I guess you can see where this is heading by the picture.  Anyway, here is the recap!

American Idol is pulling out all the drama this season!  This is a pretty spectacular and suspenseful beginning for the show.  I know that I predicted that Ashton or Paul may be in danger, but you never know how America will vote.  I really do believe that there should be a limit to how many votes one person can cast from the each phone number, so we can get a more accurate count of who is America’s true pick.

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Ryan reports that $30 million votes came in last night.  Someone will face elimination unless they are saved by the Judges.  Honestly, I’m thinking that since the Judges only have one save per season, it is unlikely that they will use it this soon.

Ryan lets us know that Casey is sick and in the hospital right now, so everyone waves a ‘get well’ shot out to him.  I don’t know what it is about Reality Show Contestants; but someone is forever sick and going to the hospital.  Anyhoo, I hope that Casey recovers quickly.
We see some footage of the idols as they arrive to their home for the next few weeks.  The house is seriously incredible!  I cannot even imagine having access to a house that unbelievable.  Interesting, as huge as this house is, they have to sleep in a huge room set up like an army dorm.  All of the Contestants are amazed by the fabulosity that is jumping off in this house.  Fun times!  Video

The contestants enter singing a medley of Michael Jackson’s hits that includes ‘Wanna be Starting something’, Rock with you, Black or White and Man in the Mirror.  Historically, I hate the group routines, but I always get happy when I hear Mike’s music, so they get a pass tonight.  I think that the Man in the Mirror segment was the best part; the ladies’ voices really worked well here. 

Ford Music Video ‘The World’.     Video

The Idols also got to attend a Premiere of ‘Red Riding Hood’ in Los Angeles.  Amanda Seyfried is in the house tonight promoting the movie.  It was really cute watching this group of Contestants as they experienced the Hollywood Glamour of the Red Carpet.  I’m not sure what it is, but there is something about this group that is really endearing.  Idol does this every season, but for some reason, they seem a little more wide eye and star struck.  Video

Jacob, Karen and Stefano are asked to take the stage.  Jacob overall did well last night (save Randy’s comments).  Jacob is able to see where he messed up and he.  Karen’s performance was uncomfortable and unexciting for the Judges.  Karen acknowledges that she had technical differences.  Stefano’s performance would have made Stevie Wonder happy.  Stefano is grateful to still be in the competition and he feels blessed.  All three are safe…….except Karen!  She is in the bottom 3 Stefano and Jacob are safe.  Ryan makes a comment about how tough these nights are.  Yeah right Ryan!  Look at the joy in his eyes when he fakes them out with false hope!  Video


Guest Performance 
Adam Lambert returns to Idol to perform ‘Aftermath’.  Nice song.  I like Adam and how true he has always been to himself.  No pretending to be someone else to sell records.  He always kept it real and I respect him for that!  No wonder he is such a hit.  Well that and the fact that he is crazy talented (that always helps).  Adam wrote this song and remixed it tonight for the show.  The radio version is a dance hit.  I hear that….mix it up and make that money!  Ryan’s conversation with Adam ends with Jlo trying to teach him how to do ‘The Dougie’.  Fun times Video  Video
Lauren, Ashton and Haley take the stage.  Lauren’s performance just wasn’t kick ass last night.  Lauren felt her performance kind of sucked and is sorry.  She tears up and Ryan breaks it to her that she is safe (duh…winning).  Ashton’s performance didn’t impress.  Ashton knows she picked a poor song choice.  Haley got mixed reviews from the Judges.  Randy thinks that Haley needs to decide what kind of Performer she will be and then her performances will be better.  Haley likes to switch it up a lot and be diverse.  Ryan reports that both Ashton and Haley are in jeopardy.
Karen, Haley and Ashton are in the bottom 3.   All of the rest of the Contestants have made it through!  Video
Guest Performance:

Diddy Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey  perform ‘Coming Home’.  Ryan has some convo with Diddy.    Diddy gives the contestants some encouraging words.  Diddy does a plug for his upcoming tour.  
Oh….I just remember Diddy’s connection to Jlo.  Video

Karen is safe!  Haley is also safe! 

Ashton is in danger and she has to sing to save her life.  For reasons unbeknown to me, she decides to sing an encore of the Diana Ross song from last night that led to her singing to save her life tonight.   Maybe it is just me, but……I think that is a bad idea. Actually, didn’t Ashton just say that she picked a poor song choice last night. Not a good performance.  She is so emotional that this performance was actually worse than last night.  The Judges deliberate (they really aren’t discussing the possibility of saving her)  and Jlo tearfully informs us that Ashton is going home It’s unanimous.  There is such a pained look on Ashton’s face, I feel bad for her.    Video  Video