Tonight is guilty pleasures night on DWTS.  So, they came out with the best way to sum up the term guilty pleasures:  Hanson opens up the show  performing their hit classic song ‘Umm Bop’.  Lacey and Jonathon & the DWTS’ Troupe perform.  Great Fun!   Video

Kirstie & Maks:  They danced ‘The Samba’ to ‘Hit me baby One More time’.  Kirstie  is hoping to get some 9’s tonight. Kirstie is kind of getting her groove on tonight.  Her and Max have some great chemisty.  I love to watch them together.   Len:  (The B-day boy)  Tonight, she fulfilled the potential that he saw in her the first week. Great rhythm, choreography.  Great job.  Bruno: Hit me Kirstie one more time.   You delivered the smoothest most  natural Brazilian Samba.  Your wiggly bum sent shock waves through the air waves.  Carrie Ann:  Glad to see you back.  Just like Britney. She  wants to see her dance like this every night, because she wants to see her in the finals.  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-9= 26  Brooke is asking Kirstie questions and she is panting so hard, that I wish that they would giver her some water.  Video  800.868. 3411

Chris & Cheryl: Tonight they  danced ‘The Tango’ to Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey.  Surprise, Surprise, Chris reveals that he is the lead singer of a Band and that this song is kind of his jam.  Chris got his best scores last night, so now he is putting a lot of pressure on himself.   Hmmm….this was just okay for me.  There isn’t any excitement to it.  Chris is concentrating so very hard in the beginning that it is making him look really stiff.  He kind of loosened up in the end, but I don’t know if it will save him.  He definitely wants and deserves to be here, but that wasn’t his best.  Bruno:  You turned into a lump of granite, you lost timing so many times and you weren’t able to perform.  Tonight it didn’t happen for you.  Carrie Ann:  She agrees with Bruno somewhat.  He lost the wild fun.  He didn’t live up to the hype.  Len:  The tango is a passionate dance. It Lacked intensity, but overall excellent job with great posture and footwork.  Well done for you.  (MAC-6) Carrie Ann-7, Len-8, Bruno-7=22   800.868.3409      Video

More interlude from Hanson: Achy Breaky Heart

Romeo & Chelsie:  Tonight they danced the Waltz to ‘My Heart will go On’.  Romeo says that when  he saw ‘Titantic’ and after that, he became Romeo.  Wow, hat movie really impressed his little 8 year old Heart.   Okay, this is a great pick, I love this song and the fact that they are dressed like Jack and     makes me like it before they start.  Lovely dance played with great emotion and feeling.  Carrie Ann:  Every once in a while, magic happens.  Something amazing is happening.  He really connects.  Len:  You dance with great maturity for a young man.  You came out with a Waltz that had had great emotion.  He commends him.  Bruno:  Romeo Dicaprio.  You ship will go on and on.  (MAC-10), Carrie Ann-10, Len- 9,  Bruno-9= 28    First 10 of the Season!   800.868.3405       Video

Oh wow…..Now Hanson is singing ‘Ice Ice Baby’.  Guilty Pleasures for sure……

Chelsea and Mark:  Tonight they danced the Quickstep to ‘Walking on Sunshine’.   Mark tried to bring out the competitive nature in Chelsea in practice and he is right, she has to want it to win it.  I’m not sure why this girl is barely making it from week to week, because she is always good to me.   This was quite a lively Quickstep, even if she was kind of serious with it.  The Judges usually wants to see them smile when they perform.   Smile or no smile, I loved it!   Len:  You managed to fuse high energy with control.  Full on and great fun.  Bruno:  That was so bright, I am getting a suntan.  You had so much zest, you lost a little balance.  Carrie Ann:  Sometimes, magic happens twice,  Carrie Ann didn’t see any ‘wobble wobble’ (from a fall….  and if she didn’t see it, then it didn’t happen).  (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-9= 28  Video    Video  800.868.3401


Kendra and Louis:  They danced the Samba.  Tonight, Kendra has to shake what her Mama gave her.  She is hoping to shake her butt all the way to the top.  By george, she has got it.  This was her best dance for sure.   She lost her footing a couple of times and her sultry walk didn’t always work, but when she climbed up on the Judges table and shook it all out, Iknew that things would be okay for Kendra.  Carrie Ann:  That was a guilty pleasure. You can shimmy like none other.  Big improvement. You have shown that you are a Contender.   Len:  The more you gyrated, the more I palpitated.  You fulfilled my guilty pleasures.  Bruno:  Revenge of the Stripper.  Bruno kind of goes overboard as he tries to encourage Kendra to take him right there.  Umm….I don’t care what her past was, she is a married woman now and Hank was probably giving him the side eye.   For payback, Tom arranges for us to see footage of Bruno in his hey day when he was a background dancer in Elton John’s I’m still Standing  Video.  Oh wow….this was blackmail material.  Yes, this  is what you get when you act up too much.  (MAC-8),  Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-9= 25.  800.868.3407  Video

Hines & Kym:  They danced the Viennese Waltz  to ‘The End of the Road’.  This is one of Hines’ favorite songs, so he is really hoping to nail the romance needed for this dance.  For me, this was a decent performance, but I’m not sure if he nailed the romance piece and he didn’t have that connection that Romeo did.  But with Hines, does that even matter?   Len: You have become the MVP.   Most Valuable Partner!  Great.  Every dance you do is good.  You’re Flat footed unfortunately, but you’re second to none.  Bruno:  As a performer, it was flawless from beginning to end.  Carrie Ann:  Once again, excellent performance.  You looked like you were  thinking about the dance too much.  Didn‘t just flow.  (She’s right)  (MAC-8) Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9=27    Video      800.868.3403

More Hanson’s  Guilty Pleasures ‘Come on fill the Noise’.

Ralph & Karina:  They danced the Paso Doble to  ‘Everybody Dance’.   He needs to get his sexy on tonight, so Karina found a way to  incoprate some of his  “karate Kid  wax on and wax off into the dance.  Wait…Did she just fall?    This is kind of a mess and it looks like anything but a sexy and hot dance. Ralph started so very strong in the competition, but he has been having a diffcult time.  This wasn’t good… all.   Bruno:  There was an incident and you lost it, but after, he started to feel the fire.  He’s very encouraged by it.  Carrie Ann:  tough one for you.  You got back up.  Put the rest of the dance to shame.  Len:  He congratulated him.  He helped her up and got on with it.  Well done.  Hmmmm….Really?  I mean, I get it, you don’t kick a horse when he is down¸but rewarding (like when it was Kirstie’s fumble), because they got back up…..They are supposed to get up!  I’m just sayin’…  (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8=24.      Video  Of course, we get to see a closer look at the fall and it looks like Ralph tripped on his coat.      Fall Video     800.868.3408

Weak Links:  Chris and Ralph