Color me happy!  DWTS Season 12 is officially here!   America can vote up to Eleven times per phone line.  There will not be an elimination tomorrow night, but all of the votes from tonight will be counted in next weeks’ elimination. 

 The show starts off with Tom and Brooke welcoming our Stars:

 Disney Star Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas

Talk Show Host Wendy Williams and Tony Donovali

NFL Star Hines Ward and Kym Johnson

SuperModel Petra Nemcova and Dimitri Chaplin

Rapper Romeo and Chelsea Hightower

Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskaya

Reality Star Kendra Wilkinson and Louis Van Amstel

Karate Kid Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff

WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke

Radio Personality Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer

Movie Star Krstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy

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Chelsea and Mark:  They danced the Foxtrot.  Since Chelsea is a Disney Princess, so she should pair very well with 2 time DWTS’ Champion Mark Ballas pretty happy.  Most Disney people can perform and Mark starts off flirting with her. 

I thought that this was a great way to start the show.  Chelsea is performing like she is a few weeks into the competition.  I’m sure the Judges will point out the technicalities, but I see a couple who has  great chemistry and the music that they picked really works well for them.  Mark has choreographed some pretty charming steps for them.  Very enjoyable!  Len:  You’re a young fresh couple with great appeal.  It started Peter, Paul and Mary,  but it turned into the Black Eyed Peas.  (even so)  Well done.  Bruno: You started out on your back and ended on your back, but in the middle, there was an after glow.  She needs to extend her lines.  Chelsea can get a little messy at time, but your’ve got talent.  Carrie Ann agrees:  Watch your shoulder and hold.  Just connect a little more.  (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann- 7 Len-7, Bruno-7= 21   800.868.3401   Video

Wendy and Tony:  They danced the Cha Cha Cha .  Talk Show Diva Meets the Nicest Pro on the show.  How they doing?  This should be interesting.  Surprisingly, Wendy is quite timid in practice.  I wasn’t expecting that.  That is a whole lotta woman crying into her weave (literally)!  She should have pulled some courage out of her weave like she would on her show!

Wow, Wendy’s performance was perplexing, because she looks like she is having the time of her life, but she appears to be stiff and unsure at the same time.  She is going to need her fans to vote her through to give her the chance to improve and it looks like Bruno can barely contain himself as he prepares to give her some constructive criticism.  Bruno:  Listen to me,  you are a gorgeous, sumptious woman.   She has to deliver the performance.  She was like a virgin (on the floor).  Carrie Ann:  I saw real fear in your eyes when you started.  You have to go way more and release the beast, especially since she is bigger than life.  Len:  He thought her performance would be something special with her dumplings bubbling over (her boobs are unbelievably huge).  Next week, she has to sell it and bring her!   (MAC-  5 )  Carrie Ann- 5,  Len  4 (ouch) ,  Bruno  5 =  14  800.868.3402  Video

Hines and Kym:  They danced the Cha Cha Cha.  Hines is likeable and although he says that he is not much of a dancer, he does appear to have some moves.   Hines  actually did pretty well and he showed that he has alot of potential.  He is alot of fun on the dance floor and he has great chemistry with Kym   He is going to have to work on not exaggerating the moves with his butt though.  Solid first effort.  Carrie Ann: Who knew all of that was under the FB uniform, there was all of that.  Sparkliest Cha Cha she has ever seen.   He is exuberant andhis smile lights up.  Nice control and she loved it.  Len: You continued the tradition of the FB players dancing well.  It was clean and crisp.  He has to work on his posture.  He knows that he can have much better hip action (lol that Bruno gets up to gyrate and demonstrate the moves).    (MAC- 7) Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 7, Bruno 7 = 21  800.868.3403  Video

Petra and Dmitri:  They danced the Foxtrot.  Petra’s pelvis was broken in 4 places during the 2004 Tsunami, so she is quite emotional tonight and she dedicates her dance to the people of Japan.  There is some concern over her flexibility. 

Petra performed a decent Foxtrot.  She was graceful and of course, it doesn’t hurt if you are gorgeous.  Len:  Thought the routine was charming and encouraged him to work on posture.  Well done.  Bruno:  Some moments of beauty and gorgeous.  She has to work on being consistent and get stronger with linking her moves to each other.  Carrie Ann  thinks she is absolutely stunning, but there was a long drag at times.  She will not penalize her because it is the first night of season 12.  If that is the case, I hope that someone does a lift.  (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann- 6 ,  Len-6   ,  Bruno-6  = 18  800.868.3404  Video

Romeo and Chelsea:  They danced the Cha Cha Cha.     He is hoping to do better than his Father did in Season 2 when he received the worst scores in the history of DWTS.  Well, he would have to do better.  Romeo struggles with looking feminine in practice and Chelsea has to persuade him to shake his groove thing. 

I guess that he got over it, because he got a little Suave Bolla on the Dance floor.  He had good movement and fluidity, I’m sure glad that he isn’t his Father’s son on the dance floor.  Bruno:  Romeo Romeo where for art thou Romeo.  Energetic, very messy, but entertaining.  Don’t get funky, cause he (Len) doesn’t like it.  Carrie Ann: says that he has so much sex appeal for days (Cougar).  He didn’t nail the posture.  (He was) Connected to the music.  Len: Plenty of energy.  (but) Too casual and carefree.  Has to work on technique.  (MAC-   7)  Carrie Ann-7 ,  Len 6  ,  Bruno6  = 19   800.868.3405  Video

Sugar Ray and Anna:  They danced the  Foxtrot.  Ray admits that he has no dancing skills and everything that works in the ring doesn’t work on the dance floor.  I don’t know what his dancing will look like, but he sure is aging well.  He almost looks the same as when he was in his hey day. 

Sugar was pretty stiff out there initially,  but he always looked at ease.  As he continued to dance though, he really warmed up and his personality started to shine through.  The middle to the ending was much better!   Carrie Ann:  I can tell you’re a Fan favorite.  She thought he reminded him of  Ben Vereen at times.  He has sparkle and glitter.  (but he has to work on his) Posture, posture, posture.  Len:  lovely to be in the company of a fellow athlete.  The Foxtrot is Fine wine and caviar and this was beer and pizza.  It was awful.  The Energy level was high, while the dancing level was low.  Bruno:  He ask to call him Sugar (Bruno has to stop).  Sugar and spice and everying nice, but then he turned into a ninja turtle.  He is looking forward to the Latin Dance wehere he can deliver the spice.  (MAC- 6  )  Carrie Ann-6 ,  Len 5  ,  Bruno 6 =  17   800.868.3406  Video

Kendra  and Louis :  They danced the Cha, Cha, Cha.  Kendra proudly proclaims that she has moves for a Whitegirl.  She is hoping to turn her Booty shaking moves into elegance.

Kendra  definitely has some potential and she has good rhythm, but she does some jerky moves out there on the dance floor and she will have to work on refining .  Len: held my interest from start to finish, but not always for the right reason. (ouch)  The content was great.  Very entertaining.  Work on legs. Well done.   Bruno: You can definitely strut herself.  Full frontal attack.  But it was not clean, bended your legs all the time. Carrie Ann: admires her spunk. (This was) Hard ambitious choreography and she didn’t miss a step  (Hugh Hefner and her Hubby are in the house). (MAC- 6  )  Carrie Ann- 6,  Len  6 ,  Bruno 6  =  18    800.868.3407    Video

Ralph and Karina:  They danced the Foxtrot.  Ralph is another Star who has aged well.  Hard to believe that he is 49.  Karina feels that Ralph overanalyzes everything and is going to have to relax and enjoy. 

I really enjoyed Ralph’s Foxtrot.  He is really a closet Broadway performer.  He will just have to fine tune some of those grand moves, but very entertaining and they pickedgreat music!  The crowd loved it as well.  Bruno: you are a great stomping hit.  Great showmanship.  Very difficult moves and he executed well.  (encouraged him to) Point your feet.  Carrie Ann:  Amzaing surprise.  Truly gorgeous.  (he) Shocked her.  Len:  great potential.  Loved the music.  Best foxtrot of the night.  (MAC- 8  )  Carrie Ann- 8,  Len-8,  Bruno 8 =  24   800.868.3408   Video

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke:  He danced the Cha Cha Cha.  Cheryl feels that Chris’ muscalar body can be an obstacle at times, because he can look like he doesn’t have a neck.  Chris is kind of a Hottie, so I am sure it will be okay.

Chris has some work to do on the dance floor.  He has pretty good hip action and he looks like he has been waiting to dance on DWTS for the last few years; but some parts of this dance was a little awkward.  Carrie Ann:  Chippendale ChaCha.  Nailed every move.  Really good, but needs more content.  She feels that he can do more.  Len:  thinks his hips are allergic to music (ouch).  But he liked his energy.  (he thought that he) Came out and did well.  Bruno:  Dancing beast.  Sometimes unsteady, but always entertaining.  (MAC- 6 )  Carrie Ann- 7,  Len6   ,  Bruno6  = 19    800.868.3409  Video

Mike  and Lacey:  He danced the Foxtrot.  Mike is a card andce in practi he has fun with the fact that he is the least known Contestant and that he can’t dance.  He has a great personality and he is pretty likeable, so that will work well with winning fans.

Mike wasn’t exaggerating…..dancing is not his thing and he will have to really work at improving.  Extemely clunky moves and he just kind of stumped through it.  Len:  Well dancing is movement to music, you did move and there was music; but along the way, there was very little dance quality.   He has to redeem himself next week.   Bruno agreed:  the foxtrot is a smooth dance  the dance should flow.  (this was) Uncoordinated.  Sometimes you were smiling and then you look constipated (ouch).  Carrie Ann:  (she thought the other Judges were too hard on him) He kept it up.  Good effort. The foxtrot should be smooth and you weren’t.  You will have to work harder on the jive.  (MAC-   )  Carrie Ann-5 ,  Len-  4 ,  Bruno- 4 = 12    800.868.3410   Video

Kirstie and Maks:  This is the contestant that I have been looking forwad to.  Kirstie is as funny as all get out.  In practice, she is challenged to move quickly and she chokes that if she has to haul ass it will take her two trips.

I’m not surprised that Kirstie can move and she is sassy too!  Go girl.  She is shaking what her Mama gamve her.  Go girl!  And the crowd loves her.  Standing O and she deserves it!  Bruno: He likes what he sees.  Look who’s dancing.  (he feels that she is ) Just scratching at the service of what she can do. Best foot placement the best of the night.  Carrie Ann thought she was working it and she had Sizzle.    Len:  fun, entertaining.  It made him feel good and it looked like she felt good.  Well done.  Maks says that he is very impressed with her.  (MAC- 9  )  Carrie Ann-8 ,  Len 7  ,  Bruno 8  = 23    800.868.3411  Video