The top 9 will become the top 8 tonight.  Last night, the contestants competed telling their own personal stories through their dance.  This is how they scored:

Petra & Dmitry- 25

Hines & Kym-25

Chelsea & Mark-23

Kendra & Louis-23

Ralph & Karina-21

Chris & Cheryl- 21

Kirstie & Maks-21

Romeo & Chelsie-20

Sugar Ray & Anna-20

Wendy & Tony- 15

Recap and the Results after the Jump 

Repeat Performance:

 Hines & Kym got the nod to repeat their wonderful Samba.  Oh..and they are safe!


Sugar Ray was prepared for his comeback last night and pleased the Judges and earned 20 & he is safe!

Romeo got mixed reviews from the Judges and he earned 20 & he is safe!


Guest Performance:

One Republic performs ‘Good Life’.  Lacey & Dmitry perform.  Video


Backstage Talk with Brook interviewing Petra & Dmitry and Kirstie & Maks.  Brooke pulled a Ryan Seacrest move and played the footage from the now infamous fall and stumble and trip dance and tries to get them to comment on it.  Bravo!  Neither bit! 

Petra’s Waltz was beautiful and she is safe….duh…Winning!

Wendy’s Foxtrot didn’t save her life and she is in jeopardy!

Backstage Footage of the Stars  Video

Guest Performance

Selena Gomez performs ‘Who Says’  Video


Chelsea & Mark and Kendra & Louis

Chelsea got sexy with her Cha Cha and she earned a 23.  She is safe!

Kendra’s Rumba was hot and arousing earning her a 23.  She is in jeopardy!

The Pros weigh in on their thoughts of the Matches tonight.  Video

Guest Performance:

One Republic performs All the Right Moves Video


Chris & Cheryl and Ralph & Karina and Kirstie & Maks

Chris gave a beautiful tribute to his Mother and earned a 21.  He is in jeopardy!

Ralph needs to refine his moves and get personal with Karina and he earned a 21.  He is safe!

Kirstie‘s  video played twice in one night!  Wow!  They earned a 21.  And they are safe…duh!

Final Elimination:

Kendra and Louis are safe!

The couple with the lowest combined total and leaving is Wendy and Tony

Chris and Cheryl are safe.           Video