DWTS aired two shows tonight. The first show  highlighted what the remaining contestants need to bring to advance.  This show offered up performances from Constantine Maroulis and The Rock of Ages crew Video  and Hanson performed.  Video.  The 2nd show was the elimination show.  Chris and Cheryl were eliminated!

New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys opened up the show.  This is some serious Guilty Pleasure going on now.  Boy Bands unite!  Video

Tony and Lacey perform with the DWTS Troupe.

Season 6 American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks is in the house!



2 Couples at the Top each with a score of 28 and the first 10’s of the season!

Chelsea & Mark:  They excelled with their enchanting Quickstep inspite of Mark’s injured ankle and they are  safe!

Romeo & Chelsie:  They connected with the Audience with their beautiful Titantic and they are safe!

That is what I’m talking about!

Repeat performance:

Kendra & Louis’ Sizzling hot Samba!

Backstage with Brooke:  Romeo is happy to finally be on the top of the score card.  Home to New Orleans.  This was Chelsie’s first 10 on the show.  Karina hopes that they have done enough to stay in the competition.  Ralph is gracious about the fall.  Such a gentleman. 


Hines & Kym’s Chemistry prevailed in their dance that earned them a 27.  He is still looking forward to earn a 10.   Perhaps next weeks?  They are safe.

 Kirstie & Maks shines with their  last night with their score of 26.  They are also safe!

 So the remaining couples are the bottom 3!

Guest Dance

Macy’s Stars of Dance inspired by The Royal Wedding

Blah, Blah, Blah……more feedback from the Contestants on their experience of being on DWTS.

Guilty Pleasure Performance

I want it that way and Step by Step  Video


Guest Performance:

American Idol Castoff Pia Toscano sings “I’ll Stand by You” while her boyfriend Mark Ballas performs with Karins.

Tom gives Pia the opportunity to share more about her ‘friendship’ with Mark Ballas.  She politely declines to answer.  She really doesn’t have to answer, we already know.  Video


Kendra and Louis fulfilled the Judge’s guilty pleasures last night and earned a score of 25.  They are so safe!

Ralph and Karina recovered despite a huge blunder of a misstep and they earned a 24.  They remain in the competition and they are safe.

Chris and Cheryl’s failed to excite with their dance that earned the lowest score of the night with a 22 and they leave the competition tonight! He goes out with good humor and graciousness.