The show starts off with asking ‘Who is your Favorite’.  And you know what?  I honestly don’t know.  Everyone gave a decent performance last night, so it is anyone’s contest!

I’m thinking tonight’s Elimination will be completely unexpected and shocking, since Ryan already dropped a hint that we will be surprised.

Group Performance:

They perform I love Rock and Roll  & My Baby Wrote me a Letter and Sweet Home Alabama.  Several times this season, I have liked the group performance.  Either I’m getting used to it or they are doing a really good job lately.    Lol.  For someone who doesn’t want to sing a song about doing the nasty, Jacob sure does love doing pelvic gyrations.  Video

Ford Music Video:

Love Gun:    I don’t know what to say.  2 for 2, I liked this one too!   Video

Gues Mentor:

American Idol’s ‘Charismatic Coach’ Russell Brand came out to Mentor to the Idols about being the whole package when you work out.  I love Russell Brand.  His unconventionalness is his greatest attribute.  I think he helped them, but I hope that no one takes his advice and takes their clothes off.   Charismatic Coach huh?  Did they make that up?  Have I missed that title in past seasons?  And coincidentally, Russell’s new film Arthur hits the big screen this weekend.  Bloody Hell indeed!   Video


Casey, Lauren & Stefano take the stage.

Casey brought back the base and reclaimed his coolness.  The Judges loved him.  He is safe!

Stefano got the Judges arguing last night.  Randy was not feeling him and he is in the bottom 3!

Lauren wowed the Judges last night with the exception of Randy.  She is safe!

Guest Performance

Constantine Maroulis  performs ‘Unchained Melody’.  Hmmm…..when Ryan introduced Constantine, I thought that Iggy Pop was about to perform when he started out with the description that he paved the way for other Rockers on this show.  Lol.  I see that Constantine is still working the pouty sultry eye thing that he does!    Video

Backstage of Gwen Stefani Styling the Idols.    Video


Paul rocked the house last night and he is safe!

Scotty got his Elvis on in a good way last nightand the Judges loved him and he is safe. 

Pia did her thing last night, but for some reason America didn’t get it and she is in the bottom 3.

TMZ provided some media training to the Idols on how to handle their fame.  Interesting……


James, Haley & Jacob take the stage.

James got emotional and connected with the Judges and America.  He is safe!

Haley got her Rocker on  last night and she is safe!

Jacob blew the Judges away with his performance last night, but he is in the bottom 3.

Bottom 3 are Jacob, Pia and Stefano.


Guest Performance

A Shirtless Iggy Pop performs   Wild One.  All I can say is Wow!  Video

Final Elimination

Ryan (Cruella Deville)  scares Jacob by telling him that he will be leaving us and returning to the couch.  He’s safe!

Stefano is safe!   Oh wow…….Pia is going home!   I like Stefano, but I am surprised, because Pia has been such a fan favorite.  Video

Jlo is teary eyed and the Judges cannot believe that she is going home.  At this point, Stefano is feeling like chopped liver as everyone expresses their shock that Pia is going home. Video

I’m surprised too.  You never know….