Here is the Recap!  Last night we got some great performances from our Idol Hopefuls and I am wondering who will make it through to next week? 

At the start of the show, I am thinking that Casey, James and Haley are definitely advancing.

Ryan says that over 52 million votes came in last night.  To which I say… is that possible?  I vote once and feel like I contributed in a big way.

 Tonight Katy Perry with Knye West and David Cook will perform.

Ryan has small talk with the Judges.  Jlo hopes that a girl is not eliminated.  Most importantly, Mark Anthony was.  Steven promises to give the Backstage Editor something to worry about.

Group Duet:

Lauren, Jacob, Stefano and Haley perform Jupiter’s ‘Hey Soul Sister’.  Decent performance, but it’s nothing to write home about.  Video

Ford Music Video:

 ‘World’   Video


Group Performance:

Casey Scotty and James  perform Viva La Vida  Video      Just last week, I found myself  liking  the duets and group performances.  This week, they have put me back in my The group numbers are not necessary mood.

Ryan gives Jacob the opportunity to respond to his ‘Diva’ personality that the other Contestants  believe that he possesses.  He promises to get them back for their accurate discription from them.  Hahaha.  More small talk from the rest of the contestants.


Casey got love from all of the judges last night and he is safe!

 Jacob was emotional last night with his performance, but Randy wanted more from him and so did America!  He is in the bottom 3Video

Guest Performance:

David Cook sings ‘The Last Goodbye’.  Good to hear from David!  He is another of the Idols that I would like to see more and hear more from.  Cute.  His Mom came to see her son and meet Steven Tyler.  If this were a Soap Opera, it would turn out that he was his father.  Video

Backstage footage of the Idols having fun enjoying all of the Perks of being on the show.  Video


Lauren needs to challenge herself and learn to be more confident so that she can show off her incredible vocals and she is safe.

James slayed it last night; the Judges felt that he was the best performance of the night and he is safe!

Stefano owned his performance last night , but he is in the bottom 3.

Haley rocked the house last night with Adele’s #1 song, but she in the bottom 3!

Scotty:  His performance was too safe last night, but even so; he is safe!

Ryan says that he hates this part.  He loves it!

Haley is sent back to safety first!  Video

Guest Performance:

Katy Perry performs her hit song  ET with Kanye West.  Wow that is a serious fur that Kanye has on…..and by the costumes, I will say that Katy has fully embraced the theme of the song.  Video


Ryan has the bottom 2 share their throughts on what they are feeling right now.  This question never needs to be asked at this point of the show.  We all know the answer!  They are terrified that they will get sent home and the Rock Star lifestyle that they have become accustomed to may be ending very soon!  Video

Final Eliminations!!!

Last thoughts from the Judges-

Jennifer: it’s hard.  Jacob has given some great moments.  Stefano is the wild card and look how far he haa gone.  not the end.

Randy:  Finale is coming in 5 weeks and they have shown who they are.

Ryan gets tired of beating around the bush and figures that he can get Steven to raise their anxiety.  He ask Steven which one of the two deserves to be standing there’.  Steven doesn’t take the bait and tells him, ‘ No one deserves to be standng there’.  Yay! 

Stefano leaves the show tonight!!!!  He feels that this show has started his Career and he knows that he is blessed.  He sings ‘Lately‘ as his Goodbye song!  Ths was truly his best performance; I really liked the way that he put his spin on it with the uptempo arrangement.  Can I just say that this boy sang the mess out of this song!  I really like Stefano and I wish him much luck!  Video   Video

Jacob is safe!

Next weeks’ Top 6 will perform the songs of Carole King and the guest will be Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox.