his performances.  His last performance was ‘Why Don’t you do right’.  Casey was hoping to show that guys like him can be sexy.  Hmmm…don’t know if he is bringing sexy back, but I enjoyed him.   Randy doesn’t know if they have ever seen anyone as talented as Casey is on this show.  He is like watching 3  people perform.  Yes!  Video

Thia Megia and Jessica Cunningham are the last 2 girls, so they will go in together to face the Judges.  Thia sang ‘You Raise Me up’.  She has done very well so far (except that she has PTSD from practicing with the vocal coach in the last show).  The Judges are pleased with her.  Jessica has auditioned 7 times before and today is her 25th Birthday.  Thia is a 15 year old phenom while Jessica is the only Rocker in the Competition.  Only one can make it through and it is Thia! Yes and Jessica has the worst news a girl can get on her Birthday!  It’s a No!  Jessica gives American Idol the Finger with both hands!  I can understand that!  Lol, her fingers are covered with American Idol Bubbles.  Video

1 spot left for the guys! 

Brett Lowenstein, Jacee Badeaux and Colton Dixon are left.  Jacee has prevailed during the competition and  sings ‘Gone too soon‘ for his final song.  Brett sings an original song and he feels good about it.  Colton sang well and really hopes to advance.  The Judges stress that all 3 are really young and they can come back and try again.   Video

Brett Lowenstein is a Yes!  Jacee Badeaux is a No! and Colton Dixon is a No!  Brett says it doesn’t matter that we all didn’t make it.  We are all shining stars.

Our top 12 guys are: Brett Lowenstein, Jovany Baretto,  Jacob Lusk, Paul Macdonald, Clint Jun Gamboa, Robbie Rosen, Stefano Langone, Jordan Dorsey,Tim Halprin, James Durban, Casey Abrams and Scotty McCreery.

Our top 12 girls are:  Naima Adedapo, Julie Zorrilla , Karen Rod, Lauren Turner, KendraChantelle, Ashton Jones, Rachel Zevita, Haley Reinhart, Thia Megia,Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscana and Tatynisa Wilson

The Guys will perform Next week!