Tonight is sure to be a night of surprises, because Ryan just introduced the show by saying that we will be disappointed with the results and damned if he doesn’t look as happy as can be!  I haven’t seen that much of a twinkle in Ryan’s eye, since he sent home Chris Daughtry (one of the biggest AI shockers of all time)

Steven is feeling good; he’s got on a fly hat and a frilly blouse, so it is all good. Oh and also, is on the cover of Rolling Stone and has a photo spread in People.  Ryan says that People is saying that Steven was once a Bad Boy, but now he is America’s Sweetheart.  To which Steven replies,   When I’m bad I’m even better.  This guy cracks me up, he is the king of Cliches.

Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox will rock the house tonight.

We see some footage of the Idols at the British Consulate celebrating Prince Williams’ upcoming Nuptials to Kate Middleton.  Nice!   Video

Group Performance:  Carol King medley.  Carol is Queen!  Her resume is unbelievable.  She rocks!  Video

Ford Music Video:  Our House  Video

Guest Performance:

Crystal Bowersox performs ‘Riding with the Radio’.  I always liked Crystal; I hope to hear a lot more from her.   Video

Ryan has small talk with the contestants and they answer questions from Fans on Twitter.  Video 


Top 6 in Random order

Haley got great feedback last night from the Judges and Steven kept comparing her to God…..and she is safe.

Scotty pleased the Judges when he switched things up and worked his charmed the Judges and he is hanging tight…..Ryan is enjoying this.  Video

Lauren got praise from the Judges last night for taking chances and she is also hanging tight (When did Ryan start saying this)

Casey brought the funky bluesy blues last night and he is also hanging tough.  Video

James was predicted to win after his show stopping scene last night and he is safe!

Jacob went to church last night and had the Judges singing his praise in spite of his clothing and he is hanging tight

Ryan has Haley, Casey and Scotty join Jacob on the center of the stage.

Lauren is immediately sent back to safety

Guest Performance

Bruno Mars.  I really like this guy!  I love his groove and retro vibe.  He is crazy talented.  Video

Bottom 3

Result are in random order

Jacob is safe!

Scotty and Casey?  I didn’t see this coming

Scotty is safe

Casey leaves the competition!!!!!   Video

Well, I hope that everyone goes crazy about this (Like they did with Pia) and jumpstart his career.  I was hoping to see him in the top 3.  Real Talk! 

Steven is pissed!

Casey exits with ‘You Put a spell on Me’ and he iskissing everyone from the Judges to the other contestants’ Mothers to randoms in the audience.

Jimmy Levine wanted to control the growl.  Sorry….he can’t!  The growl is a part of Casey and I don’t want him to change a thing.  Sending nothing but good thoughts out to him.