The show starts off with each Contestant what they would have liked to have been when they were little.  Only Thia aspired to be a singer. 

The Judges enter (and they really seem pretty juiced tonight).  Ryan announces that Lee Dewyze and The Black Eyed Peas will be performing tonight.  Ryan reminds us that the  Judges still have their ‘Save’ Option to keep one Contestant in when they face elimination.   

Group Performance:

I normally can’t stand the group performances, but I did notice there were some standouts tonight.  Out of the guys….it was James’ show (second night in a row that he rocked the house).  For the Girls….Lauren and Karen were neck and neck.  I really liked Stefano’s entrance as well.  They sang Born to be Wild Video

Ford Music Video

‘Val Kilmer’.  This was a really cute video where the Idol hopefuls shined.  Video

Ryan gives some details on how you can win great prizes from Ford.  He also informed us that 250 million downloads have been made over the 10 years that Idol has been on.  It was announced last night that we can support aiding Japan’s Tsunami Relief fund by purchasing downloads from the show and proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.  Also you can text 90999 to donate.  Interesting enough, Ryan doesn’t provide any feedback on how much was raised from last night.

The Idols give us some more information on themselves and what they are good at.  Interesting.  Video


Jacob, Lauren and Casey are asked to take the stage.  I’m thinking these 3 will be okay, even if I wasn’t jumping up and down last night over their performances. 

Jacob was pitchy but he overcame it, so Ryan asked Randy to run down  to us how to over come being pitchy.  Really?  Is this some filler conversation?

Jacob is safe.

Lauren prevailed last night inspite of her sickness.  She is safe!

Casey went out on a limb last night and he got great feedback from Steven and Randy.  Ryan ask Steven to explain what the goop is he was speaking about last night (that Casey is made of).  I love Steven for speaking for the little people at home without missing a beat looking at Ryan and replying “Really Ryan”?  He is safe.    Video

Haley and Paul take the stage.

The Judges liked Haley’s performance, but Randy was confused about what kind of Artist she wants to be.  Haley believes that she is taking risk because she is clear that she would like to perform rock, soul and blues, because that is what is inside her. 

Paul also was dealing with a cold last night, however, he pleased the Judges with his performance.  He is safe.

Haley is in the bottom 3 and Paul is safe!  That’s about right.  Video

Oopsy, Ryan gives a shout out to Jlo’s friend Pitbull who is in the Audience.  That’s great, except Jennifer’s husband Mark Anthony is sitting right next to him. 

Guest Performance

Lee Dewyze performs ‘Beautiful for You’Video

I always liked Lee, I’m not sure how he is doing with record sales, but he definitely brings something to the business.

Lee offers the Contestants some words of encouragement.

Eliminations (why do they dim the lights?)

Scotty, Pia and James take the stage.

Scotty pushed his limits and the Judges seem to love him.  He is safe. 

Pia was praised for her performances last night and she is safe.

James rocked the house last night and he landed a date with Steven if he makes it to the finals.  Steven admits that  he sees himself in James.  He is sooo safe! 


Stefano and Naima take the stage.  One of them is in the bottom 3.

Stefano was the best performance of the night.   He is safe.

Naima was pitchy last night and she reveals that she hates the word ‘Pitchy’.  She is in the bottom 3Video


Karen and Thia take the stage.  I think that Karen should be worried at this moment.

Karen ‘s performance didn’t satisfy Randy and Jennifer, but Steven liked that she broke into her etnic whatever it is (is that PC).  Ryan ask Jlo what she wants to see from her.  Jennifer would like to see Karen learn to show off her beautiful voice. She is in the bottom 3.

Thia’s performance was kind of boring for the Judges and they are waiting to her more from her.  She assures the Judges that she is able to do so much more.  She is safe.  Video


Guest Performance

The Black Eyed Peas perform ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’.  OMG can the autotune just go away?  I’m so tired of it!  Video


Final Elimiantion

The first person going back to safety is Naima. ( By the hair on her chinny chin chin)

It is down to Karen and Haley.

Haley is safe! 


Karen will have to sing to save her life.  Ryan encourages her to give it her all.  I like Karen a lot.  She has a great personality and a good voice, but they aren’t going to safe her.

She’s a smart girl though and she decided to sing ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey, which was her best performance.   Video

Randy, Steven and Jlo pretend that they are discussing saving her.  They aren’t.

Karen gives a last minute pleas to be saved, since she has done her best.  I really like her.

Randy announces that they aren’t going to save her.  It is not unanimous.  I’m thinking Jlo was on her side.     Video