Last night the top 12 guys had their time to secure their advancement in the Competition.  I wasn’t able to blog on it, but I did watch.  Standouts for me were Jacob Lusk, Paul Macdonald, Clint Jun Gamboa, Casey Abrams, Tim Halperin and Scotty McCreery.

Also, I noticed that I agreed with most of Randy’s critiques, while I thought that  JLo and Steven are waaaay too lenient!

Videos and the rest of the recap after the jump:

Tonight, the top 12 Ladies will show why they deserve to stay in the Competition.   Tomorrow, the top 5 girls and top 5 guys will be chosen by the American Voters and one guy and one girl will be chosen by the Judges & there will also be 1 Wildcard picked.

Ryan ask Jennifer to describe what is so special about the girls in this season.   Jennifer says ‘Everything, because they are so special, supremely talented and beautiful inside and out’.  Randy would like for America to look for the ultimate top 10 when they vote  and who can go the distance.  Steven senses that since it is a full moon, the ladies are nervous, but they are singing for their lives and there is no tomorrow.  Well, I guess that is a given, since they are singing for their life!

The girls can pick any song to compete tonight, so I hope that they choose wisely.

Tatynisa Wilson:  She sang ‘The only Girl in the World’ by Rihanna.  Really?  Out of all of the songs in the world to showcase your singing talent, this is what she came up with?  Hmm…I mean she sounds okay, but this just doesn’t rock for me, when most of the girls will pick ballads that will make them stand out.  However, she does sound ok and I guess that she is showing that she can perform.  Hmm…I’m torn.  Steven thought it was a beautiful way to open the show.  Jlo thought she started a little shaky, but she brought it homeGood job.  Randy differed from the other Judges; he thought that this was just okay.  She didn’t bring anything special to it, not more than Rihanna.  He didn’t quite get it.  Jlo disagrees and she felt that she moved the crowd.  Randy says that he is a part of the crowd that wasn’t moved. (ouch)  Ryan agrees that it takes a lot to move Randy.  I’m kind of feeling Randy this season and the critiques that he is offerering up.   Video  866.436.5701

Naima Adedapo:  She sings ‘Summertime’.   She is wearing a beautiful  dress that she says that she designed herself and Ryan loves it (Steven’s eyes say that he loves it too).    I know that this song has been sang a million times on American Idol, butI never get tired of it!  She sounds great and she like she is trying to impress the Judges.  Naima is working the crowd and her vocals are always impressive.   JLo loved the way that she nailed the note at the end and she feels that she brings color.   Randy thought it was a little lounge act like (ouch).  He feels that her performance didn’t compare to Fantasia’s (enough of those comparisons!  I actually like that she doesn’t like Fantasia.    He likes that she acted it out and she worked it out by the end of the song, by the end he thought she nailed it.  Steven takes her personally (what does that mean) and compares her to an early Ella Fitzgerald (wow) .  He loves her a lot and he liked it (the performance) a lot Video   866.436.5702

Kendra Chantelle:  She sang ‘Impossible’. by Christina Aguilera.   Wonderful!  Another great song that will shows off her singing.  I think that Christina Aguilera will like this interpretation of her song.  Randy admits that he was a little worried when he heard her song choice, but he loved her bravado and he thought that shet reminded him of Lauryn Hill, it was a little sharp at times, but He really liked it.  Steven thought the whole package was hot.  Jlo loves that she has heart.  She fought her way into the top 12 and she deserves it.  AmazingVideo    866.436.5703

Rachel Zevita:  She sang ‘Criminal’ by Apple Fiona.  I think that Rachel sounded okay,  but she got a little pitchy and the sex kitten thing didn’t really work for her and came off a little forced.  Steven loved her swagger, but he thought it was a little too broadway for him and that could be her niche.  Jlo agrees and advises her that she may not want to be seen as a Broadway Star the first time that America sees her or does she want to be seen as an current upcoming star.  Randy says it wasn’t great and it didn’t work.  Rachel looks devastated, but it’s true…this just didn’t work.  Video    866.436.5704

Karen Rodriguez:  She sang ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey.  Karen does a fine job alternating between English and Spanish.  But….this is a huge song and Karen didn’t quite have the vocals to pull it off even though she lowered the tone.  JLo was really impressed and loved the bilingual parts.  She thought it was amazing.  Randy likes that she figured out how to make it her own and the Spanish sounded better than the English.  Steven thinks that she should get together with Jacob Lusk and sing.  He is her best friend in the competition.  Video    866.436.5705

Lauren Turner:  She sang ‘7 day fool’ by Etta James.  Hmm….Lauren sounds good and she is working the stage, but I’m not wowed by this performance even though I like her.  Not quite sure what was missing from this performance.  But she did deliver a great ending for her song.  Randy thought that she showed that this is how you do it. He loved the whole thing she reminds him of Amy Winehouse and it was very nice.  Steven thought it was spectacularHe wasn’t sure in the beginning, but she improved and (he thought)  the ending was great.  Jlo thinks her voice is undeniableShe would like to see more showmanship and more personality next time.  Hmm..  I think that I agree with Jlo and that extra something something is what I was looking for as well.  Video          866.436.5706

Ashton Jones:  She sang ‘Love Over Me’ by Monica.  I think that Ashton did pretty well with this one.  Steven has given her a term of endearment ‘Jonesy’.  He thinks her voice is sweet.  Jlo thinks she has the makings of a Diva with the big ‘Diana Ross’ hair and the body.  Ashton takes the opportunity to earn some Brownie points and says, I get it from you.  Oh wow…she can imitate Jennifer really well.  Randy thinks that she has great presence, but he didn’t love the song for her.  He thinks that this song is Good for Monica, not necessarily for her.   Video        866.436.5707

Julie Zorrilla:  She sang ‘Breakawayby Kelly Clarkson.  I know this is a singing competition, but no one else here has this girl’s sense of fashion and she looks like a Star without even trying.  I like her performance, but am I blinded by her presentation and that she is the total package?  And she has great showmanship without running all over the stage.  JLo liked it but it wasn’t her best performance.  She didn’t feel it or any connection and she needs more.  Randy thinks that she didn’t bring anything new to the song and she didn’t sing it nearly as good as Kelly Clarkson did.  She should have sang something that made her stand out.  Steven thought it was the wrong songVideo          866.436.5708

Haley Reinhart:  She sang ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys.  Haley tends to put her all into her performances and she can be dramatic…..but, this girl can sing!  I like her alot and I would like to see her advance.  Randy thought that it is a great song  and that Alicia does well,  but it didn’t do anything for Haley.  This didn’t work and it was kind of karoake and didn’t get it.  Steven didn’t hear that at all, he thought that she had just the right amount of sexy.  He thought it was great and he liked it alot.  Jlo agreed with Steven and she thought that she had alot of color in her voice.  But She needs to get out of her head a little too much and she you could tell that she was thinking too muchVideo            866.436.5709

Thia Megia:  She sang ‘Out Here on my Own’ from Fame Soundtrack.  Ironically, I was just thinking about this song the other day and thinking that it would be nice to see someone sing it (Leslie Gore’s ‘You Don’t Own Me’ would also be nice for a young girl) in the competition.  This is one of my favorite songs, so I can’t help but compare it to the original by Irene Cara who did a fabulous job on it.  The acapella beginning was a little shaky, but she did pull it together eventually.  Thia has such a strong voice,  I was hoping for more from her and looking for some passion in her performance.  Steven thought the pitch was perfect and he thought it was beautiful.  JLo thought it was so beautiful and such a quiet moment that captivated everyone in the audience. It was really special.  Randy said that the mark of a great singer is the quality of  tone and age doesn’t matter.  He felt that this is what hot singing is about.  Hmmm….I didn’t get all that.  Video            866.436.5710

Lauren Alaina:  She sang ‘Turn on the Radio’ by Reba McEntire.   This is the girl that I would like to see her birth certificate.  She has been very consistent and this is another solid performance that shows off what she is working with. Great vocals and she works the audience like it is second nature for her.   Jlo is  thinks  that her lil lauren (has she looked at her lately)  looks beautiful voice is effortless.  It is Amazing how natural she is and she is great to see.  Randy feels she has a natural gift.  He doesn’t think she knows how good she is (she does) and thinks that she is a combination of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.  Steven loves her and feels that she is the best (as the other contestants put their heads in the oven).  She didn’t do the big notes tonight, but he loved her.  Lauren is pretty funny as she introduces Ryan as ‘Peaches’, because he is from Georgia.  I was thinking something else, but that is way too easy!    Video       866.436.5711 

Pia Toscano:  She sang ‘I’ll Stand by You’ by The Pretenders.  Another great performance from Pia.  She has great stage presence and she commands your attention.  She hit one really pitchy high note, but overall…Bravo!  Randy acknowledges that she received the first standing O of the season.  He feels she is in the top 10  with those amazing vocal and she was unbelivable. Tthats how you do it.  Steven says it was over the top.  Jlo knew she was a standout and  it (the performance)  was out of this world.  Video   866.436.5712

My picks to Advance to one of the Top 6 Girls: Naima, Kendra, Thia, Haley, Lauren and  Pia.  Julie gets an Honorable mention.