Petra and Dmitry were eliminated tonight!

Here’s the Recap!

American Patriot Week brought out some of the best performances yet from our Stars! 

Color me Happy!  Toby Keith will perform 2 songs tonight!

Recap and videos after the jump!


Hines and Kym  at the top with 27 points after their Patriotic Perfect Routine and they are safe!

Kirstie and Maks in the middle with 23 points.  The Judges were pleased with their performance last night, but they are in jeopardy!  


Repeat Performance:

Romeo and Chelsea got the nod and they deserved it!  I’m wondering when his Dad Master P will show up.  There has been so much discussion about him this season it is like he is a Participant as well.  Well Done Romeo!   Video

Guest Performance:

Toby Keith Performs ‘Should’ve been a Cowboy’Maks and Lacey perform with the DWTS TroupeVideo

Backstage talk:

Brooke speaks with Chelsea and Mark, Romeo and Chelsie & Chris and Cheryl.  Romeo does a strange accent lightweight threatening Hines about his Colgate smile.  A little strange….


Chris and Cheryl made America and the Judges proud last night and they earned a 26 and they are in jeopardy!

Romeo and Chelsie were dazzling last night and they also earned a 26 and they are safe!

Chelsea and Mark shook their groove thing last night and they also earned a 26 and they are safe!


Dancing with the Stars exposed!  Mike tells us like it is!  Video

Guest Performance:

Macy’s American Dream Dancers perform ‘Tight Rope.  What great stimulating choreography.  Almost too stimulating, it’s like I can’t focus!  Video


Brooke speaks with Petra & Dmitry, Kendra & Louis and Ralph & Karina who are tied for the lowest scores with 22.

Petra and Dmitry got mixed feedback from the Judges and America thought so too!  They are in jeopardy.

Ralph and Karina had themselves a hoe down time last night, but they need to get sexy by next week, because they are safe.

Kendra and Louis performed in true Yankee Doodle Fashion and they are safe!

Guest Performance

Toby Keith performs  American Soldier.    Video

Tom and Brooke announce that Toby will be leaving on a major tour soon.  But the bigger announcement is that Mark Ballas’ rumored love Pia Toscano from American Idol will sing on  DWTS while Mark performs with the other Dancers to his Choreography.  Just friends…..huh?

Judge’s Breakdown:

The Judges provide us with all of the information that we already know about what they are looking for.

Final Eliminations:

Kirstie and Maks are safe!

Len finally reveals why he is so grumpy, because neither of these couples deserve to be in the bottom 2!

Chris and Cheryl are safe!

Petra and Dmitry leave the Competition!  Petra comes across as genuinely sweet and likeable.  I’m sorry to see her go, but someone has to go each week.  She’s a classy lady and she leaves gracefully!  Video