The top 13 take the stage tonight!  Who will shine under the pressure?

Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez!  Her single is number 1 on Itunes.  Coming to American Idol was one of the smartest moves she has ever made. 

Tonight, the Contestants will be singing their personal favorite American Idol.  Jimmy Lovine and his Producers will be assisting them with their music tonight.

Lauren Alaina:  She sang ‘Any Man Of Mine’ by Shania Twain and produced by Don Wes.  I feel that Lauren did a satisfactory job, but I wasn’t excited about this performance.  There is something missing, although she is working her personality right alongside her vocals.  Steven starts off saying how much he loves her, but he wishes that it had been a little more kick ass.  Jlo says that Lauren is so good, but they would like to see her kick it into high gearWe love you.  Randy agrees with Jlo and Steven;  They love Shania and she sang it well, but they would like to see more of that great girl that they fell in love with.  She didn’t shine, but it was good (Lauren is thinking‘ohThanks).    Lauren apologizes to Steven for not kicking ass!  866.436. 5701  Video

Casey Abrams:  He sang A Little Help from my Friends’ by Joe Cockran.  Produced by Jimmy Levine.   Casey is really hoping to pay homage to Cocker and his raspy voice.  I really liked how much Casey was feeling his performance and what he put into it…..but I wasn’t jumping up and down either.  I’m just sayin’…..I’m feeling like Randy….is tonight going to be weird?  Everyone else seems to be loving it.  Jennifer is feeling him and at one point,  she says that she  had to grab Randy as she watched Casey blow her way.  Randy says this was idol 10 remix.  He feels that Casey always brings it and he  thought he was so unbelievable and exiting.  Randy loved it.  Steven thinks he is a Rainbow of talent and a Pleather of passion.  (Steven just makes up phrases).   866.436. 5702  Video   Video

Ashthon Jones:  She sang When You Tell Me that You Love Me’ by Diana Ross produced by Rodney Jenkins.  Wow…. after hearing Ashthon sing this, Jimmie Levine decided to invite Berry Gordy to hear her sing,  because he thought it was that good.  Now, I’m sure that tonight is a weird night indeed.  This was just another  mediocre performance.  Ashthon has the personality and she believes that she is the next American Idol (that’s a good thing), but the vocals were just okay for me.  I’m waiting to be blown away.  Randy liked it and acknowledged Berry Gordy in the audience.   Randy says that he was worried about this song choice, but he liked it and he thinks that tonight she grew as a singer.  Randy feels that she did herself some good with this choice.  Steven agrees with Randy and he too feels that she has confidence.  Jennifer thinks that she is elegant and professional and she is looking forward to seeing her sing songs that people know and can sing with her.  She loves her and she was amazing.  866.436. 5703  Video  Video

Paul McDonald:  He sang Come Pick Me Up’  by Ryan Adams.  Produced by Don Was.  Paul is one of those performers who deffintely has a distinct voice that works well on certain songs.  I don’t know if this song  was a great fit for his style, but I enjoyed watching him.  He is always entertaining and I love his showmanship.    Steven loves his character and the  rasp in his voice, but this was a little pitchy.  He encourages him to Nail it next time.  Jlo loves watching how much the audience enjoys him.  She feels that he is so unique and  She hopes that America gets it (I didn’t).  Randy thought this wasn’t the most exciting performance, but he loves who he is.  Randy gets it and he is a huge fan.  866.436. 5704  Video  Video

Pia Toscano:  She sang All By Myself by Celine Dion.   Yay for Pia!  She is the first contestant tonight to sound like she is in it to win it!  Go girl!  I definitely feel that She did this song in a major way.  I was starting to wonder what in the American Idol hell was going on tonight.  Another great performance from Pia who gets another  Standing O (2nd in two weeks).  Jlo says that we love you Pia and she is rendered speechless by how good Pia was.   Jlo feels that Pia topped her performance from last week.  Randy feels that Pia is one of the few contestants who can take on the huge voices of Mariah, Celine and Whitney who are usually untouchable and hit those big notes.  Then he embarrasses himself by saying that the performance was very hot, cool and  dope (Randy has to stop)  Steven thought she polished the apple  (?) and he wishes her a Happy International women’s day,  because she slammed it.          866.436. 5705  Video  Video  Video

James Durbin:  He sang Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney.  Another solid performance from James.  Paul McCartney is his idol and he hoped to do him justice.  I think that he pulled it off in a major way!  Randy says that he is one of his favorites, because he loves that he has the kind of voice that can sing anything.  He feels that he just slayed it and showed that he has a sensitive side.  Randy feels that James Durbin is dangerous!  He can sing.  Steven feels that he did such a good job.  Jlo says that he has to get used to getting the applause.  He has what the greatest rock stars have: Great melodic ability.      866.436. 5706  Video  Video 

Haley Reinhart:  She sang Blue by LeAnn Rhimes.  Produced by Rock Mafia.  Ouch!  This started off Starts of kind of rouch for Haley.  Pitchy!  Fortunately, it gets better, but that yodelin didn’t work.  This was not a good song choice for Haley and I thought that it showed off her shortcomings.  However, Steven thought it was beautiful and Country America is cheering.  He really thought that she did such a good job.  Jlo thinks that America is getting to know her and that she feels that she is able to do such great things with her voice especially the yodeling (what!!! Randy starts off laughing and points out it is great that she has diversity, he thought that this was a little boring,  if he is being honest.  Randy feels that she should be able to do anything with her youth and energy.  He thought this was a little boring.  (ouch)         866.436. 5707  Video Video

Jacob Lusk:  He sang I believe I can Fly by R. Kelly produced by Rodney Jenkins.  Jacob’s voice is just in another category.  Oh wait….he is being joined on stage by a choir.  All I can say is Sing Boy!  This is ridiculous.  I love this arrangement. Jacob gets a Standing O.  Steven says that this is pure passion, pure music.  He can’t judge it, that’s how good he is.  He can fly and soar.  Jennifer agrees that it is hard to judge him, because he is so good.  He is at the top.  Amazing.  Randy feels that Jacob has a signature voice that you recognize right away.   But, He thought that Jacob fell off at one point, but back by the end of the song, he was back on top.  Randy thought that the high notes were amazing.       866.436. 5708  Video Video Video

Thia Megia:  She sang Smile by Michael Jackson produced by Ron Fair.  I think tht this is a much better song for Thia’s voice, rather than the selection last week.  What a smart girl, picking a Michael Jackson song after Randy likened her to the King of Pop last week.  I like the arrangement and that the kicked up beat to reflect her youth, but she got pitchy in the trasition, so it didn’t completely work.  Randy loved the intro with the guitar, he could hear the Michael in her voice, but He thought it go a little pitchy in the middle He doesn’t know if he liked the jazzy part.  Steven thought it was pitchy in the middle. But she gave it up and he thanked her for her effort.  Jlo also liked the beginning was where they were able to hear her beautiful voice.  She liked seeing Thia  move  and she would like to see more of it.  Jlo thinks that she sings like an angel.  866.436. 5709  Video  Video

Stefano Langone:  He sang Lately by Stevie Wonder produced by Polow Da Don .  Hmmm….I think that his vocals sounded pretty good, but this is a ballad that is meant to stay a ballad (in my opinion).  Lately mixed with Disco is a stretch.    Steven thought that he pulled it off.  So well done and the Arrangement was crazy.  Jlo thought he sounded great.  Randy thought it sounded rocky in the front.     866.436. 5710  Video  Video

Karen Rodriguez:  She sang I could fall in love with you by Selena and produced by Jim Johnson.  Okay, Karen is really singing to Jlo, this is her 3rd Jennifer Lopez inspired song.   She is going to have to switch it up.    Hmm…  Karen definitely looks the part tonight, but unfortunately, the vocals didn’t quite get there.  She really struggled.    What is worse is that her face shows when she misses her pitch.  Not good, because part of performer is being an Actress.  She has to know how to cover her mistakes with a ‘I meant to do that’ attitude.  Jlo thinks she looks beautiful.  She could tell she was uncomfortable with some of the notes and she was having difficulty.  Randy felt that it was kind of boring without any excitement.   Steven felt the same way.  He thought that energy was lacking and he knows she can sing so much better than this.            866.436. 5711  Video  Video

Scotty McCreery:  He sang The River by Garth Brooks.    produced by Don Woods.   I thought that Scotty has the country sound down.  I’m wondering what he will do when the theme shows kick in, because I don’t really see him doing Pop.  But Country is effortless for him, he is in his element and it shows.    Randy says if it aint broke, don’t think about fixing it.  He feels that Scotty can put out a record right now.  Steven  loves it and he feels that Scotty  did the Garth proud.  Riding high.  Jlo thought that tonight, he opened up as a performer.  He sings country spot on, but he is now taking the audience on the ride.  She congratulates him.   866.436. 5712  Video

Naima Adedapo:  She sang Umbrella by Rhianna produced by Tricky Stewart (who actually produced the song).   If any current on future idol Contestants ever read this blog, I want to put it out there that any of Rhianna’s popish song or any song with Auto tune never works well on idol.  They tend to like a lot of ballads or songs that show you can sing.   Hmm…She doesn’t sound bad, but this is not a song that shows off your goodies.  I will say that she is giving her all in this performance, but some moments really didn’t work.  What did work was the small Reggae part that they mixed in there.  I think that she could have put more of that in there.  The Reggae part was kind of funky and it showed off her diversity.  Oh wow…she is showing off some dance moves too….interesting……  Steven loves her (for real)  he thinks she was crazy good.  A little pitchy, but she brought flavor tonight.  He adores her for bringing something new.  Jlo doesn’t care about the pitchiness.  She feels that she brought it.  She has to work on the control, because it is difficult to dance and sing and she will have to work on it.  Randy cares about the pitchiness, but he feels that she learned something tonight about performing.  He loved the Reggae thing and feels she could have made a whole Reggae version.  Naima dedcates her performance to her husband and she ‘overstands’ what the judges said about the dancing and singing.     866.436. 5713  Video  Video

Weak Links:  Ashton Jones and Karen Rodriguez