As I watched last night’s highlights that opened the show, I was reminded that there was a lot of drama last night!  I also realize that even if James Durbin or Scotty McCreery do not win, Randy is going to make sure that they gets record deals.

Wow!  60 million votes came in last night which makes it the highest amount of votes this season.

Ryan reveals that Steven has a book coming out and he is way excited about it.  Jlo will be performing her new song ‘On The Floor’ tonight.  Can I just say that American Idol is the best decision that Steven and Jlo made in the past few years?   They are seriously everywhere that I turn.  Oh and Ryan upsdates us on Randy’s busy schedule; he  is having a bakesale this weekend.  Seriously that was Ryan’s update on Randy.  Lol.

Videos and Recap after the jump!

Group Performance:

The top 5 perform ‘So Happy Together.  I don’t know what happened with the group performances.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I was finally starting to enjoy the group numbers, now I think they are deliberately trying to piss me off.  Video

Ford Music Video:       Be Yourself    Video


American Idol Hell’s Kitchen

The Idols visited Hell’s Kitchen to show who the best Cook is when it comes to making Omelets.  Chef Ramsey is doing the judging, so everyone should be nervous.  Lauren’s was the best!  Jacob’s was 2nd best.  I guess Scotty’s was the worst, because Ramsey spit it out.  Video

Guest Performance

Lady Antebellum performs Just a KissVideo

We see some footage from the Contestants and how they choose their song.  As I listen to what drives them to make these decisions, I think that the one that they always use is picking any random song out of a hat, because they have picked some lulu’s during the season.  Video


James rocked the house last night and the Judges loved him and he is asked to start a group on the far side of the stage.

Lauren got her groove back last night, but Jimmy predicts that she will be in the bottom 3 and she is asked to stand on the opposite side of the stage.  Video

Hell’s Kitchen 2

American Idol blind taste test and Lauren is able to identify more food than Jacob.  Really?  Jacob doesn’t know what a hot dog tast like.  Lol!   Video

JLo Performs “On the Floor’ and Pitbull is in the house to represent.    Did I mention that this is the best move that Jlo has made in years.  I’m waiting for Jlo to break out in some serious dance moves because she has on some kind of Mc Hammer Pants or something.  I have to give it to Jlo, she always puts out something that you want to move to.  Somewhere, Paula Abdul is crying her eyes out.  What was she thinking?  Was she thinking?   Video

Wow…..Jlo night.  Video clip of her new song ‘I’m into You’.  It has a little Reggaeton beat.  I’m kind of feeling it.  Ryan is right……Jlo is definitely back!


The Judges were torn over Jacob’s first choice, but he redeemed himself with his second performanc.  Jimmy thinks that both songs were slightly off and that his insecurities got the best of him last night.  He is asked to join Lauren. 

Haley came back with her second song last night after mixed reviews from the Judges on the first song.  Jimmy thought that Haley showed no fear and she came out like a Lioness on the 2nd song.  He feels that Haley won the night.  I guess he is right, because she is asked to join James (and we already know that James is safe).

Scotty McCreery  slayed both of his songs and Jimmy agrees that his performances were stellar.  Ryan reveals that he has never been in the bottom 2 (some random order faking out going on last week).  He is safe! Ryan tries to coax him to pick which side he thinks is safe.  He declines, so Ryan pushes him over to James and Haley and they are safe!  Video

Our Bottom 2 is Lauren and Jacob!

Lauren is safe!

Jacob leaves the competition!  Don’t worry about Jacob, I’m sure that we will see him on Broadway soon enough! Video