We are halfway through and the Stars are hoping to really bring their ‘A’ game tonight ad keep their place in the competition.  Tonight, they will perform to Patriotic Music.  I have to admit, all of the idols picked great songs that complimented their perofrmance.   8 votes per phone line and per email.  Brooke urges us to use our votes wisely.

Ralph and Karina : They danced a Brazilian Samba to Sweet Home Alabama.  In practice, Ralph prepared with a hoola hoop drills to get his rhythm just righ.  Hmm…Ralph is aways enthusiastic and I love that they picked  fun music.  I actually like the Cowboy theme with this current music.  We will see what Len thinks.  Ralph has to work on his rhythm and refining his moves.  He’s kind of wild and free with his hand movement.  Len:  We’re halfway through.  One week, he thinks he is through and the next  week, not so much.  Lack of hip action.  Not terrible, but lacked alot of the quality that you like to see.  Bruno:  He agrees with Len.  He needs fire down below and get his loins moving.  Needs the latin feel give him sex.  Carrie Ann:  Mixing the Samba with Sweet Home Alabama.  Great entertainment.   (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-8, en-6, Bruno-7= out of 30.  Video        800. 868. 3408    

Chris and Cheryl: They performed the Viennee Waltz   to America The Beautiful.  Chris wants to get Len’s blessings tonight, since he hasn’t gotten higher than a seven ever from Len.  Ha!  He does a great impersonation of Len in practice.  I think that he might get that 8 from Len tonight.  I always enjoy Chris, so lets see what the Judges think.  Graceful and elegant with great control!  Loved it.  Bruno:  Big, yet graceful.  Strong yet delicate  Elegant.  Absolutely wonderful.  Carrie Ann:  In some was, we have underestimated you.   You are a Contender.   Len:  When you deserve an 8, I will give you one.  You will get it when you earn it. (of course, we know that he gave him an 8).  (MAC-9)  CArrie Ann-(, Len-8, Bruno-9= 25 out of 30.   Out of all the scores, Chris is happiest about the 8 from Len (he should be).  Video                800. 868. 3409 

Petra & Dmitry:  They performed the Quickstep to Elvis’s Viva Las Vegas.   Petra looks beautiful, but she also looks kind of stiff to me and a little unsure of herself when she starts.  She definitely mproves, but  lacks commitment to the dance to pull it off.  Carrie Ann: Thought that she took a bit of a back step tonight.  Len:  Thought that she coped well with the music.  The dance was very fast and the choreography was difficult.  Bruno:  Agrees with both of his colleagues.  You were like a Goddess, but sometime the moves get a bit dodgy (like dodgeball).  The quality was good.  (MAC-7), Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-8=22   Video          800. 868. 3404      

Romeo and Chelsea:  They danced the Foxtrot   to New York, New York.  In practice, Romeo struggled with getting his posture right, but he is hoping to show that he deserves to be there.   Excellent dance, choreography, posture and he brings his swagger tonight.  Romeo is downright charming tonight.  Uh-oh, his hands were kind of a mess with the way that he held them.  Len will love that.   Len:  The parts in the  hold had a lot of flare about it.  He thinks that he is on the right road and Romeo is a charming cat.  Bruno:  So cheeky and so well danced.  You maintained the style of the dance.  Carrie Ann:  That was so cool and so sophisticated.  Romeo  dedicates the dance to  friend diagnosed to Cancer.  Great job.  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann- 9, Len-8, Len-9= 26.   Video                800. 868. 3405 

Hines  and Kym:  They danced the Rumba to ‘Proud to be an American’.  They are hoping to be sexy and Romantic in their dance  and honor the American Theme.   Hines is always nice to watch, but I would have liked to see a little more hip action going on.   Or is it that I just like to see him shake what his Mama gave him?  I love the Officer and a Gentleman touch at the end.  Bruno:  He is officer and a Gentleman with an ease of move, just the right amount of sensuality.  Carrie Ann:  You make it look so easy.  Best hip action that she has seen in a long time.  Len:  He likes that it is not forced.  Ease and an elegance.  His best dance (for Len).  (MAC-8).  Carrie Ann- 9, Len-9, Bruno-9= 27.  Video          800. 868. 3403

Kirstie and Maks:  They danced the Fox Trot  to America Woman.  Kirstie is hoping to be the front runner in the competition and put her dancing mishaps behind her.  Has anyone noticed how much Maks likes Kirstie?  He is so nice to her!  Usually he is snapping at his partner to get them on task.  But with her, he is always laughing  having a good time.  The power of laughing is great medicine. In practice, Kirstie calls in John Travolta AKA ‘The Dance Doctor’.  I have been waiting for him to show up, since he is her BFF and all.  He encourages them to have some romantic moments, so that the audience can see their connection. Oh no….they take a long time to get started.  Len hates usually hates that!    This was interesting…..it came across more like a Paso Doble.  And sadly (because I really like Kirstie) ….I didn’t love it. It was awkward, but she kept her shoes on, so that’s a start.   Standing O.  Carrie Ann: Different take on a foxtrot.  Borderline crazy.  Magical and best dance ever. (gotta rewind)   Len:  It had attitude and the basic steps, but it wasn’t his cup of tea.  He is looking for excellence, but there was very little.  Bruno:  The American woman and Russian Gigolo.  Bruno: is looking forward to booking some time with Maks.  He loved it.  (I am really off tonight).  (MAC-6) Carrie Ann-8, Len-7, Bruno-8= 23 out of 30.  Video         800. 868. 3411

 Kendra and Louis:  They had the honor of performing the 1,000 dance of DWTS.  Kendra and Louis performed  to  Yankee Doodle Dandee.  Kendra feels attacked over the elegance word thing.  Hmmm….Kendra, you brought up the elegance thing and now you are upset that people are commenting on it.    This was cute and Kendra looks like she is giving it her all, but I think that Louis kind of let her down with the choreography.  They are kind of marching about in true Yankee Doodle Fashion.  Nothing special happened intheir routine and  I was hoping for more.  Len:  Much better than last week.  Fun.  Well done.  Bruno:  Cute.  You have to be in the moment.  Carrie Ann:  This was the most confidence that she had.  Most patriotic dance of the night.   (gotta rewind) (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-8, Len-7, Bruno: 7= 22    Video         800. 868. 3407

Chelsie and Mark:  They danced the Samba to Miley Cyrus ‘Party in the USA’.  Mark is very wisely choosing to be traditional with his choreography.  I like Chelsea!  She is one of the most likeable in the competition.  She has  the hip movements down; but there were parts of he dance that were off somewhat; but you don’t really care, because watching her makes it fun.  Bruno:  You had all the positive energy of America and the sizzle of Brazil and he though he moves were really clan.  She’s a really good dancer.  Carrie Ann:  She is a good dancer.  This was fantastic.  Len:  This was real good fun.  You messed up a little, but otherwise….Well Done.  (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann-9, Len-8, Bruno-9=26 out of 30.  Video  800. 868. 3401 

Okay, is it just me or are the Contestants giving the most PC answers to all of Brooke’s questions?  They could all be Politicians.  Just answer the Questions!!!!  They never really do that!  We really want to know who they think is their biggest competition!  Or at least I do.  Me and Brooke do.