The show starts off with Judges and Ryan informing America that any songs that all the proceeds from songs downloaded from Itunes tonight will be donated to provide aide to Japan’s Tsunami Relief.

Last week (shocker) the Judges didn’t save Ashton Jones’ spot in the competition and she was eliminated.

The Top 12 will sing songs tonight from the year that they will learn.  Before each Contestant sings, we will get to see some footage of them, their Parents and we learn about their musical influences

Naima was born in 1984 and she will be singing ‘What’s Love Got to Do with it’.  Ooh…this is a difficult song to sing and I really hope that she is able to resist the urge to make ‘Tina Turner Grimaces’.  Even if she doesn’t fall victim to that, this is just a bad song choice.  Hmmm….I don’t know how the Producers gave her a pass on this one, because there is no way that they could have thought that this was the song to showcase Naima’s voice.  Really…no one should try to sing Tina Turner’s songs, because you will end up trying to you tube the real thing.  As predicted, this was a flat performance for Naima.  But….Steven loved it and he admired her fashion sense.  Jlo says that she gave her a pass on the pitchiness last week, but now she sees  that Naima seems to be consistently pitchy and now she is wondering how she will hold up.  Randy is glad that Jlo opened the Pitchy door and he agrees that the vocals were a mess.  He thought that Rodney’s mix made it interesting, but the vocals were all over the place.  Naima holds on to the strong belief that she brought it (sorry boo).  866.436. 5701  Video  Video

Paul was also born in 1984.  He sang, ‘I guess That’s Why they Call it the Blues’ by Elton John.   I think that Paul’s voice lent pretty well to this song, but I will give 75% of it to his overall appeal.  The quirkiness works, I don’t know if I love the vocals, but I really like him.  Jlo is singing along and she says that she feels him.  She thought he sounded good and she feels that he has so much soul and star quality.  She thought that he made it happen.  Randy differs from her and he thinks that some notes were pitchy.  What he liked about his performance is that he founds a way to make it his own.  He puts the Paul spin on it and he gets the notes right.  Steven also agrees and says that he defines a cool dude with a loose mood.  His swagger is way cool.  He thinks that he has a very distinctive voice   866.436. 5702  Video  Video

Thia was born in 1995 and she is singing ‘Colors of the Wind’ by Vanessa Williams.  This could have been an EXCELLENT song choice for Thia.  The song blends well with her voice and she is singing with emotion (it’s like she just finished watching Pochahantos), but I would have liked to feel a little more excited about her performance.  Randy thought the vocals were okay (boos from the audience), but she is singing all of these ballads and there was nothing special or unique about it.  He would like to see her Dig deeper and take some chances and he thought she was  Boring tonight.  Steven thought that she sang it beautifully, but he wonders if this song tells who she feels she is.  She thought her best song choice.  Jlo would like to see her push out of the box.  Work on it and kill it next week.    To raise Thia’s anxiety, Ryan points out the ‘Voice Coach from hell’ from the Auditions.  Ryan’s dreams are smashed when Thia points out that the Coach was really nice.  866.436. 5703  Video  video

Kate Hudson is in the house with her Baby Daddy!

James Durban was born in 1989 and he is singing I’ll be there for you by Bon Jovi.      James shares with us that some of the guys have formed a band and that they jam together in their spare time.  I really like that the contestants always seem to bond really well and genuinely like each other.  Another good performance.  James is working the crowd literally.  He takes control of the stage and he kind of rocked the house.  Steven wonders how he is able to does what he does (at such a young age).  He tells him not to get to poppy on him (what does that mean?).  Hmmm….James really is a favorite; it appears that Steven is looking forward to hearing James take on some Aerosmith.  James reveals that he plans to sing some Aerosmith for the finale.  Jlo thinks he is a great performer and she loved it.  Randy thought the song was done very tastefully and he liked that he put his own spin on it.  Randy is interested in James’ star studded boots.  You know that Randy wants to rock something similar. Steven says that he will join James in the finale if he is there.    866.436. 5704    Video       Video

Haley was born in 1990 and she is singing ‘I’m Your baby tonight’.  Oh no…..I’m going to say a little prayer for her, because I don’t think this will work.  I hate it when I am right; this is all bad.  Her voice is not meant to sing Whitney Houston.  Jlo thinks she looks beautiful tonight and her voice is amazing, but she is tense in her body and unsure in her movements.  She would like her to be the complete package.  Ryan come out and wipes some lipstick off her chin…..interesting…..Mom moment.  Randy says he is confused with her song choices.  He doesn’t think she knows who she is, but she need to find out.  He doesn’t this was a  great performance and he is confused by her.  Steven thought it was cute and tough.  But she initially reminded him of Janis Joplin and he would like to hear more of that blues sound (next week, she will sing a bluesy song and they will say it just didn’t work).        866.436. 5705  Video     Video

Stefano was born in 1989 and he is singing ‘If you don’t know me right now’, by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes (with the late great Teddy Pendergrass).  I’m so glad that he didn’t sing (one of his choices) ‘Don’t forget my number’ by Milli Vanilli (he does know the tragedy of it all, right?).  Stefano is truly the ‘Dark Horse’ of the show.  I am liking him more and more.  I thought that he probably had the best performance of the night and he was on key for the entire song.  I’m feeling him.  He receives a standing O and he deserves it.  Randy gives respect to Teddy P and commends Stefano for taking on such a huge song.  He feels that this was the best performance of the night so far; and this song had the highest amount of difficulty and slayed it.  Steven thought it was over the top.  Jlo thinks that he can take thisHe is singing and connecting with everyone.  Aww cute…he goes over and hugs his Mom.  Aww…he’s a Mama’s boy          866.436. 5706  Video    Video

Pia was born in 1988 and she is singing ‘Where do Broken Hearts Go’.  Her voice is perfect pitched, I even like that she increased the tempo to a faster beat.   I was a little worried about her singing another slow ballad.  Trouble is, even though she sounds good, the performance didn’t connect with me or blow me over like previous weeks. Steven thought it was over the top and she nailed it.  Jlo was glad to see her do something up tempo. This was Perfect for her and she feels that  Angel watching out for her.  Randy feels that each week she is consistent and this is the way to show that she is in it to win it.         866.436. 5707  Video   Video

Scotty was born in 1993 and he sings ‘Can I trust you with my heart’ by Travis Tritt.  Another solid performance from our young Country boy.  Jlo thought he pushed it out there a little more at the end and she feels that he is growing.  She thinks that He is amazing and encourages him to keep growing.  Randy thought that he did Tritt proud.  He likes that he is staying in the country mode. And he feels that he can sing anything.  Steven believes in him and encourages him to keep doing what he is doing and he is going places.      866.436. 5708  Video    Video

Karen was born in 1989 and she is singing ‘Love Will bring you back’ by Taylor Dane.  Karen is sporting a really high hairstyle tonight and I don’t know if it is because she sang so many Jlo inspired songs before, but she really reminds me of a young Jlo.  Hmmm….I never was a big Taylor Dane fan although she has a big voice.  This song and performance just makes me tired and it was pitchy!  She does a bit of the song in Spanish and I’m just wishing that she had delivered more tonight, since she is so likeable.  Randy thought it was better than last week, but he isn’t jumping up and down about it. Steven says that he likes her ‘ethic’ (what is he talking about).  JLo offers some encouraging words to her Mini Me to believe in herself and not to let her insecurites show when she performs.  866.436. 5709  Video    Video

SYTYCD’s Mary Murphy is in the house! 

Casey was born in 1991 and he is singing ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana.  Casey is playing his guitar as he takes on this huge song tonight.  Hmmm… Not sure how I felt about this one.  He was really intesnse and feeling it, but he was also really screaming at one point and I started developing a headache.  I like Casey, but I didn’t love this one.  Stevn thinks he is so crazy, good and talented.   Jlo thinks it was a risk for him to take on the great Kurt Cobane.  She points out that Kurt had the intensity, but he wasn’t screaming. (he will have to work on that).  Nonetheless, she loves him and she thinks that he is sexy.    Randy is impressed that he loves taking risks.  This was Not his best performance or vocals, but he likes that he puts art above everything else.           866.436. 5710  Video   Video

Lauren is born in 1994 and she is singing ‘I’m the only one’ by  Melissa Etheridge.  I think that last week kind of shook Lauren, because she is a little nervous and it shows.  Tonight, she brings her good vocals, but it doesn’t seem like she believes how good she is like she did before.  I hope that she gets all of her sass back next week, because this girl can sing.  I definitely think she will be back next week and I’m looking forward to her getting rid of any fear, because that is not her style..  Jlo thought it was very niceShe made it hers.  Very good job.  Randy thought it was very nice in spite of her cold (she has been sick for a few days).  Steven agreed that she was a shining star and he is glad that  she is back.      866.436. 5711  Video   Video

Jacob was born in 1987 and he sang ‘Alone’ by Heart.  It is undeniable that Jacob has incredible vocals, but this wasn’t my favorite performance from him.  Something went astray for me.   Randy feels that it was a very nice performance and he liked that it was  out of his comfort zone.  He lost his way during the modulation, but found his way back soon.  He thought that it was genius at some points.  Steven says your mama gave him the moxie to sing like he does (he get it from his Mama).  Jlo loves that he gives himself completely to every performance and she thinks he is amazing.    866.436. 5712  Video     video

  The Judges proclaim they have a hot competition tonight.  Really?  Tonight was just okay for me. 

Weak Links:  Haley, Naima and  Karen