Last night’s Motown Night pushed the Idol Hopefuls to bring some of our favorite Soulful songs  to the Competition.

Over 30 million votes came in last night.  Ryan promises that we may be shocked.

Tonight Sugarland and American Idol Alum Jennifer Hudson are the Guests.

The Contestants have had a problem with their pitchiness over the past weeks.  Mark Anthony came by to assist the Contestants with their pitchiness.  He gave them a crash course on how to perform in front of large audiences.  Last night, Mark came in to watch backstage and see if his critique helped.  He didn’t always agree with Jlo’s advice last night (she will deal with him later on that one).   American Idol definitely came up when they got Jlo, because Mark Anthony is a huge perk.  He is there tonight…..wait is that Ice T next to him?   Video

Group performance:

 The group sing  Ain’t No Mountain High enough.  Okay, I don’t know what is going on, but this is the second week in a row that I liked the group performance.  I don’t know….really good music always works for me.  I liked some of the Contestants a little more than some, but overall it was entertaining and everyone contributed appropriately.  Video

Guest Performance

 Sukie Sukie!  Stevie Wonder is in the house!  He is singing ‘Signed, Sealed and Delievered and jamming like only Stevie can.   Steven Tyler is tickled pink!  I can’t lie, so am I.  Stevie calls out to Steven and starts off the singing (Stevie style) ‘Happy Birthday to You’.   Wow!  This was really cute and Steven is genuinely touched and speechless.  Video

I would say that the show is off to a great start!

Ford Music Video:   ‘All This Beauty’  Video



Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano and Scotty McCreery take the stage.

All 3 received positive  reviews from the Judges and they are all through (duh….winning!)  Video


Guest Performance:

Sugarland performs ‘Stuck Like Glue’

I really like these guys, I have never seen them and they didn’t sound good.  I love when Musicians sound better than their CD.  Video

We learn a little bit more about the Idols.  James is a diehard Wrestling fan and the contestants spend a lot of time all getting their tussle on.   Video



James Durbin and Paul take the stage.

James  and Paul both wowed the Judges,   butRyan says that they are not safe.  Everyone is like No way!  And of course, it’s a no way, because they aren’t safe cause Hulk Hogan comes out and James almost passes out.  Hulk announces that the two guys are safe and going on tours.  Then he shows off some of his fake wrestling moves and knocks Ryan out.  Gosh, it would really be entertaining, if these stunts weren’t stunts.  Lol!  Hulk gives James a souvenir and I think the guy is crying!  Video

By this time everyone left should be nervous.  All of the spaces are still available for the bottom 3.



Jacob, Thia and Stefano take the stage.

Jacob was Loved and kissed by the judges and he is safe!

Thia made a welcome change in her performacne last night, but she is in the bottom 3

Stefano didn’t connect with the song or audience last night and is in the bottom 3Video

Naima, Haley and Casey take the stage.

Naima sang and danced up a storm and she is safe.

Haley got downright and soulful last night is safe!  

Casey’s growl was original and out of control and he is in the bottom 3.  Wow….didn’t see that coming.  Video


Guest Performance

Jennifer Hudson is in the house!  Performs new song  ‘Where you at’.  She looks and sounds fabulous.  Wow….she is so tall next to Ryan or is it that he is so short next to J-hud?  Cute….she has fellow American Idol Alum George Huff singing background.  Video


Thia is safe.

OMG, Casey and Stefano are still at risk!

The person with the lowest amount of votes is Casey……Wow!  Video

Stefano is safe

Casey sings ‘I don’t need no doctor”  to save his life.  Video

The Judges stop his performance.  Randy says, We know who you are, we don’t need to hear you sing.  The Judge have made a decision to use their one save and save Casey. 

Casey is so moved that he goes over and hugs the Judge; next he runs over to hug his parents.

Now the crowds of people (who didn’t vote for him) are chanting ‘Casey, Casey, etc

Jlo reveals that they don’t know why he was at the bottom, they want him to get back to the Musician that he is and he deserves to be here.

Randy tells him that he has skills and he doesn’t need to growl anymore.

Wow….they are really giving him a lot of feedback on his mistakes.

And it has been decided that the Top 11 will go out on Tour.  Video

First Stevie and now this.