Sugar Ray and Anna are eliminated! 

Here is the recap!

The Results Show is sure to be a shocker tonight.  I saw a Spoiler Headline when I logged online tonight indicating that an unexpected pair were eliminated, so it sounds like Kendra will not be eliminated!  Thanks for your votes on my poll and she was the favorite to leave tonight.

Well Alright!  I am really enjoying the band;  They open with a stirring rendition of ‘Walk This Way’.  Aerosmith and Run DMC are pleased I’m sure.  This is great, I hope that DWTS continues this new tradition of Classical Week.

Jennifer Hudson will be in the house tonight performing her new song.

Videos and recap after the jump!



Chelsea & Mark’s Viennese Waltz was put them at the top of the Score board last night with 26  inspite of Len’s criticism and they are in jeopardy?

Hines & Kym’s Paso was brilliant earning them a 25 and the Judge’s praises and they are Safe!

Ralph & Karina earned a 25 with their graceful and glorious  Waltz was graceful and glorious and they are Safe!

Len tries to clean up the  impact of his criticisms of Chelsea and Mark’s Choreography by pointing out that he also said that she was a great Dancer.  Yes, we know that the Judge’s words influence voters.  Too little too late Len!

Repeat Performance

Chelsea and Mark get the nod to repeat their wonderful Viennese Waltz!

Tom and Brooke announce that next week they will have ‘Patriot Week’ where all song will be performed paying tribute to the USA.  Corny video of  ’Cornel Len’ whipping the Contestants into shape for next week.


Guest Performances:

Jennifer Hudson performs I remember Me.  She looks and sounds great!  Louis and Karina Perform  Video



The next 3  couples all earned a score of 23

Romeo and Chelsie’s Paso Doble  showed his power and aggression and they are safe!

Petra and Dmitry scored big time with their  Paso Doble are in jeopardy!  What@!!!!

Chris and Cheryl got mixed reviews last night for his Paso Doble with of course Len being the Judge who was not happy and they are safe!



3 lowest Scoring Couples

Kirstie & Maks scored a 22 with their VienneseWaltz inspite of her losing her shoe!   They are safe!

Sugar Ray &  Anna received a 21 for their charming Waltz and they’ re in jeopardy!

Kendra & Louis failed to impress the Judges last night  and earned an 18 (ouch… Louis stated that he was embarrassed about Kendra’s comment about not caring) and they are safe!


Backstage footage from the Pros decribing how difficult it is to continue to come up with new and exciting choreography each week.


Guest Performance:

Beautiful Swan Lake Performance especially chorographed for DWTS.  Extraordinary!  Video


Guest Performance:

Jennifer Hudson performs ‘Feeling Good’ accompanied by the Orchestra for the last time. Excellent!    Video


Final Elimination:

Sugar Ray & Anna, Petra & Dmitry and Chelsea & Mark are our Bottom 3.

Petra and Dmitry are sent back to safety first!

Chelsea and Mark are safe!

Sugar Ray and Anna leave the competition!  Wow!  didn’t see this coming.  I like Kendra, but based on the performances, it wasn’t  Sugar Ray’s time to leave yet!