Tonight, American Idol will have the largest amounts of cuts on in one show.  I cannot believe that the top 24 will be reduced to 12 tonight and then with the edition of the Wilcard, we will have our top 13.

40 million votes came in over the last two nights! 

Our Top 24 enter the room and at this point, it is anybody’s game.  In an unprecented move, American Idol will cut ½ of the Competition tonight.

More than likely, there will be 13 chosen tonight to advance.  America will pick the top 10 and then the Judges will pick 3 WildCards.

Videos and more recap after the jump!

Ryan asks Steven to give his opinion on who performed better between the guys and the girls?  Jennifer and Randy feel that it was pretty even.  I’m sorry, but the girls out sang the guys in a major way.

The Guys are up first!  After a review of their performances, Ryan checks in with the guys and to sum it up…..all of them are nervous as hell and they want to make it through.  We watch a video of the guys talking about their American Idol Experience thus far.  Video


Scotty McCreery and Robbie Rosen take the stage.  Both of these guys are Teenagers, so this must be surreal for them.  Jennifer thinks that both of them have what it takes to make it in the Business.  Randy thinks that Robbie is a true Singer and a Songwriter. 

America says that Scotty is in the Top 10!  Robbie does not make the Top 10! 

Clint Jun Gamboa, Jordan Dorsey and Jovanny Barretto take the stage.   Clint wowed the Judges last night.  Randy feels that he is way beyond any Karaoke singer (does this mean that Randy likes him?).  Clint is emotional and he starts crying.  The consensus is that Jordan picked and sang the wrong song last night.  None of the Judges liked it and I really didn’t either.  Jordan says that in Hindsight, he would have sang a John Legend song.  Jovanny got mixed reviews last night. 

Clint and Jordan have not made it into the Top 10.  Ryan is so evil.  He leaves Jovanny up there and lets him and America think that he has made it in and then Ryan says that he didn’t make it either.  It’s a No for Jovanny.  I’m telling you; Ryan sits up late and night and thinks of ways to make the Contestants feel horrible.

The Girls:

We see a review of all of this week’s performances and then Ryan checks in with girls and then we view more video footage of their favorite moments in the competition.  Video

Pia Toscano and Lauren Alaina take the stage.  Pia got the first standing ovation of the season last night from the Judges.  Her performance was beautiful.  Lauren got a tweet from Kelly Clarkson who compared her performance to Kelli Pickler. Really?  Wow….Maybe Kelly Clarkson’s television sound doesn’t quite work like it does in everyone else’s home.  No disrespect to Pickler, but no, Lauren is more like Clarkson!  Period!

Lauren is in!  Pia is in too.

Tatynisa Wilson and Julie Zorrilla. Tatynisa got mixed results from the Judges last night and she was one of the ones that Randy really didn’t get.  Julie also got poor reviews from the Judges and she was saddened that she disappointed people who believe in her.  At this point, I’m thinking it doesn’t look too good for either of these ladies.  Steven Loves Julie’s honesty and offers some encouraging words..

Tatynisa is out!  Julie is also out!

Kendra Chantelle and Asthon Jones.   Kendra performed well last night.  Ashton got mixed reviews.  The Judges feel that Kendra sang and owned her song. 

Ashton has not made the top 10!  Karen is in…..wait Kendra is out

 Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams and Tim Halperin take the stage.

Jacob was compared to Luther last night.  Casey pleased all of the Judges.  Tim got poor reviews last night from all of the Judges.  Steven thinks that he could have sang John Mayer or Jason Mran and fared better.

Jacob is in!  He is so emotional.  Casey is in!  Aww…Tim is out.  I liked him.

Thia Megia, Naima Adedapo and Lauren Turner take the stage.   Naima performed well, but Randy didn’t feel that she lived up to Fantasia’s performance.   Steven likened her to Ella.  Thia blew the judges away with the tone of her voice.  

Naima is not in!   Thia is in. 

Brett Lowenstein and Paul MacDonald take the stage.  The Judges liked Brett’s performance last night and saw something that I didn’t.  Paul’s style is a winner with the Judges.  I like him a lot and he definitely should advance.

Paul is Yes!  Brett is a No!

Haley Reinhart and Rachel Zevita take the stage.

Haley’s song didn’t do anything for her and unfortunately it just reminded people of how good Alicia sings it.  And Rachel….she just had a bad night last night. 

Haley is a Yes.  Rachel is a No!

James Durbin and Stefano Langone.  Hmmm….with all of the hype about James, I would not feel confident if I were Stefano right now. 

James is a Yes!  Stefano is a No!

Wildcard Competition.

Ryan asks Randy if America got it right?  Randy doesn’t answer the question and claims that the Judges don’t go against America (since when?).  Is it just me or are all of the Judges giving politically correct answer more often than not.

The Judges have chosen 6 to perform tonight from the remaining 14 Contestants for the Wildcard pick.  There will be 3 boys and 3 girls.

Randy picks Ashton.  She sings Jennifer Hudson’s And Im telling you….going’.  Hmm….not really feeling her.   I know the Judges are impressed with her rendition before of this song and I didn’t get it then and it is still hella pitchy to me.  Steven thought that she brought it like she brought it before.  Jennifer felt her passion and how much she wants to be here.  Randy loves the attitude. (what about the singing?)  video

Jennifer Lopez picks Stefano.  He sings ‘Smokey Norful’s ‘I need you now’.  This is my song! What an Excellent song choice.  This boy is singing from the heart.  All I can say is ‘Sing boy’!  He should go through!  Randy loved that he chose this song and that he did it justice.  Jennifer says that he had her shaking and that He did really well and came through.  Steven thought he killed it and brought everything tonight that made him fall in love with his voice initially.  Video

Steven Picks Kendra!  She sings ‘Georgia On my Mind’.  Fingers crossed that she is a Wildcard.  I Love her voice!  She has such control and range.  Randy thought that she rocked it at the end. video

Jennifer picks Jovanny!  He sings ‘Angel’.  Hmm…he sings in English and Spanish, is he trying to get brownie points, since Karen Rodriguez was praised last night for doing it?  Jlo thought he did a good job and that he did all he could do.  Video

It’s official! Julie Zorrilla, Lauren Turner, Tatynisa Wilson and Rachel Zevita  are out of the competition.

Steven picks Naima!  She sings ‘For All We Know’.  Naima gives a great performance.  This girl is singing for her life.  She should go through. Video

Randy picks Robbie!  He sings ‘Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word’.  He got a lot of praise from the Judges before for this song choice.  Randy thought it was very nice and tender.  He says that this is the toughest decision that the Judges have to make.  Video

End of the line for Brett Lowenstein, Clint Jun Gamboa, Jordan Dorsey and Tim Halperin.

The Judges need a couple of minutes to deliberate, so they debut JLo’s new video ‘On the Floor’ ft. Pitbull.  Video

Randy reveals they have chosen Ashton.

Jennifer reveals that they have chosen Stefano.

Steven reveals that they have chosen Naima

I really feel that Kendra should have made the Wildcard Round.

The top 13 are:

James Durbin

Thia Megia

Naima Adedapo

Ashton Jones

Lauren Alaina

Haley Reinhart

Jacob Lusk

Karen Rodriguez

Scott McCreery

Paul MacDonald

Casey Abrams

Pia Toscano

Stefano Langone