The show starts off with the footage of Pia being eliminated last week.    I was surprised that she went home, but I am more surprised at the amount of attention the elimination captured during this past week.  As Ryan tells us each week “Every vote counts” and if you don’t know… you know!  American Idol really wants us to know and understand that when our favorite goes home, it is our fault!

Ryan Congratulates Jennifer Lopez for landing the #1 spot at the People Magazine as the World’s Most Beautiful.  Hubby Mark Anthony is in the house to support his lovely wife.  Nice.  Ryan contines to have fun with Jlo throughout the night referencing to her #1 status.

Paula Abdul is at home hella pissed tonight.  Her refusal to come back to American Idol has renewed Jlo in so many ways!

Recap and Videos after he jump!

The Contestants will sing a song from a Movie Soundtrack. There is such a wide range of songs to pick from, I hope that they make wise choices!

Paul McDonald:  He sang ‘Old Time Rock And Roll‘  from Risky Business.  So it looks like Will I Am will be acontinued presence in the mentoring portion of the competition.  Hmmm…this is one of my favorites, so I am quite the critic.  I wasn’t feeling Paul’s singing tonight, but I always like his stage presence.  One question?  Where does he get his clothes from?  I mean this flowered sparkling suit is a one of a kind.  Steven:  He wants to borrow the suit.  He liked it.  Jlo:  Every time he comes out, he goes a little bit further.  Every week, he is  more polished.  He thought that he  killed it.  Randy:  America just witnessed the first number of the Paul McDonald Concert.  He’s an original.  (I gotta rewind)  Video  1.866.436.5701

Lauren Alaina:  She sang  ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus from The Hannah Montana Movie .  Jimmy Levine state the obvious that Lauren is so much a stronger singer than Miley (well duh!  I’m a much stronger singer lol) and she needs to steal the votes from Pia’s fans; now that she is gone and all.   Jlo:  loved hearing her sing that.  She loves the tear in her voice, but  she wants her to go further.  She feels that Lauren doesn’t need to steal votes, she will earn them on her own.  Randy: he  loves that the Lauren that they first saw is back.  You sang that song like it was written for you.   Amazing.  Steven:  You were the first Idol that we thought of when we heard you.  Beautiful.  You move me beyond tears.         Video          1.866.436.5702

Stefano Langone:  He sang ‘The End of the Road’ from Boomerang.  Stefano wants to start new and fresh, since it is pretty hard to be the person that so many felt should have went home.  Hmmm….unfortunately, this song didn’t work for him (for me).  This song is just too huge and Wanya (from Boys 2 Men) sang this song with all of his heart and soul.  Stefano’s version was okay, but it just made me look for the original on my IPOD.  I like Stefano, but I wouldn’t have picked this song for him.  Standing O, so I guess I’m alone on that critique.  Randy: He feels that Wanya will text him and say that Stefano slayed the song.   This was his best vocals in the cometition.  Steven:  The Stefano that America is looking for was here tonight.  This is not the end of the road for him.  Jlo:  It’s about being a great performer, you now you understand it.  (I gotta rewind)  Video     1.866.436.5703

Scotty McCreery:  He sang ‘Across My Heart’  from the movie ‘Pure Country’.  Scotty did his Country thing.  I’m not the biggest Country Fan, but I’m sure that this guy could make some money, if he cuts a record. He is a sure thing!  The Country world will love him!  Steven:  I just love your voice.  You did it again and picked a just right song.  Jlo:  Everyone wants us to be tougher on you guys, but you all are so damn good.  Wow!  Really good.  Not my favorite choice of song, but you performed it beautifully.  Randy:  Loved him singing this song.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  A Star is born on this stage.  Randy is a huge ginormous fan of Scotty!  Video           1.866.436.5704

Casey Abrams:  He sang ‘Nature Boy’ by Nat King Cole.  He went against the advice of Jimmy and Will I Am to sing what he was feeling; they wanted him to sing ‘In the air tonight’.  Casey gives a Great rendition of the song and he is accompanied by his base.  I think that his best performances have been when he plays his base!  He has a sore throat though and he keeps clearing it, but he is so enjoyable, you don’t even care.  He slays it an he get a Standing O from the Judges.  Jlo: She wasn’t feeling it initially, but with all the different music genres being represented this season, she hopes that America will  get it.  Randy:  He is so happy that this season they have real true Artists on the show.  This guy is a Jazz kind of Artist.  There is a place for you (in the music world).  Makes him proud to judge Jazz stars as well as Pop stars.  Steven:  True Artist.  Steven likes that he took a song that his Mom sang to him  when he was a boyand made it his own.  He is the truest sense of the word Artist.  (I love Steven, but sometimes, he sounds like a Hallmark Card-Thanks Dana).  Video              1.866.436.5705

Haley Reinhart:  She sang ‘Call Me’ by Blondie from American Gigolo.  I guess this was okay, but never in a million years would I pick this song to sing toshow off my skills.  Randy:  He didn’t love the beginning, it got better.  He thought it was very Karoake.  Not a singers song to show off her skills as a singer.  Steven:  He agrees, but he thought that she nailed the chorus.  He loved her outfit (It was a really cute dress, but when doesn’t Steven love the girls outfit).  Jlo:  Loves when she wails at the end.  She agrees with Randy, but she  is scared if she says anything negative, because she doesn’t want any more girls to get voted off , but it   wasn’t the best.  After two killer performances that she just gave in the last couple of weeks, Haley needs to keep it at that level.  Video          1.866.436.5706

Rob Reiner, Hank Azaria and Elvira are there.  How random is that? I haven’t seen Elvira in forever.

Jacob Lusk: He sang ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ from ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’.   I love that Jimmy chastised him for being cocky last week.  He’s right, he doesn’t have a record out yet, so he should slow his roll before he chastizes America.  I’m so glad that Jimmy and Will i am advised him to sing Bridge over his first choice  which sounded pretty boring.  This song showed off Jacob’s gorgeous vocals.  Excellent!  It’s kind of funny to watch Jacob though, he wants to overkill it so bad that he is almost shaking; but he remembers the Judge’s critiques and he forces himself to keep control…..and it works!  Steven:  It’s amazing how angelic you sing.  God Bless you and your amazing voice!  Jlo:  Who does that?  You pulled the chills out of me!  Randy:  I believe you!  I love that you took your time.  It was perfect!  Congrats!  Video   1.866.436.5707

James  Durbin:   He sang ‘Heavy Metal’ from the movie Heavy Metal.   Jimmie advised him not to sing this song.  James decided to be true to himself and he respectflly rejected the advice of Jimmy and Will i am.  Before he even starts, I’m pretty sure that he will pull this off okay for his fans.  James has great stage presence and that always works for him.  I wasn’t a fan of the song, but I’m not the target heavy metal audience.   His Heavy Metal fans will probably be jumping up and down.   Jlo:  Give it up!  That felt really really real.  They are killing the performances tonight.  Who would have thought we would have Metal on American Idol.  Randy:  You guys were just at a James Durbin Contest with the great  Zack Wylde playing the Base.  Hopefully America will bring back Metal.  Steven:  Outstanding!  He is glad that he went with his feelings.  Steven pokes fun at Will and Jimmy that James prevailed inspite of their advice.   Video         1.866.436.5708

Weak Links: Haley and Paul