Kendra and Louis are eliminated! I didn’t see that coming!   Here’s the recap!

James Blunt and Nikki Minaj will perform and there will also be a tribute to the Late great James Brown.

Repeat Performance:

Team Chelsea gets the not to repeat their Cha Cha  Video


Hines and Kym charmed everyone last night with his sexy Tango and with a score of 66, they are so safe!

Kirstie and Maks’ Jive failed to excite and with a score of 60; they are in jeopardy!

Brook has some backstage fluff talk with Chelsea & Mark, Ralph & Karina and Hines & Kym and Kirstie and Maks.


Guest Performance

Nikki Minaj performs Moment for life.  Wow…the Dancers are doing a hip hop/ street dance.   Video

Guest Performance

Patricia Zhou is a very skilled balled dancer who won the Prix de Lausanne 2011.   What unbelievable talent and she didn’t even start until she was 13.  I hear that!  She performs with Priscilla Ahn singing Dreams.  Wow….imagine if she started at 4! Video


Ralph and Karina kicked a** last night with their Quickstep and they are safe with a score of 66!

Chelsea and Mark gave an excellent aggressive Paso that didn’t make Len smile and they are in jeopardy!  Len defends his scores that he gave out last night.  Is it me or is Len always explaining his grumpiness every episode? 

More backstage Fluff talk with Brooke as she speaks with Romeo & Chelsie and Kendra & Louis.

Guest Performance

Today would have been James’ Brown’s 78th birthday.  His daughter and Grandchildren are in the office.  Wow…get this!  Wayne Brady sings a tribute medley to James while the Macy’s Stars of Dance performs.  I love Wayne! Video

Even More fluff friendly footage of the Stars having a heart to heart with their Pros on how to up their game.

Guest Performance

James Blount performs I’ll be You Man’  Video



Romeo and Chelsie failed to live up to the hype last night with a lackluster Samba earning them a 60 and they are safe.

Kendra and Louis shined with a well received Tango and they are in jeopardy with a score of 61!

Len gives his thoughts on the bottom 3.

He would like to see more consistency from Kirstie

Kendra has been a late blooming flower on the week as she improves with each performance.

Chelsea is one of the most talented girls on the show, he will be shocked if she is not back next week.

Final Eliminations

Kirstie and Maks and they are safe!

Chelsea &  Mark and they are safe!

Kendra and Louis leave the competition!   Video  Video