Ryan says that over 53 million votes came in last night. 

Idol Duet

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery sing ‘American Honey’.  They do an excellent job and they sound like something off the radio.  Both of them can definitely be Country Superstars!   I think that Scotty has a little ‘Justin Bieber’ in him because he is winking at the girls and feeling himself.  Ha!   Video

Ford Music Video

The Idols perform Animal.   Wow.  They really went through a process for this as they have been transformed into Zombies for the video.   I’m sure that they had a lot of fun, because the making of it looks likes some footage from ‘Thriller’.   This was a really cute video.  Making of the Video   Video

Haley and Casey perform ‘Moaning’.   Very Jazzy duet.  I’m feeling the duets this week.  Another great one that played to both of their strengths.  Haley definitely redeemed herself with this one.  Randy says ‘Yo, that’s what we love.  Jlo:  Like you have been doing it all your life.  Steven:  Thank you for whipping that up for us.  Video

Oh wait….the great Chaka Khan is in the audience. 


Haley, Casey, Lauren and Scotty are on the chopping block first.

Casey’s Nature Boy was genius and he is safe

Haley failed to Channel her inner Debbie Harry’s Blondie and she is in the bottom 3.

Lauren’s ‘The Climb’ moved the Judges and she is safe.

Scotty’s Across my heart’ showed his Star potential and he is safe!  (that’s why he is winking)  Video


Actor and Director Rob Reiner was the Idol’s Mentor for Film Week.  I’m not really sure how he is inspiring them, but I enjoy his movies and he’s always entertaining.  He does take time to clown on the Movie Catastrophe ‘From Kelly to Justin’.  Ha!  I didn’t even see the movie and I’m capping on it.  Video

Guest Performance:

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson perform ‘Don’t  You Want to Stay’.  Scotty is probably way juiced right now and wishing that he had his Cowboy hat on.    Kelly is spicy in her little interview with Ryan and flirts with Casey by calling him delicious.  Nice, I can see why this song went platinum.   Video

Group Performance:

Paul, Jacob, James and Stefano perform  ‘Sounds of Silence/Hey Ms Robinson  from The Graduate.  I know this is a classic and people love it, but the other two Idol performances tonight were outstanding and this just doesn’t stand out like the others.   I would have been a little pissed off like, give me something to make me standout!  Video

Jacob blew the Judges away with his performance  and he is safe.

Paul had the Judges digging them, but he is in the bottom 3.

James’ heavy Metal performance was awesome and he is safe.

Stefano proved he was in it to win it, but he is in the bottom 3.  Video

Our bottom 3 are Stefano, Paul & Haley!       

Oh snap!  I didn’t realize that Anita Baker was sitting next to Chaka Khan.  Ryan acknowledges the R & B Queens!

 Guest Performance

Rihanna performs ‘California King’.  Rihanna gives some info on her upcoming concert.  She looks great.  Video


Haley is sent back to safety!

Paul is going home!

Stefano (the Cat with 9 lives) is safe.               Video

Paul graciously sings his swan song and departs.   Video