The top 7 will sing Music of the 21st Century tonight!  Yes….They have a million songs to sing from, let’s hope that they choose wisely!

The Top 13 reunite tonight to sing ‘So What’ by Pink.  The Girls actually sound really good.  Then…..Enter Paul.  He’s got on one of his flowered suits, so I will forgive the off-key that he has going.  Right now the only one who really means these lyrics is Pia, because she totally blew up after getting eliminated.  Actually, getting eliminated was probably the best thing that has happened to her since getting on American Idol.  And her ‘friend’ Mark Ballas is in the audience.  Pia will be singing a song on Dancing With The Stars for a routine that her ‘friend’ Mark choreographed.  Video

This week, before each performance, we will see each Idol get roasted by their fellow Contestants.   Funny!  My favorite Roast of the night is Scotty’s, because every word is oh so true!

Scotty McCreery:  He sang ‘Swingin’ by LeAnn Rhimes.    Jimmy encouraged Scotty to bring a little Rockstar to his peformance.   I can’t get over how mature this kid comes across.  Anyway, same ol’ Scotty, I am looking for something new.  He sounds good, but where is the Rockstar?  I kinow that this kid has a huge Fanbase, but eventually, he will have to bring a little mor to the table.   Steven:  He loves him, but he would love to see him sashaying around the stage  a bit more.  JLo:  Loves his storytelling quality, but she’s not sure …… at this point of the competition, he has to pull out the big guns.  You had decades of music to pick from.   She was expecting more.  Randy:  At this point, we should be seeing who is in it to win it.  You have to bring it really hard.  That was so safe.  Kind of boring.  (ouch)   Could have been a better song to sing.   866.436.5401    Video       Performance

Preview of Jordin Sparks’ new song from ‘African Cats’.  I hadn’t thought about it, but when is Jordin going to put out another CD?  Video

James Durbin:  He sings ‘Uprising’ by Muse.   He is hoping to be contemporary and yet remain true to himself.   I’m smiling, because this was a nice one from James.  I think that I like him more when he is a little more low key.  He still is a straight Rocker, but he’s a Rocker with a marching band who is hitting  some unbelievably high notes.  I think that this was his best performance to date.    JLo:  That will be the best performance of the night theatrically.  Amazing.  That was the highest we have ever heard you sing.  Randy:  Muse is one of my favorite bands.  This makes you a different kind of Artisit.  He agrees with Jlo that this will be the best of the night.  The lead singer from Muse Matt emailed him and encouraged James to hit the notes.  Steven:  You stay out of my closet.  Crazy good.  You Took it up again.          866.436.5702    Video      Performance

Haley Reinhart:  She sings ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele.   Powerful performance from Haley.  She has really matured in her performance and she toned down that  ‘too hot ‘quality that was too much. Tonight, she is just right.  Best performance from her as well.   Randy:  So listen, what he is looking for is what direction you will go in as an Artist.  He thinks that she picked a perfect direction for her.  Couple of pitch problems,but well done.  Steven:  Great performance, little slow in the start, but she brought it up in the middle.  beauiful. Jlo:  Takes a lot of gots to take on such a well known Album.  She brought a little bit of Haley in there and that is when she really shined.         866.436.5703    Video  Video

Jacob Lusk:  He sings ‘Dance With My Father’ by Luther Vandross.     Jacob is emotional about singing this song, because he lost his Father at an early age.  He faltered in the beginning, perhaps overwhelmed with his feelings?  He quickly recovered.  Another emotional performance.   I wasn’t blown away initially, but I thnk that he really pulled out the big guns with a strong ending.  Well done.  Steven:  Luther Lusk, you are so good.  Reminds him why he loves music.  He heard his Stumble, but he likes that he  pulled it together.   Jlo:  Hard to perform when a song means that much to you and keep the control.  Emotionally, it was a beautiful performance.  Steven:  Emotionally, it was a beautiful performance.  But the vocals didn’t make him jump up and down.  Needs to see him go for it.  Needs the church kid back.  (This is where the Judges confuse the contestants; they tell them to calm it down and be in control and then they tell him to bring it back.  Confusing.  But I agree with Randy).     866.436.5704    Video   Performance

Casey Abrams:  He sings ‘Harder to Breathe’ by Maroon 5.     Jimmy agrees with Casey’s choice tonight and he recognizes how stubborn he is and he has to let him do what he wants.  Especially since, Casey didn’t listen to Jimmy last week and he had one of his best performances.  What I love about this performance is that  it shows off how totally versatile Casey is.  Last week, he was rocking a tall Base and getting his blues on and this week he is a Rock Star.  I love that about him.  He’s the whole package.   Oh wow….he took the liberty of kissing Jlo as part of his performance (Mark Anthony is somewhere thinking WTF)  Standing O!  Jlo:  See now…..Casey is not playing fair.  Casey got soft lips.  (Steven interrupts to state that Casey did what he has been trying to do for four months; Mark Anthony is really thinking WTF now) .  The performance was great.  You brought your Casey-isms to it.  Really great.  Good Job!  Randy:  What I love abut Casey is it is always surprise, suprise, surprise.  (Randy) was a little worried when he heard Casey was doing a Maroon 5,  But dude, I enjoyed it.  What I said to Jacob is what you do every week.  You continue to take chances.  Amazing.  Keep taking chances.  Steven:  You already are a Cult hero. (I’m on the West Coast, so I don’t know what Steven said, we got a bleep!  One guess, it started with F).           866.436.5705    Video  Performance

Stefano Langone:  He sings ‘Closer’ by Neyo.      I love this song…..but I am immediately worried for Stefano when I hear that this is his song choice.   I always feel like I have to see NeYo dancing and working the stage when I hear this and tonight is no exception.  I know that he is taking chances and doing the ‘Star’ thing and he does sound good, but the dancing with the gyrations didn’t work.  In a big way!    Randy:  Wow, what’s going down?  He thought that it would be bad Karoake.  You turned me around; You smoothed it out.  Took your time singing it.  Proud of him.  Randy thought that he worked the dance stuff out (really).  Steven:  Hoped he would dance and he did.  Jlo:  Speaking for the ladies, she thought it was really really good.  Felt like a concert.  You owned the song.  Good Job.  866.436.5706    Video    Performance

Lauren Alaina:  She sang ‘Born to Fly’ by Sara Evans.        Jimmy brings in Roc Mafia (Miley Cyrus’ Producers) in to push her to get comfortable in front of singing in front of anyone.  It’s still hard for me to believe that Lauren is insecure about her voice (since it is so strong), but she is pretty young, so that will come with age and experience.  Lauren did  an excellent job.  Steven:  You are so good naturally, wonderful swagger.  He would like to hear more Shania Twain, Faith Hill or Allison Krause from her.  Jlo:  You do have such a special voice with so much character.  She encourages her to sing the big notes, because she can do it.  Practice at home.  Randy:  Ms Lopez is right on.  You think you can’t, but you can sing anything.  You must believe.   (I agree with them, Lauren is capable of big things!)    866.436.5707    Video  Performance

Closing Remarks Ryan thinks that tonight’s performances were exceptional.  It is very difficult to choose who to vote for, because they have turned it up.  JLo:  It’s crazy at this point.  Thinks that anyone can win at this point!  Steven says to Casey:  God says that all men are created equal.  Some are more equal that others!  (ouch….if you are not Casey)    Randy:  Anyone can win!  This is it, next week, go harder than you did this week.

Weak links?  Everyone did well, but there has to be a bottom 2:  Scotty and Jacob