Tonight the stars will pick songs that are close to their heart and tell a personal story.  Should be interesting as the Stars get close and personal.  I predict there will be a lot of crying tonight.

The DWTS troupe gives us a sample of  the dances that we will see tonight:  The Paso Doble, The Rumba and  The Samba

I guess we have this troupe of dancers now, because it was becoming too much for the Pros to train the Stars each week and do the sample dances too.

Carrie Ann is engaged and apparently, her Fiance proposed to her on tv!  Nice!  Congrats!

Wendy & Tony:  They danced the Foxtrot to ‘Last Night a DJ Save my Life’.   She wants to bring how she started her career in Radio and being a DJ and what her struggles were.  Wow, she was on the radio for 23 years?  Who knew?  Not I said the Cat! The dance tonight was a continuation of last week’s sleeper.  Jeez, Tony has slowed the pace down to a crawl.  I know that Wendy has a fanbase through her Talkshow, but she should be in major trouble after tonight’s performance.   Len: would like to see emotion expressed throughout the dance.  He thought her dance was lacking in emotion and fluidity.  She failed to tell her story of the hard work that she went through to get where she is.  Bruno acknowledges that her struggle was hard.  But the foxtrot has to glide and at times it looked like she put down roots (like a tree?  Ouch).  Carrie Ann respects what she has gone through as a Woman who followed her dreams.    This week, Wendy took a little step backwards.  There is more inside her and she would like to see that come out of her.  (MAC-5) Carrie Ann-5, Len-5, Bruno-5= 15   800. 868.3402  Video

Chelsea and Mark:  They danced the Cha Cha Cha.   She has picked a song that was written for her that is uniquely name Chelsea penned  by her first love.  Chelsea is struggling with the sexiness of the dance.  But by the looks of her performance, I guess that she found her sexiness.  This was a cute and flirty Cha Cha.  Chelsea will need to improve her hip movements.    Wow, listen to the lyrics, this guys was really in love with her and what a great way to plug his music as well.  Bruno: ( he’s out his seat gyrating, so we know that he is happy)  He could feel the excitement running through her and also the bite of her first love and (this was)  a great cha cha.  Carrie Ann:  Big fan of love and of that Cha Cha.  She thinks that Chelsea is adorable.  If she can work a little more on the hip action.  Len:  This was her best dance!  Well done.  (MAC-7) Carrie Ann-7, Len-8, Bruno-8= 23 out of 30.    800. 868.3401   Video

 Chris & Cheryl:  They danced the Rumba.  He picked ‘Let It Be’  in honor of his Mom.  Chris’ Mother was a huge motivator for him after she had a terrible accident and continued to encourage him to pursue his dreams as a Wrestler.  She passed in 2005 and he played this song at his funeral.  After that heartbreaking emotional story, Chris could have bombed and probably have still scored.  But this was a beautiful dance that would have made his Mother proud.  Nice.  Carrie Ann: It was a beautiful tribute to his Mom.  So glad that he got to tell the story and create a wole hip action.   Hip action was a little strange.  Great emotion and great  job.   Len:  Coreography can cover up a great multitud of errors.  The lines or poses were excellent.  This was a very tough dance.  Excellent job.  Bruno:  You brought a geat deal of warmth.  Yo have to flow continuousy.  (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann- 7, Lenn-7, Bruno-7 =21 out of 30.           800. 868.3409   Video

Kendra & Louis:  They danced the Rumba to ‘You and Me’.  Kendra’s dance is about all of the drama that she encountered when she first met her husband NFL star Hank.  Hank and her very cute son came to lend support.   Oh…shaky beginning, she almost lost her balance when she started.  There were some difficult moves in the choreography, but the dance just didn’t flow all the way through.  I don’t know if she ever moved out of the awkward stage for me.  I like her story though.  Len:  He didn’t lik the unneccesary gyration.  and unstable at times.  H was impressed with her beautiful feet an leg action.  Bruno  Nothing wrong with a good stripper.  Hot and arousing.  Very good job. Carrie Ann- That was hot, hot, hot.  She likes tha she is celebrating her sensuality.  (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-8, Len7 Bruno-8= 23 out of 30.     800. 868.3407  Video

Romeo & Chelsie:  They danced the Rumba to ‘Ill be there’.   He dedicated his performance to his two cousins that he lost at a very early age and how his family came together after the losses.  Romeo got emotional and kind of threw a temper tantrum during practice.   Tonight, Romeo seemed a little uncertain in the beginning of the dance, but by the mid to end of the performance, he had gained his confidenc and it was lovely to watch.  Bruno:  You really put your heart and soul in it and it showed, but something goes astray with his footwork.  He still thinks that Romeo is a very fine young man.  Carrie Ann:  Something very nice about the way he committed emotionally and he worked on refining his movements this week.  Len:  Last week a huge step forward, this week a huge step back.  (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann- 7, Len-6, Bruno-7= 20 out of 30.      800. 868.3405   Video

Hines & Kym:  They danced the  Samba to Fantasy.  He dedicated this dance to his Mother who sacrificed and worked to raise him as a single parent.  I don’t know what it is about tonight, but everyone seems to be starting off pretty rocky.  When he got going, he really flowed and he was totally in tune with the music.   Carrie Ann:  Boo-yah!  Baby’s got Bounce!  Mama must be proud.  Len:  Everyone is proud of him, even Len.  Bruno: (I think he said he was happy about the bouncing butt and something about a Happy Hour?)  I couldn’t tell.  (MAC-8) Carrie Ann: 9, Len-8, Bruno-8= 25 out of 30    800. 868.3403

Petra & Dmitry:  They danced the Waltz to You Raise Me up.  She struggled with the fluidity of the dance and keeping her neck up in practice.  I thought that this was a gorgeous and graceful dance accompanied with beautiful music.  This was the best dance of the night!  Len: It had Grace, elegance and fluidity.  Each week, it changes from week to week (who is the best), but you’re the one this week.  Bruno:  You look like a vision from heaven and you dance like an angel.  Beauty is great, but your heart is more.  Carrie Ann:  That is what makes the dance so special.  You’ve gone from Super Model to super dancer.  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann- 8, Len-9, Bruno-8= 25 out of 30.            800. 868.3404    Video

Sugar Ray & Anna:  They danced the Paso Doble to My Prerogative.   His story is about beating the odds in his career and this song was what played when he returned to the ring to reclaim his title.  Oh wow….they have the official voice from the Fighting World there  to introduce Sugar.  I really wanted to love this one for Sugar, but I just didn’t.  I liked it, but he music was all wrong for a Paso Doble and it threw it off for me.  Bruno:  The raging Bull fighting spirit got him back in business. He still needs to  work on refinement.  Carrie Ann– She saw a lot of improvement.  Great performance.  Len:  Tonight, he is stronger and he fought back.  Well done. (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Bruno-7= 20 out of 30       800. 868.3406   Video

Kirstie & Maks:  They danced the Rumba to Over the Rainbow.   Her story is about how she found hope after the tragedy of losing her Mother in a Car Accident that almost claimed the life of her Father at the same time that she learned that she won her first role as an actress on Star Trek.  Kirstie and Maks’ dance had many challenges tonigt.  There were several stumbles and falls.  I think that Maks is hurt.  Seriously. Maks says that his thigh just gave out and it hs nothing to do with her.   Carrie Ann:  thought that they had a beautiful touching moment and that they did a wonderful job.  Len:  Dancing is like life.  You overcame it.  You got up.  Well done.  Bruno:  Once you got up, it was better than ever.  (MAC-7) Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-7= 21                    800. 868.3411    Video

Ralph and Karina:  They danced the Rumba to ‘Stay Gold’. whic was the song from The Outsiders and his wedding song.  This week is also his wedding Anniversary as well.  He dedicates this song to his beautiful wife Phyllis.  Nice.  Another performance that was really connected to the audience and his wife.  I think that Ralph will have to work on his sexy hip moves, so that they flow a little more.  But he will perfect it in the next few weeks.  Len:  The routine was crisp and clear, but it needed a bit more refinement and work on your hands and feet; more hip action. Overall the look was appealing.   Bruno: Very beautiful dance.  You do this kind of spatatula thing with your hand.  I’ve  told you about the hands since week one. I know she is not your wife, but deal with her,  she is beautiful.  That is part of the dance that I want to see.  Carrie Ann:  thought it was a very sweet rumba and he was doing it  for  his wife.  She advised him to work on his core strength.  She thought his dan was sweet and moving.  (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-7 = 21 out o 30         800. 868.3408   Video