We are down to our top 5 and for some reason, Ryan and Randy want us to believe that tonight is the most important night, because we want to see who is going to take it and now is the time to do it.  That’s not a very good explanation Randy. I think that is what they try to do each week….right?  I’m still mourning the loss of Casey, so I won’t ponder over it.

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Tonight’s guest mentor is the great Sheryl Crow to provide feedback along with Jimmy Levine to help the Idols be he best that they can be.  This should be good.    The Contestants will be singing two songs tonight; One will be current and the other will be a Classic.

Everyone truly loves American Idol; Anthony Hopkins in the house!

Tomorow JLo will take the stage and perfor her new song ‘On The Floor’.

James Durbin:  He sang Closer to the Edge by 30 seconds to Mars.  It is very cool that Sheryl just broke out in a duet with James.  What is even more cool for James is that she is giving him some great advice and kind of acting like she is his biggest fan.  Very cool indeed.  I’m not familiar with this song, so I don’t have anything to compare it too.  But James did the James thing and it looked like he was very well received.  He has a good voice, but I still believe that his hook is that this guy works a crowd like he has been giving concerts since he was 5.  Seriously.   Steven:  I think you kicked that song’s ass.  Jlo:  You have been showing us for the past few weeks that you want it.  Randy:  You are showing us where you can go as an Artist.  James is in it to win it.  He wants it.    866.436.5701Rehearsal  Performance


Jacob Lusk:  He sang  No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.  Cool Beans  for Jacob, the song’s Producer and Writer Harvey Mason is there to help out with the arrangement.    Interesting….Jacob will be singing both parts of the song.  Sadly, in rehearsal, it really isn’t working for him and unfotunately it didn’t get better tonight.  Hmm……I don’t think that this was the song that Randy had in mind  for Jacob when he said to show that you are in it to win it.  I know that I wasn’t feeling it.  We know that he has great vocals, but this is just the wrong song sung in the wrong key.  Jlo: She is glad to know that this is the type of song you would record.  No doubt you have a great voice, but she has been struggling with what type of Artist he will be.  It is important that he picks songs that show who he is.  If he does that, he has a good chance of bein in the top 3.  Randy:  I differ with that.  I don’t think this is  greatest direction  for you.  You are one of the greatest singers here, but I don’t see you as Jordin Sparks or Chris Brown.  I see you more as a new Luther singer. (Paula Jennifer interrupts to let him know that she doesn’t agree)  Steven:  I love your voice, but I’m waiting for you to stop trying to sound like someone and just be you.  He hopes that he will fnd his niche.  Jacob didn’t seem to take the constructive criticism well and he thinks that Randy is trying to box him into a one dimensional singer, but he would like to be well rounded.  (No Jacob, it’s not about being well rounded, it’s about picking songs that work for you)   Rehearsal      Performance

Lauren Alaina:  She sang Flat on the Floor  by Carrie Underwood.  Lauren is going for it tonight.  Wow…she looks like Carrie Underwood when she first came out and the look is working for her.  I think that this is her best performance in weeks.  She appears to be confident and it shows in her singing.  Lauren is in it to win it and it shows!   Jennifer is bobbing her head for real and feeling the performance.  This was a Great one!  Randy:  Listen, Lauren….that is the direction for you.  Randy agees with it 100%.   Lauren is in it to win it.  Steven:  The way you sing and you are only 15.  I’m glad you found your niche.   Jlo:  That is what we have been pushing you to do.  You ate that up.  I saw you!  You want it.   Video    Performance

Scotty McCreery:  He sang ‘Gone’ by Montgomery Gentry.    Sheryl feels that he has a big career in front of him.  I think she is right.  Country music is huge right about now and Scotty would be a fish in water at the Grand Ole Opry.  He is also working the stage and he is in it to win it as well.  Looking at him when this show first started, I never would have thought that he would be capable of this kind of performance, but Scotty is the real thing.  His performance is so mature for a kid his age.  Steven:  Scotty, my Man……up to now, you been like a Puritan, but I saw you dance with the devil tonight.  Really beautiful.  Jlo:  I lost it there for a second, I was so excited and into it.  She liked that he owned the stage and  she even heard him growl.  Randy:  After cautioning Scotty not to  dance with the Devil just yet.   Randy tells him that he is excited and it felt like they were watching Scotty in Concert   This guy is in it too.    Rehearsal     Performance

Haley Reinhart:  She sang ‘You and I’  by Lady Gaga.  Sheryl thinks that this is a super bold choice and that she believes that Haley will have a moment tonight.  Haley is truly feeling this one.  I love to see her get into a song and she is giving it all that she has got.  Gold star!  Jlo:  I loved the way that you sound, but she isn’t sure that was the best advice that Jimmy gave you.  Jennifer thought that Haley should have picked a song that people know and that they can connect to.  Randy:  Not sure if it is that great of a song, he thinks her in a Joss Stone way.  Risly to do a song that no one knows.  The good thing is that you have another song to sing.  Steven:  When someone takes a song that you don’t know and makes it work, that’s a beautiful thing.  He loves what she does.     Rehearsal     Performance

James Durbin:  He sang Without you by Harry Neilson.  In practice, James was moved to tears by the lyrics an he has to cut his practice short.  I’m sure that James has sung this song a million times, so he knows that things will be okay and it is.   But just okay.  I wasn’t really blown away by this.  His vocals didn’t sound strong enough, probably because he is thinking of his family and tearing up. Randy:  this is a mark of a truly great performer; he loves that he fought back his emotion and gave a great peformance.  The competition is yours to lose.   Steven:  When you sing as good as you do and a song gets the best of you, that’s s beautiful as it can get, pitchy a little bit, but your emotions were incredible.   Jlo:  You are a true Artist.  It takes alot to control your emotions and deliver what you just did.  (I don’t think it was bad or anything, but I didn’t hear all what the Judges did….gotta rewind)  Rehearsal            Performance

Jacob Lusk:  He sang Love Hurts by Nazareth.   Jacob was a little weary of singing this song, so Sheryl sang it to him to get him on board and he realized that he loves the song.   This is far better than his last performance.  Thank God for this redemption.  This song showcased his skills and brought him back from that little hole that the last song left him in.  Steven:  I’m a Sucker for passion.  You kind of got lost in the song, but, everyone gets lost in their song.   It was a beautiful thing.  Jlo:  You bring out the tricks out the end.  Truly amazing.  Randy:  This is what is good about nights like this.  The first song didn’t work for me, but you definitely redemed yourself with this song.    That might be he highest note ever sang on that stage.  That was Mariah Carey high.  Crazy!   Rehearsal          Performance

Lauren Alaina:  She sang Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers.  This is one of my favorites, so I hope that Lauren brings it.  And she does.  Lauren has gotten her mojo back.  Her voice is lovely and very strong as she puts her spin on this classic.  Good choice.  She seeme to get tired or lose some fire towards the end.  Kind of strange….was she suddenly overwhelmed or unsure?  It doesn’t seemt that trhe Judges noticed, so maybe it was just me.   Jlo:  That was nothing to judge there.  Beautiful.  Randy:  What is cool is that we saw a different side to you tonight.  Nicely done.  He recognized that she had a tender moment.  Steven:  So right, so tender.  I could listen to you all night.  Nothing to judge, just beautiful.  Rehearsal    Performance

Scotty McCreery:  He sang ‘You were always on my Mind’.  Sheryl loves Scotty and she fully endorses his Star quality.  Jimmy encourages him to continue to stay true to himself.  I agree…..if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.   Another solid performance from Scotty.  He is truly a Young Country Prince!  Jlo:  You show us what a well rounded Artist you are. (????  All of Scotty’s music sounds the same to me, I don’t hear the diversity.  But I still like him.   You captivate the audience with your sweet voice.  Nothing awkward about you. Comfortable in own skin.  Randy:  our younget vet.  if it aint broke dont fix it.  Happy to see him do the tender moment.  Steven:  America loves your voice.  It is really hard for America to vote.  Beautiful rendition in this song. Scotty’s Grandma is in the audience and she is 100% Latina; she takes the mike to call him ‘her Scotty’  Cute!   Rehearsal      Performance

Haley Reinhart:  She sang The House of the Rising Sun’ by the Animals.  Sheryl advised her to start the song off with an acapella moment and it worked  well.  This song was so much better than the first round.  The Judges give her a standin O along with the rest of the Audience.  Randy:  What I love about this show is that every week, someone is showing that they want to win it. but the best  performane of the night goes to Haley.  You have grown by leaps and bounds.  Amazing.  Steven:  Sweet and sour and raspy, I can relate to that.    Jlo:  Doesn’t know if she was a little angry at them from before, but she came out and sang that song with so much emotion.  That song has never been sang like that before.   Rehearsal    Performance